The quilling is an art of folding, spiraling and coiling the paper. This is an old tradition that came from ancient Japan and China during the Renaissance period in Europe, to today’s fun and new age forms. And the truth is: it is the latest DIY trends which is fast catching on, just like an Embroidery Earring. Of course, you will need certain tools, knowledge, and nerves thick as ship ropes to do something creative as we present down below.

Paper Quilling Earrings Design

paper quilling earrings design

The art of quilling owes a lot to the paper used to do all those funny and awesome shapes and forms. Quillers use narrow and colored papers in order to make it vibrant.

This is basic, but still noticeable design. Completed by quilling several different layers of paper. Some even call it paper filigree. Its decorative purpose is unlimited and it leaves you to think and do some of the most creative stuff out there.

Quilling Heart Earrings

quilling heart earrings

Very bright colored paper earrings in shades of red and rose. It is made of three separate pieces to boost up your look to the next level. Because they are made of paper, they should be treated with one or two layers of the coating, so that they can resist moisture, and you can enjoy them for a longer period of time.

Quilling Leaf Earrings

quilling leaf earrings

This is a beautiful emerald piece, made by the hand of an artist who knows the key factors about quilling paper. One of them is to make complex and rounded teardrop shapes and mix them together in order to get this kind of wonderful design. Perfect earring for a party or a day in a fancy restaurant.

Butterfly Quilling Earrings

butterfly quilling earrings

We are thrilled with this awesome representation of the Monarch butterfly through a design of earrings that are going to be rediscovered this autumn. Be the first one who will own them. The red wings are smartly outlined with a black paper, giving them that classy look.

Rose Quilling Earrings

rose quilling earrings

This is a true art form, yet very complex. Look at those details in nice shades of rose color. They are calling young pretty ladies to own them. If your boyfriend wants to buy you interesting Cute Earrings, point with your finger to this item.

Handmade Quilling Earrings

handmade quilling earrings

This is known as paper filigree, and you know what? This comes very true if you take a look into these brilliantly hand crafted earring. This is by far, the best decorative design we have encountered so far. The paper is folded, looped, and quilled in many forms and shapes that this brings manipulation of such kind to another dimension.

Fantastic scrolls, incorporated into elegant filigree and worked with details. This one is so nice and done with love that we have to say it is a must-have item in your jewelry box. You can easily recognize tribal ornaments used here, but with such care that it makes this pair look like it is made for the goddess.

Quilling Earrings With Beads

quilling earrings with beads1

This pair is probably inspired by old masters of Renaissance. You can feel the dose of French and Italian touch. The beads placed all around give them this universal and evergreen look. This is a perfect gift for the innocent young lady who is waiting for her prince on a white horse.

Quilling Earrings For Kids

quilling earrings for kids

Finally, a modern idea inspired by an old fashion art-form which is still vivid even today. A wonderful gift for a girl decorated with rhinestones. They are very light and comfortable to wear. Wrap them appropriately and watch the surprise on the face of the donee.

Flower Quiling Earrings

flower quiling earrings

Half Butterfly Quilling Earrings

half butterfly quilling earrings

Bright Quilling Earrings

bright quilling earrings

Quillied Box Red Earrings

quillied box red earrings

Long Pendant Quilled Earrings

long pendant quilled earrings

You probably didn’t know that quilling was developed centuries ago by the higher class as a way of spending their leisure time. Thus, the lower class people never practiced this, as it was considered a job for the gentle hands of ladies in the upper class. Nowadays, it is a revolutionary idea endorsed by so many creative individuals around the world. Possibilities are limitless, so enjoy by doing or wearing one of yours. Another interesting idea will be to look at Fabric Earrings.

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