Embroidery earrings contain elements that add to the beauty of the earring. Whether it is beaded or fabric earrings, embroidery earring designs have a wide range of choices. Embroidery earrings are a quite popular trend and there are lots of creative designs to choose from. Snowflake, flower, and leaf earrings are some trending designs. Choose a design that complements your look.

Bead Embroidery Earrings

bead embroidery earrings

These bead embroidery earrings feature green and yellow beadwork and copper metal. The earrings measure 8 cm long each. These earrings have an ethnic, tribal look and are a great gift for her. Click the link to know more.

Embroidery Thread Wrapped Earrings

embroidery thread wrapped earrings

These embroidery threads wrapped earrings feature horsetail embroidery that demonstrate extremely fine craftsmanship. The earring has a size of 3.1×1 inches. Visit the link to buy this beautiful and traditional pair of earrings.

Embroidery Lace Earrings

embroidery lace earrings

These embroidery lace earrings feature blush pink snowflake designs and make for a beautiful Christmas gift. The earring measures 5.3 cm in diameter and is finished with gold plating. Follow the link to find out more.

These embroidery floss earrings feature ombre green and blue embroidery with a nice sheen. These light and comfortable earrings measure about 2.8 inches long and include antique brass kidney ear hooks. Click the link to know more.

Embroidery Cross Earrings

embroidery cross earrings

These embroidery cross earrings feature cross stitch embroidery handmade with cotton threads. Made from plywood, these earrings have a leather lining on the reverse side. The earrings measure 2 cm long and weigh 0.005 kg. Visit the link to purchase. You may also See Peacock Earring Designs

Handmade Embroidery Earrings

handmade embroidery earrings

These handmade embroidery earrings are long drop earrings featuring traditional Chinese style. The earrings are made of alloy and ribbon embroidered cloth. Visit the link to take a closer look and purchase.

Crochet Embroidery Earrings

crochet embroidery earrings

These crochet embroidery earrings feature Nile green flowers, handmade using fine cotton floss. The earrings have silver plated kidney hooks, which are nickel free. Click the link to proceed to purchase the pair of earrings.

Embroidery Feather Earrings

embroidery feather earrings

These embroidery feather earrings feature green, blue and gold thread embroidery that resembles a peacock feather. The earrings measure almost 2 inches and go well with any outfit. Follow the link to get more information.

These embroidery stud earrings feature hand-embroidered apricot flowers on an off-white cotton fabric. These stunning earrings have a diameter of 12 mm each. Click the link to buy these stud earrings.

Embroidered Flower Earrings

embroidered flower earrings

These embroidered flower earrings feature metal ear wires. The beautiful handmade embroidery is feminine and tender. The earring measures 1.18 inches long and weighs 0.005 kg. Click the link to get more details.

Vintage Embroidered Jewel Earrings

vintage embroidered jewel earrings

Embroidery Clip on Earrings

embroidery clip on earrings

Silver Victorian Style Embroidered Earrings

silver tone victorian style embroidered earrings

These were some awesome embroidery earring designs that you can consider trying. You can go for a crochet or bamboo earring, among many other designs. Explore the embroidery earrings designs and gift yourself a pair of earrings that represents you. Happy shopping!

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