Earring helps enhance the beauty of a woman. They add more beauty and style to an outfit and will make it stand out more than what it appears. It might be just a stud or a drop downs but the look of it and what it is made up of is what will make it stand out from the rest of your outfit and in a crowd. Let’s take a sneak peak at the earring word, peacock design being the center of focus, let’s see how this beautiful bird embraces these earrings.

Peacock Pearl Earrings Idea

peacock pearl earrings idea


These earrings have a black oxide added to it that gives it a very rustic and antique look. The pearls added to the end give it a better look and enhances the look of the earrings. There is a lot of intricate work added to it that makes it look gorgeous.

These gold peacock earrings are a mix of gold, diamond, and rubies. Each stud and design is made with so much creativity and accuracy that overall it looks stunning. This earring is perfect for your traditional attire and will blend in perfectly.

These earrings would go with your casual look perfectly. They are made in silver with a blue contrast added to the balls. The peacock is designed nicely with fine detailing and makes the earrings look very different and nice.

Crystal Peacock Earrings

crystal peacock earrings

The crystals used on blackish silver earrings are alluring. The studs gleam and this will make you radiate. These might look colorful but again they are simple also and would go with any outfit of yours. Make sure you push back your hair and flaunt these earrings. They are worth all the attention.

Vintage Peacock Earrings

vintage peacock earrings

Anything antique or vintage is a classic. They are elegant and when you wear it, you will look classy. The rustic look is so gorgeous. You will chic and sharp with earrings like these. We suggest flaunting these on special occasions since they are vintage.

Whatever we have seen so far are mid-sized, this is a little big from the others. What should you wear with this? Well, mostly a gorgeous saree or any ethnic wear would also do. The colors in it and the beautiful peacock will make your outfit stand in a better way. Tie your hair in a bun and flaunt these earrings.

Peacock Topaz Earrings

peacock topaz earrings

This is not in the peacock shape but the earrings are made of topaz and have adapted the color combination of a peacock, which is green and blue. The colors on a peacock are very attractive and pleasing sight. These earrings will also give out a similar feeling when you wear them.

We have seen long and mid-sized earrings, now let’s check out some studs that we could wear more often. These studs have the peacock leaf in them. The leaf is crafted out so well and the brown combination is blending in more beautifully. We love the art and creativity involved in this design.

Pink Peacock Feather Earrings

pink peacock feather earrings

These earrings are made just like the peacock feather. The actual feather might be in green and blue whereas this particular one is pink. Pink is our favorite color. The hearts done in the middle is cute to look at. Overall we would say this is very adorable.

Peacock Feather Earrings

peacock feather earrings


This is the actual representation of how a peacock feather looks. The color combination is also perfect. The stone added in it gives it a stunning look that we absolutely love. You may also see Cute Earrings

Unique Bridal Earrings Idea

unique bridal earrings idea

Cool Silver Peacock Earrings

cool silver peacock earrings

Awesome Chandelier Peacock Earrings

awesome chandelier peacock earrings

Simple Feather Earrings Idea

simple feather earrings idea

Gold Peacock Chaandbalis Design

gold peacock chaandbalis design

Pretty Peacock Dangle Hangings

pretty peacock dangle hangings

Cute Peacock Drop Earrings

cute peacock drop earrings

Fashionable Peacock Earrings

fashionable peacock earrings


We saw some of the prettiest earrings here, some are small and some big but what it is all about is the beauty and the work behind everything, just like the graceful looking peacock.

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