Diamond earrings can be worn every day either during the day or night. They are a symbol of class, elegance, and dazzle in a way that draws attention towards the face. They make a perfect gift for birthdays; anniversary and they complement any wedding dress. When you meet someone for the first time they are bound to remember your face so why not make a lasting impression by wearing one of these dazzling diamond earring designs. You may also see Gold Earring Designs

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond stud earrings are the ideal accessory that compliments every face shape. Even though these earrings tend to feature a small size of the diamond, the unique cut will ensure maximum light reflection resulting in visibility and sparkle. If you prefer an extraordinary stud, the go for pear shaped diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond loop earrings are a timeless accessory that is a must-have in every woman’s jewelry box. They are perfect for women who have long thin faces because when you move the earrings give an impression of a wider face. Give your loops an edge by adding a small stud on a second piercing. You may also see Rose Gold Earring Designs

Sterling Silver Diamond Hoop Earrings

sterling silver diamond hoop earrings

Diamond Drop Earrings

When you are gifting a lady diamond earrings, you have to put their face shape into consideration because the right ear accessory will enhance beauty. Diamond drop earrings are suitable for women with square face shape as they help achieve balance by creating an illusion of a symmetrical face and accentuate cheekbones.

Simple Diamond Drop Earrings

simple diamond drop earrings


Square Diamond Earrings

Square diamond earrings have an Asscher cut which has different angular corners. While the karat size of the diamonds varies depending on a woman’s preference and budget, these earrings have an undeniable décor feeling that will make you hard to ignore. Women with square faces should avoid wearing these earrings. You may also see Cartilage Earring Designs

Square Diamond Stud Earrings

square diamond stud earrings

Cluster Diamond Earrings

Cluster diamond earrings are more diverse and can include anything from classic to elegant. They work well with long hair and will easily depict your bold personality. You can get them in any earring shape such as drop or stud cluster earrings.

Cluster Round Diamond Earrings

cluster round diamond earrings

Diamond Solitaire Earrings

Diamond solitaire earrings are perfect for marking special events such as anniversary and birthday. The round shape and one single diamond create a simplicity that makes these accessories alluring even to the modern man. The cut of a solitaire diamond allows maximum light reflection which makes these earrings to sparkle and show clarity.

Brilliant Cut Diamond Solitaire Earrings

brilliant cut diamond solitaire earrings

Small Diamond Earrings

Whether with a strapless dress, graphic t-shirts or short sleeved shirts, small diamond earrings are gorgeous. They suit all face shapes, hairstyles, skin tone, work with any outfit and can be worn daily. Modern men can also wear these subtle earrings to depict class and add style to their whole look.

Small Diamond Stud Earrings

small diamond stud earrings


Diamond Heart Earrings

The heart is a symbol of undying love and what better way to let your action speak for you than with diamond heart earrings. It is suitable for women who are looking for alternative fresh shapes of earrings other than round and oval. You can even get these diamond earrings in pink and red shades. You may also see Heart Shaped Earring Designs

Heart Shape Diamond Earrings

heart shape diamond earrings

Diamond Dangle Earrings

If you have a full or round face shape, then diamond dangle earrings will make you look glamorous. They bring out your best features without making your face look even wider. Girls with diamond face shape can also use these earrings to emphasize their jawline, cheekbones, and eyes.

Simple Diamond Dangle Earrings

simple diamond dangle earrings


Diamond Flower Earrings

If you need earrings that will clearly depict your femininity then go for diamond flower earrings. Instead of the standard white color of a diamond, go for unique flowers in shades of pink, blue and yellow to make a fashion statement. The pink color and the flower outline will look amazing on people who prefer girly accessories.

Awesome Diamond Flower Earrings

awesome diamond flower earrings

Round Diamond Earrings

Round diamond earrings are the most popular and easily available cuts of diamonds. The circular shape maximizes radiance and allows same light reflection result in more sparkle. These earrings look good on people with thinner faces as they widen the facial structure. Girls with square faces can use these diamond earrings to soften their forehead and jawline.

Classy Round Diamond Earrings

classy round diamond earrings

Diamond Cross Earrings

If you need to portray your faith or Christianity then diamond cross earrings will be perfect for you. You can wear these earrings to church, religious conferences or gospel music concert. People with no religious background can still wear this accessory to symbolize hope or showcase the beauty of the cross outline.

Diamond Cross Stud Earrings

diamond cross stud earrings

Vintage Diamond Earrings

If you prefer earrings from old eras such as the 50s, 70s and 90s then you will love vintage diamond earrings. They are irresistibly gorgeous making these earrings suitable for special occasions. The durability and shine of these accessories will even motivate you to make them a family heirloom.

Vintage Diamond Festive Earrings

vintage diamond festive earrings


Diamond Star Earrings

Stars are dazzling and so are diamonds, meaning that you will look fabulous when you wear star diamond earrings. The star symbol will further enhance the sparkle of diamonds thus putting the spotlight on your face. Wear these earrings to a party, night out with friends or when going for a romantic date.

Moon and Star Diamond Earrings

moon and star diamond earrings

Clip On Diamond Earrings

Just because you haven’t pierced your ears doesn’t mean you can’t wear earrings. Diamond clip on earrings are designed specifically for these ears and to ensure you look feminine as well as sexy. If you prefer comfortable and secure earrings, then diamond clip on in a floral outline will ensure you look pretty.

Beautiful Clip on Diamond Earrings

beautiful clip on diamond earrings

Diamond Cuff Earrings

For an edgy yet cute look go for diamond cuff earrings. They are perfect for kids who have not yet pierced their ears and can be placed on any part of the ear including the middle section.

White Gold Diamond Cuff Earrings

white gold diamond cuff earrings

Snowflake Diamond Earrings

With a few weeks to Christmas, it is time to get your mom, sister or wife snowflake diamond earrings. Considering her face shape, you can opt for studs which suit all facial structure. Whatever earring form you choose, the diamonds will ensure she looks elegant.

Cool Snowflake Diamond Earrings

cool snowflake diamond earrings

Diamond earrings are popular with ladies and men of all ages. Whether you are buying them as a gift for a loved one or you just want to complement your facial features, these earrings are timeless and classy. They sparkle in an alluring way that will make the wearer stand out.

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