Earrings are beautiful accessories. Women are used to wearing earrings from very young age. There are several types of earring styles and designs, and one of the most popular are the heart-shaped ear accessories. A heart is a pretty shape and it symbolizes love, that is why it is the common choice for those hopeless romantics. If you are looking for beautiful and cute earrings, you should check the following heart shaped earrings designs.

Diamond Heart Earrings Design

diamond heart earrings design

If you like sapphire and small diamonds, this pair of heart shaped earrings is the perfect choice for you. This pair has a big sapphire rhinestones in the middle and each stone is surrounded by 14 small and sparkling diamonds. The design is arranged in a gold metal setting.

This pair of rose gold earrings would surely make you look stunning. Each simple heart-shaped feature has rose gold fill and completed with yellow gold fill for the post and nut.

Heart Hoop Earrings Idea

heart hoop earrings idea

This pair of earrings is a perfect match for you casual day wear. The heart shaped silver metal is accessorized with drops of beads. The hook is also made of silver, making this a really pretty pair of hearts and beads earrings.

Heart Earrings Design Idea

heart earrings design idea

If you like unique earring styles, this vintage heart earrings should be included in your collection. It is a pair perfect to wear for weddings or other special occasions. Rhinestones in silver prong set are matched with long silver accents for a more elegant look.

White Gold Heart Earrings

white gold heart earrings

This simple pair of earrings has a simple yet elegant design. Each piece has a small heart shaped feature with long silver metal attached to the post and nut.

Silver Heart Earrings Idea

silver heart earrings idea

This pair of heart shaped silver earrings may be simple in design, but it is definitely full of love. Just take one look at the XO engraving and you will surely fall in love with this pair.

Simple Heart Earrings Design

simple heart earrings design

This pair of small dangling silver earrings has heart shaped silver accents and small white round pearls, making each piece look vintage and elegant.

If platinum is your choice of metal, then you should check out this cute pair of heart-shaped platinum earrings. The heart-shaped sparkling white metal is the perfect match for your favorite evening wear.

Love Heart Earrings Look

love heart earrings look

This pair of dangling heart shaped earrings has the cool Bohemian look. This is the perfect pair to wear for a nice day out.

Open Heart Earrings Idea

open heart earrings idea

The open heart design of this pair of earrings is beautiful and sophisticated at the same time. The sparkle of the crystals is enough to make you want to own this pair. Wear it with your favorite evening dress and you will be the star of the night.

Flower Heart Earrings Design

flower heart earrings design

Heart Pendent Earring Design

heart pendent earring design

Classy Look Earrings

classy look earrings

Wooden Model Heart Earrings

wooden model heart earrings

Knowing these styles of earrings will give you a good idea of which ones are ideal for which occasion and which design would look good with your features.

Modern Heart Earrings Idea

modern heart earrings idea

Wooden Heart Stud Earrings

wooden heart stud earrings

Heart shaped earrings have long been popular. They are the most obvious choice for the hopeless romantics. These earrings are ideal as gifts for the special women who are very fond of hearts and jewelry. If you love hearts and you collect jewelry (especially earrings), then you should consider one or two designs included here.

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