It is a myth if you think tunnel earrings don’t offer many design options. Tunnel earrings just like any other pair of jewellery come in various styles and patterns. They are effective and a majority of people love to wear them. They are one of the most popular jewellery designs for stretched piercings. Tunnel earrings, when worn in stretched ear piercings give an impressive look to your overall presentation.

If you are planning to buy a pair for yourself, we have put together 10 designs that will give you a vivid run through of the various styles and designs available in the market.
In today’s day and age, earrings are no more restricted to a particular gender. Tunnel earrings are by far one of the most popular jewellery designs amongst men. Available in wide variety of material and colors the design is easy to carry and looks equally stylish and smart. You can choose the design and size completely as per your preference.

These tunnel gauge earrings are made from antique Czech iridescent carnival glass buttons. The design is unique and because of the glass used in the earrings the color of the earrings changes as per its exposure to the light.

Horn Carved Tunnel Earrings

horn carved tunnel earrings

These flower tunnels earrings are a beautiful piece of earrings that are made using natural orange and yellow flowers. This adorable and simple design will definitely be a precious addition to your collection of flower based earnings.

Hand Made Tunnel Earrings

hand made tunnel earrings

These unusual stone based tunnel earrings will be a perfect pick if you are looking for something rusty and unusual. The natural strokes on the stone make the earring positively a cardinal design.

Wire Tunnel Earrings

wire tunnel earrings

These wire earring with the bat motif are the best pick if you are looking for something quirky. Metal colored bat dangler is a perfect accessorising piece to transform your plain outfit to exciting and distinctive.
These pearl tunnel earrings are one of the most beautiful designs of the lot. The blue or white colored pearls enclosed with a stylised metal ring and base give the earring a vintage and classy appearance. The earrings are perfect to pair with your cocktails dresses or evening outings.

Leaves Diamond Tunnel Earrings

leaves diamond tunnel earrings

These rhinestone tunnel earrings are a stunning and glamorous pair of earrings that will add the missing glam to your appearance. Lightweight and comfortable to wear, the design with one large rhinestone surrounded by several smaller ones is perfect to wear for a wedding or a special occasion.
Tunnels earrings painted with a star pattern on the surface make the design of the earring a perfect fit for the minimal and stylish appearance.
The green stone tunnel drop earrings is a beautiful design with gold metal engraved ring around the stone and crescent moon shaped pattern on the top. The beauty of the design is accentuated with the white transparent stone placed between moon shape pattern plug and the green stone.

Flower plugs wooden gauge tunnel earrings with white flowers are handmade and relate to the natural beauty of the earring. The addition of real dried white flower placed inside the gauge gives the uniqueness to its design.

Fashionable Tunnel Earrings

fashionable tunnel earrings

Tunnel earrings are the best fit if you have relaxed spacious ear lobe piercings. With the numerous designs available, you can definitely find the one that custom fits your preference.

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