Heart tattoos have been a trend forever for both men and women. They can be designed in many variations with different themes and color combinations. A famous design is the heart with wings tattoo.

Most times these tattoos have a special meaning behind them that makes the process of having one unforgettable. In today’s post we have picked out a list of heart with wings tattoo designs that might help you choose your next ink.

Sacred Heart with Wings Tattoo

sacred heart with wings tattoo


This is a great tattoo of a heart with black winds and nails that create a cross inside the heart. The detail and the blend of colors create this strong tattoo that would be a great cover up.

Broken Heart with Wings Tattoo

broken heart with wings tattoo


The wings on this design look like hands holding the heart that lies in the centre with a long cross over it. The design with the detailed feathers looks fierce and serene at the same time creating strong feelings.

Heart Wings Tattoo on Chest

heart wings tattoo on chest


Hearts are usually designed with thorns being part of the design. In this one the heart is the center piece with thorns curving around and large wings unfurling away. It is ideal for the chest or the upper back.

Heart with Wings Tattoo on Forearm

heart with wings tattoo on forearm


The blue color of the wings creates an antithesis with the heart making it a stunning tattoo. It requires lots of time for the line work as well as the color and shading so make sure you clear your organizer.

Heart Beat with Wings Tattoo

heart beat with wings tattoo


Tattoos are a great way to engrave someone’s memory on your body. Like this heart design you can get an angel wing tattoo to honor someone’s memory too. You can choose to have decorative designs like a heartbeat or text.

Burning Heart with Wings Tattoo

burning heart with wings tattoo


Another popular tattoo design is the broken heart tattoo or the burning heart one. These design require great skill and lots of our on the chair to achieve this marvelous tattoo. This too is a great choice for cover up.

Small Heart with Wings Tattoo

small heart with wings tattoo


This simple and cute design is a great way to get an introduction of the body arts. The simple line work creates will take very little time to get complete and you can fill it in any time you like.

Double Heart with Wings Tattoo

double heart with wings tattoo


Combine different elements and ideas in tattoo to bring it to life. This heart with wings one has both “saint and sinner” details that give a creative twist to the layout. A great design for upper or lower back tattoo.

Message Heart with Wings Tattoo

message heart with wings tattoo


Heart with Wings Tattoo for Shoulder

heart with wings tattoo for shoulder


Simple Heart with Wings Tattoo

simple heart with wings tattoo


Beautiful Heart with Wings Tattoo

beautiful haer with wings tattoo


You can have a simple layout or you can have matching sleeve tattoos. Just decide on the design and be prepared for the time it might take. Additionally, you need to be sure of the tattoo parlor you might choose the first time before you go ahead and do it.

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