If you are a Hulk fan, those tattoos are the cool thing to have nowadays. The Hulk is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is portrayed as a large green humanoid that possesses absolute strength and invulnerability. Brute force and anger is what drives Hulk into the adventure. He is a famous character from Marvel comics, a hero we all enjoy to watch on screen and read about.

As a matter of fact, Hulk tattoo usually describes a person with dual nature, on a first sight very shy, yet a fighter inside who isn’t giving up.

Hulk Hand Tattoo Design

Hulk Hand Tattoo Design Source

An interesting depiction of Hulk, an image of his muscular arm. An arm stands high above all other images, with a clenched fist. The message is clear-don’t mess with Hulk and his crew of heroes .

Baby Hulk Tattoo Idea

Baby Hulk Tattoo Idea Source

Definitely, an original ink representing Hulk as a kid. Don’t make any wrong moves, this is not what you think it is. Baby Hulk is still strong enough to spring into the action immediately in case of a trouble. This is just a hidden message about a little guy who is capable of doing the greatest thing ever.

Hulk Chest Tattoo

Hulk Chest Tattoo Source

We think that this is a perfect part of the body to do an ink of Hulk. What’s your opinion? The chest is the most suitable part of the body for the big and complicated tattoo and it represents fine muscular form and male strength. Thus, no wonder this collector wanted it at the appropriate spot. As usual, Hulk is smashing things and showing to the world that he is the man.

Hulk Tattoo on Sleeve

Hulk Tattoo on Sleeve Source

Fantastic design. Great shades of green and black ink. This is a heavy duty tattoo, a pure response to bystanders to watch out.

3d Hulk Tattoo Design

3d Hulk Tattoo Design Source

Never turn your back to the enemy. This incredible representation of famous action hero is in the perfect spot, giving its collector an extra pair of eyes, to watch his back. Just as it wants to say, don’t mess with us, we are the double trouble. As usual, an emphasis is on the muscular strength of Hulk, so don’t forget to make his muscles big.j

Small Hulk Tattoo on Wrist

Small Hulk Tattoo on Wrist Source

Very original and clever idea. Hulk is represented as a child in the tattoo design, making it as cute as dog puppy. Simply adorable. Paired with another superhero like Spiderman and you have all you need to be spotted from far away.

Red Hulk Tattoo Idea

Red Hulk Tattoo Idea Source

As we all know anger makes Hulk move and do incredible things, like smashing walls. This great ink has been done with fancy red color domination, adding fierce force to the brutal imagery and muscles. The message it sends is, you can run, but you can’t hide. Perfect tattoo for a person who will make things happen no matter what.

Hulk Tattoo on Forearm

Hulk Tattoo on Forearm Source

On the other hand, there is no clear outline of this image. It appears that Hulk is getting out of the arm itself. It is very important to watch out of shadows utilization, otherwise, you won’t get that fancy outcome you are looking for. Collector picked up the right spot, as the forearm is the best place to do this kind of tattoo art.

Hulk Eye Tattoo Design

Hulk Eye Tattoo Design Source

No, you can’t be wrong. There is only one person with an eye that radiates so much anger and demolition power. Just look at him in the eye and you will freeze of the fear. It looks very intimidating.

Hulk Shoulder Tattoo

Hulk Shoulder Tattoo Source

Superhero accentuated with fancy moves, as this tattoo artist fabulously used the colors to show details. So faithfully represented, in one moment we though it will vivify. This kind of a design is also suitable for men who are not going to a gym every day.

Lion Hulk Tattoo Idea

Lion Hulk Tattoo Idea Source

Hulk Tattoo for Kids

Hulk Tattoo for Kids Source

Purple and Green Hulk Tattoo

Purple and Green Hulk Tattoo Source

Hulk Black Work Tattoo

Hulk Black Work Tattoo Source

Watercolor Hulk Tattoo

Watercolor Hulk Tattoo Source

Hulk Colorful Tattoo

Hulk Colorful Tattoo Source

Hulk Leg Tattoo Design

Hulk Leg Tattoo Design Source

Hulk Tattoo on Thigh

Hulk Tattoo on Thigh Source

Hulk Head Tattoo Idea

Hulk Head Tattoo Idea Source

Simple Hulk Tattoo Idea

Simple Hulk Tattoo Idea Source

Scary Hulk Tattoo Design

Scary Hulk Tattoo Design Source

Superheroes have fans worldwide. It is not unusual that people like their portraits on their body parts as they represent strength, power, and endurance. It is important to say that usually people who were fascinated by action heroes in their childhood, are the one who chooses tattoos like these later on when they grow up. There is nothing wrong to take your favorite hero with you, just make sure it makes the clear statement-don’t drop your guard. Have a look at Gothic Tattoo, now.

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