When it comes to storage solutions your options are endless. Cabinet designs come in many forms and shapes as well as materials bringing you practical solutions for your home. The designs range from cabinets to drawers and shelves giving you the opportunity to maintain a room’s style while storing your things. For today’s post, we scoured the web collecting the best options you have for storage cabinets designs to help you choose the right one.

Bathroom Storage Cabinets

No matter how big or small your bathroom is, having storage space for towels is always needed. You can get a storage design with cabinets and side open shelves for versatile use and multiple options to store your bathroom essentials. You may also see Bathroom Storage Designs

Bathroom Wall Storage Cabinet

bathroom wall storage cabinet


Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet

bathroom corner storage cabinet

Design by Farinelli Construction

Garage Storage Cabinets

Cover an entire wall in your garage with storage cabinets. This will help you keep your garage organized as well as to store things that you don’t need in the house. You can have a floor to ceiling cabinet design.

Metal Garage Storage Cabinet

metal garage storage cabinet


Garage Wood Storage Cabinet

garage wood storage cabinet


Kitchen Storage Cabinets

From storing small kitchen appliances to hiding your pans and pots you can find many different designs for kitchen cabinets. The key is to find a design that will match the rest of the kitchen in both style and color. You may also see Modern Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Kitchen Pantry Storage Cabinet

kitchen pantry storage cabinet

Photo by Mary Prince

Kitchen Wall Storage Cabinet

kitchen wall storage cabinet


Wood Storage Cabinet Designs

The most popular design among homeowners is wood cabinetry. These designs offer a classic elegance that can be adjusted to all styles while adding a natural look. Bring an extra tone of warmth in your space with a wood cabinet.

Wood Outdoor Storage Cabinet

wood outdoor storage cabinet


Wood Shoe Storage Cabinet Design

wood shoe storage cabinet design

Photo by David Harrison

Corner Storage Cabinets

Corners can offer ample storage space with the right cabinet design that most often go unused. You can find in the market many different and stunning cabinet designs that offer a stylish solution for storing as well as decorating purposes.

Corner Kitchen Storage Cabinet Design

corner kitchen storage cabinet design


Corner Wall Storage Cabinet

corner wall storage cabinet


Modern Storage Cabinet Designs

If you are a fan of minimalism then the modern storage cabinets are just the thing for you. Many of the designs incorporate “smart living” elements with multiple solutions even for the most difficult spaces inside and outside the house.

Modern Bathroom Storage Cabinet

modern bathroom storage cabinet

Janet Brooks Design

Built-In Storage Cabinet Designs

Make the cabinets a part of your space just by using an in-built design. With an in-built design, you can ensure that the storage space is enough to cover fully your needs while the style will be matching the space.

Built-In Storage Cabinet for Living Room

built in storage cabinet for living room


Metal Storage Cabinets

Metal might be a cold material, however, its sturdy design can give you a lifelong use. Metal cabinet design come with a locking mechanism for safe storing suitable for important papers in your office or for power tools in your garage.

Black Metal Storage Cabinet

black metal storage cabinet


Outdoor Storage Cabinets

From wood to whicker you can find many different designs for cabinet storage suitable for outdoor spaces. Decorate your patio or your deck with a cabinet that will help you store gardening tools or shoes while accentuating your space’s style.

Outdoor Patio Storage Cabinet

outdoor patio storage cabinet


Small Storage Cabinets

Even a small storage cabinet can make a difference into a room. You can choose to have a simple cabinet to hang on the wall or you can choose a portable design to use as a nightstand or side table.

Small Bathroom Storage Cabinet Design

small bathroom storage cabinet design


Shoe Storage Cabinet Designs

Store your shoes in a stylish way that will add character in your space. With a solid front or open shelf design, you can take advantage of the various designs to bring a visual interest in your space bringing character.

White Shoe Storage Cabinet

white shoe storage cabinet


Office Storage Cabinets

For both home and work office, a set of storage cabinets is going to give you enough space to store books, files and important papers. Keep your inventory organized with a cabinet design that will add character and sophisticated style. You may also see Home Office Cabinet Designs

Home Office Storage Cabinet Design

home office storage cabinet design

Butter Lutz Interiors

Wine Storage Cabinets

For the wine lovers, a wine storage cabinet is an absolute necessity. Choose the appropriate design based on the room’s style although you can go for a statement piece that will act as a focal point within the room’s limits.

Contemporary Wine Storage Cabinet

contemporary wine storage cabinet


Wall Storage Cabinet Designs

Take advantage of vertical space of the wall and install a cabinet design. This will give you storage space in your bathroom or your bedroom, adding style and making the space look larger due to the height that it’s placed.

White Wall Storage Cabinet

white wall storage cabinet


Bedroom Storage Cabinets

You can cover a wall of your bedroom with cabinets in matching style in order to create storage space and keep your room organized. A matching style will accentuate your personal tastes while it will make the room look serene.

Bedroom Wood Storage Cabinet Design

bedroom wood storage cabinet design

Decorating your space is necessary in order to maintain the space’s style as well as to accentuate it. Depending on the size of the cabinet you can style it with a set of designer frames that will add character or you can go for a set of vases in various sizes for effect and dimension. Another great way is to place a large mirror with an intricate design that will make the space look brighter.

Storage space is needed in every space inside and outside of the house. The design you end up choosing has to follow the style of the room, matching other furniture in color or with similar design. The cabinets can give you great potential for future repurposing changing its current use.

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