If I say red/white and you say wine, we are obligated to validate that you are an ardent wine lover. And, if your love for fine wine has made you accumulate and collect the best bottles from around the world, we have the best and inventive storage solution. These below listed 9 wine storage cabinet ideas will help you store your wine while adding a distinctive design feature to your home.

1. Wooden Ranch Style Cabinet

wooden ranch style cabinet

Try and make use of the overhead space in your kitchen for storing your precious wine bottles. Add a kitchen library ladder in a contrasting shade for acting as a stairway to your personal bliss. Whether you go for wood, metal or contemporary, a library ladder can match well with any style of kitchen.

2. Creative Wine Cabinets

creative wine cabinets

If you want to go past the cookie-cutter storage options, a customised rack cabinet is one way to add a personal and creative touch to your storage space. Pull out drawers or racks can work as brilliant wine storage units while keeping the clutter to minimal.

3. White Panelled Cabinets

white panelled cabinets

This white panelled cabinets with custom glass in the centre make the design a classic and a perfect pick for a contemporary and modern themed homes.

4. Pop of Color Wine Cabinets

pop of color wine cabinets

This blue coloured open shelved cabinet is one of the creative and edgy ways to store your bottles while also extending on the style and decor of your kitchen. Along with complementing modern interiors, it also puts a punch of colour and flavour to space.

5. Traditional Wine Cabinet

traditional wine cabinet

This traditional style, sleek block cabinet is a perfect option if you are looking to store the bottles while not covering too much space in the kitchen. The design can be incorporated in small as well as big kitchens.

6. Innovative Wine Cabinet

innovative wine cabinet

This dual-zone refrigeration means you can store multiple types of wine in the same refrigerator. The individual temperature controls and displays for each zone make the cabinet extremely flexible for various types of wines.

7. Flat Panel Cabinet

flat panel cabinet

This wine and bar storage features a clever carved out space for keeping the wine bottles. If you are looking for ways to convert and transform a dead space, this flat panel cabinet is one of the best available solutions.

8. Modern Cellar Style Cabinet

modern cellar style cabinet

If you are looking for an extensive storage space for your collection, this cellar style wine storage is a decorative and organised way to stock your bottles.

9. Hidden Wine Cabinet

hidden wine cabinet

This hidden white wine cabinet will definitely be a structural surprise for the homeowners. The cabinet is one creative way to customise the look of old walls or floors. The style can work well with cottage-chic kitchens as well as modern interiors.

Take inspiration from these wine storage units and craft a creative and innovative storage to display your priceless possessions.

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