Mostly known as wardrobe, the armoire is designs to keep and store various pieces of clothing. Nowadays you can find excellent armoires that have been repurposed to use in a variety of functions like TV cabinets, shoes organizers and home offices. If there is anything that you want to keep out of sight while keeping the space styled then the armoire is the best solution for you. Let’s go through all the available armoire designs! You may also See Jewelry Armoire Designs

Bedroom Armoire Designs

bedroom armoire designs

StoryBook Rooms, LLC

Depending on the bedroom’s size you can find armoires in a variety of designs and sizes to use. From classic designs with carved frame to modern ones you will find everything you need though a great variety of designs that will fully cover all your needs for bedroom storage space.

Modern Armoire Designs

modern armoire designs

Central Meridian Photography

Modern armoire designs have a versatile use. You can use them in your dining room to store your formal china set. You can also use it in your office to sort out and store all the important files and books. These are available in many color tones and material combinations.

Jewelry Armoire Designs

jewelry armoire designs

J Korsbon Designs

If your jewelry collection is too big then you definitely need a jewelry armoire. They have a narrow built that allows it to fit in your bedroom while it has a combination of small drawers and cabinets that are suitable for every type of jewelry.

Wardrobe Armoire Designs

wardrobe armoire designs

Jana Happel Interior Design

Wardrobe armoires are designed to store clothes and accessories. They have space to hang your clothes while they also provide drawers and shelves in order to store folded clothes. This layout allows you to keep the armoire tidy and your things organized for easier and fast access.

Tv Armoire Ideas

tv armoire ideas

Grainda Builders, Inc.

In case you have an old armoire that you want to repurpose then you can use it as a TCV console for your bedroom. You can either have it open while watching TV and hide it away by closing the cabinets’ will you aren’t or you can remove the doors. You may also See Study Table Designs

Corner Armoires

corner armoires

Cortney Bishop Design

A corner armoire design will help you save space while maintaining its practical use. Suitable for living rooms and bedrooms, you can use them for a home office or you can install your TV. Ideal for gaming consoles that you can hide out when you don’t use them.

Office Armoire Designs

office armoire designs

Faith Sheridan

If you don’t have a specific room dedicated for a home office you can have one in any place inside your house with an office armoire. You can find amazing designs with shelves and drawers that will allow you to store office stationary and your computer that you can hide.

Small Armoires

small armoires

Julie Smith

Small armoires can be placed everywhere. Place an armoire in an impressive design in your entryway to create a beautiful setting while using it as a coat closet. You can also place one in your master bathroom in order to store towers and bathroom essentials.

Vintage Armoire Ideas

vintage armoire ideas

Colin Cadle Photography

Vintage pieces will allow you to create a classic look for every room in your house. In the hallway for linen closet to the kitchen to use as a pantry you can take advantage of the vintage style making it a focal point in the room adding character and elegance.

Computer Armoire Designs

computer armoire designs

Carlita B • Christian

A computer armoire can work perfectly as a home office that can be placed in every room. Before you buy the armoire you need to know the measurements of your computer along with the printer and the monitor. This will help you choose a piece that will fit everything.

Rustic Armoires

rustic armoires

JEM4 design

Show off the wood grains with a rustic armoire design. The natural material will bring a classic style in your house making your space look raw with a touch of elegance. You can find many different designs in combinations of wood, metal and glass that will give you excellent results. You may also See Corner Dining Table Designs

Armoires are ideal for bedrooms that don’t have walk-in closers. They offer storage space that helps you keep your clothes organized with a set of drawers and cabinets. In case you want to buy an armoire you have to consider what you are going to use it for. If you want t sort out smaller items you will need an armoire with drawers, or a combination of drawers and cabinets for your TV and others.

Make sure you take the correct measurements of the room before you decide on a design. A beautiful design can be functional and useful only when it doesn’t make the space look constricted. In any case we hope that our collection of armoire designs was helpful and inspiring for you.

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