Serving carts allows for easy food and drinks serving from one point of the house to another. These carts are wheeled, making it really a simple task to serve food and drinks to family and guests. There are different types of serving carts like, indoor, outdoor, vintage, modern, metal, wood, and many more. If you are looking for a particular type of serving cart, it is best to first establish where you would use it most and what material would be ideal for your preference. You may also see Jewelry Armoire Designs

Outdoor Serving Carts

When choosing a serving cart to be specifically used outdoors, the very first factor you need to consider is the material. Metal serving carts are the most recommended as they can easily withstand the changing outdoor weather.

Outdoor Serving Cart Design

outdoor serving cart design

Vintage Serving Carts

Vintage serving carts are usually made of metal and styled with classic features. These are also called tea carts and used by rich families for their afternoon tea serving activities. Some vintage serving carts are made with wood and metal combination, which makes them really pretty and valuable. You may also see Breakfast Nook Designs

Small Vintage Serving Cart Design

small vintage serving cart design

Photo by Julie Ranee

Patio Serving Carts

Patio serving carts allow you to easily serve snacks and drinks to your guests. A nice patio serving cart is one designed with storage and can be used as a small mobile bar.

Simple Patio Serving Cart Idea

simple patio serving cart idea

Bar Serving Cart Designs

A good mobile bar is designed with storage for bottles of wine and separate levels for glasses and ice buckets. A side washcloth rack is a nice feature, as well as drawers for other utensils. You may also see Rack Design Ideas

Modern Bar Serving Cart Idea

modern bar serving cart idea

Rolling Serving Carts

Rolling serving carts have four wheels for easy maneuvering. This is a good choice if you want to be able to easily serve food and drinks to your family or guests. Rolling serving carts are usually made of wood, metal or a combination of both.

Rolling Serving Cart for Kitchen

rolling serving cart for kitchen

Kitchen Serving Carts

Kitchen serving carts are not just designed to serve food, they are also used for food preparation. Some of the most functional kitchen serving carts are those designed with cabinets instead of two to three levels of serving shelves. There are also kitchen carts that are designed with both cabinets and shelf levels. You may also see Shoe Storage Designs

Rustic Kitchen Serving Cart

rustic kitchen serving cart

Modern Serving Cart Designs

Some of the best modern serving cart designs include; carts with rounded trays, chrome serving carts, glass topped or two glass shelves, metallic gold or silver finished, and those with metal rails.

Contemporary Modern Serving Cart

contemporary modern serving cart

Dining Room Serving Carts

These are serving carts that usually come with formal designs. They are often used for serving of appetizers, desserts or coffee. In some cases, dining room serving carts are specifically used for wine serving after dinner. The most common dining room carts are made of metallic gold or silver finish.

Cool Dining Room Serving Cart

cool dining room serving cart

Contemporary Serving Carts

Contemporary serving carts are designed for functionality more than for aesthetic appeal. They are usually very simple carts with two to three shelves and unadorned with any other designs or accents.

Unique Contemporary Serving Cart

unique contemporary serving cart

Wooden Serving Carts

Wooden serving carts can be modern or classic/vintage. A modern wooden cart is one with no accents and purely designed for functionality – with two to three levels of trays/shelves. A vintage wooden serving cart is one with special designs like wood carvings or accented with metal rails.

Small Wooden Serving Cart

small wooden serving cart

Metal Serving Carts

There are different types of metal used for making serving carts – like stainless steel, iron and chrome. Metal serving carts also come different designs – like classic, modern, rustic, industrial and minimalist. There are metal carts that are also incorporated with glass and wood (top and shelves) or grill type trays.

Simple Metal Serving Cart

simple metal serving cart

Photo by Whitney Lyons

Food Serving Cart Designs

A nice food serving cart is one designed with a cover – usually dome-like in design. The main idea is to keep the food clean and hot and presentable to the guests. Food servings carts also come with special features like drawers for utensils, glass shelf and storage for bottles. These carts are commonly used in restaurants.

Traditional Food Serving Cart Idea

traditional food serving cart idea

Glass Serving Carts

Glass serving carts are really classy. They are formal in appeal and best used for special occassions. The options for glass tops and shelves include regular glass, black tempered glass and smoked tempered glass. These serving carts are also made with other materials like wood and metal.

Modern Glass Serving Cart

modern glass serving cart

How Serving Carts are Useful

Serving carts are very useful because they allow for easy food and drinks serving. Instead of carrying trays from the kitchen to other parts of the house (like the living room, patio or garden) all you have to do is to load the food and drinks up on the carts and off you go.

Serving Cart Trends

The trends in serving cart designs are varied, which include; modern, classic or vintage, wood, metal, glass, rustic and eclectic or unique.

Though not many people use serving carts, these are very important household and business furniture pieces. They are very useful especially if you are hosting a dinner party and you have so much food to serve. Serving carts also let you serve meals anywhere in the house. By using a serving cart, you can easily take the meals you prepared from the kitchen to the chosen meal venue. Having a serving cart also lets you enjoy having a mobile bar, this is a nice option if you are entertaining your guests outdoors or if you do not have a home bar.

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