It is difficult to imagine your world without a coffee table. A coffee table enhances the beauty of your elegant and comfortable sitting arrangement. Modern coffee table designs are classy, attractive and functional at the same time. Whether you have a huge living space with an elaborate seating arrange or a small living room a central coffee table just adds to the entire setup making it complete. Let’s look at some amazing coffee table designs for a perfect living room.

Modern Round Coffee Table Designs

Consider a clean round wooden coffee table with neat cuts for modern interiors. If you don’t want wood you can opt for round glass table or acrylic table with metallic frame adding the required style to your living room.

modern round coffee table designs

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Modern Glass Coffee Tables

Glass is extensively used in modern table designs as it makes your interiors look light and plush. A modern glass table with clear glass resting on an artistic carved wooden stand looks classy. To add to minimalistic interiors opt for modern black glass table with steel framework.

modern glass coffee tables

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Modern Square Coffee Tables

A modern dark wood coffee table placed in the centre of an elegantly designed living room look amazing. A wooden square coffee table with clear glass compliments modern interiors perfectly without compromising on style.

modern square coffee tables

Elad Gonen

Modern White Coffee Table Designs

If white is your colour then a white coffee table is the perfect fit for your living room. Define your modern white coffee table with a hint of metal with steel legs. Combine white with natural wood to add a little texture to you modern white coffee table.

modern white coffee table designs

Marie Burgos Design

Small Modern Coffee Tables

If you have a small living room use a small coffee table. Modern small coffee tables are equally stylish to give you’re the required plush look. Small coffee tables are the best for your study besides your favourite chair.

small modern coffee tables

Brad Ford ID

Modern Oval Coffee Tables

Oval is a shape which looks elegant and artistic at the same time. If you want to add a little artistic look to your room use a modern oval coffee table. An oval coffee table also looks delicate. You may also See Wooden Oval Coffee Table

modern oval coffee tables

Blue Garnet Design/The Design Mill

Modern Storage Coffee Tables

Use modern coffee table designs with storage. Consider a beautiful dark wood central table with storage drawer for modern interiors. A central modern square coffee table design with shelves underneath to store books and magazines.

modern storage coffee tables

Jeffrey King Interiors

Modern Wooden Coffee Tables

If you want to break the monotony of your modern interiors use textured wooden table. Combination of dark and light wood result in stylish modern table designs. Wooden table with curved wooden base looks amazing.

modern wooden coffee tables

Jody Brettkelly

Modern Stone Coffee Table Designs

If you want to experiment with the textures consider a modern stone coffee table. It can be a marble coffee table or a grand coffee table made of shell. A table with marble top and heavily carved wooden base compliments a Victorian look perfectly.

modern stone coffee table designs

Milieu Home Goods

Industrial Modern Coffee Tables

Consider a table made of wooden planks with metal framework to add an industrial look to your interiors. It can be a design with wood embedded in the metal frame or the design where it is just supported on metal legs.

industrial modern coffee tables

Yaniv Schwartz - Photographer

Modern Metal Coffee Tables

A geometric metal frame mounted by a clear glass top look light and stylish. Modern rectangular steel table with cross legs covered with laminate on top add texture to interiors and also looks classy.

modern metal coffee tables

Jenny Baines, Jennifer Baines Interiors

Modern Low Coffee Tables

Low coffee tables are the new trend to follow. A simple dark wood table with clean lines and broad legs looks plush. A beautiful glass coffee table kept in front of your seating arrangement looks welcoming.

modern low coffee tables

John Maniscalco Architecture

Modern Leather Coffee Table Designs

A leather tuft cushion coffee table compliments rich taste. A leather coffee table made in the form of a chest with metal details looks ethnic and plush. A modern round leather coffee table with glass on top to make it more firm looks every bit a must have for a stylish living room.

modern leather coffee table designs

Eminent Interior Design

Outdoor Modern Coffee Table

Most of the modern metal coffee table can be used for outdoor set ups as well. Consider a marble coffee table to add the rich style to your outdoors. A table made of wicker also makes for a perfect choice for comfortable outdoors.

outdoor modern coffee table

Randle Siddeley

Black Modern Coffee Tables

Black is a synonymous to style and looks. Whether is polished black wood table or a slim black glass table, it compliments modern contemporary interiors like nothing other. A black leather tuft cushion table looks plush.

black modern coffee tables

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

There are many modern coffee table designs to surprise you. Experiment with shapes; it is not necessary to go for a round coffee table all the time. Experiment with materials to select the one that suites your interiors the best. Glass, metal, leather or wood there are a number of options to choose from.

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