An ottoman is a kind of furniture usually seen in modern homes. It neither has arms nor a back. It is usually just a piece of square short chair with upholstered top. It can be used as a stool, a footstool or even as a table. In some cases, ottomans come with living room furniture set – couches, coffee table, side table, and armchairs. It is of course, also possible to just buy ottomans. Round ottomans are very popular for young people and they can be seen in small spaced apartments or studio type living accommodations. You may also see Best Ottoman Designs

Modern Ottoman Designs

A modern ottoman is one that has multiple functions. This means that it can used as a chair, stool or a table. Heavily upholstered ottomans may not be ideal as tables, so it would be best as a stool or additional seating option. Most modern ottomans have storage spaces, as well.

Modern Leather Ottoman Design

modern leather ottoman design

Round Ottoman Designs

Round ottomans can be both classic and modern. A classic or traditional round ottoman is one that comes with classically designed legs and upholstered with rich fabric. Legless ottomans are considered more modern in design. There are also round ottomans that are unupholstered and they make great tables. You may also see Modern Sectional Sofa Designs

Colorful Round Ottoman Design

colorful round ottoman design

Photo by Alexander Johnson

DIY Ottoman Ideas

If you want to go for DIY ottoman, you should find a design that you can easily copy and recreate. You can use an old coffee table and cut off the legs. Adding some foam and covering for the top part will make your new ottoman a more comfortable seating option. You can also turn an old tire into a round ottoman, just cover it up with your choice of material. The ideas are endless.

Cool DIY Ottoman Design

cool diy ottoman design

Living Room Ottoman Ideas

A living room is always enhanced when there is enough pieces of furniture. An ottoman is one such piece of furniture. For your living room, your choices include ottomans that can be used as tables, round ottomans or ottomans with storage spaces.

Living Room Tufted Ottoman Idea

living room tufted ottoman idea

Small Ottoman Designs

A small ottoman is ideal as a mobile seat or footstool. This is your best option if you are living in a limited spaced accommodation. In some cases, you can get a small ottoman along with couch or a pair of armchairs. Cube is a popular design for small ottomans.

Traditional Small Ottoman Idea

traditional small ottoman idea

Storage Ottomans

There are different designs for storage ottomans. It can be a simple square with open sides. It can also be a square, rectangular or round ottoman with a detachable top that acts as a lid for the inner storage spaces. A classic storage ottoman is one with extra and open storage under the upholstered top.

Eclectic Storage Ottoman Idea

eclectic storage ottoman idea

Square Ottomans

A square ottoman can be a standalone cube type stool. It can also be a square storage type or a legged ottoman that can also be used as a small coffee table. Some square ottomans have hollow interiors for storage.

White Square Ottoman Design

white square ottoman design

Patio Ottoman Designs

Patio ottomans are usually legged. You can easily get an ottoman if you purchase a patio furniture set. The most common choices for patio ottomans are those made of metal or wood.

Best Patio Ottoman Design

best patio ottoman design

ibi Designs

Bedroom Ottomans

A common bedroom ottoman is one that matches the bed. It is usually set up at the foot of the bed and its length is equal to – or a little shorter than – the width of the bed. Bedroom ottomans are also used for storage.

Beach Style Bedroom Ottoman Design

beach style bedroom ottoman design

Outdoor Ottomans

Colorful ottomans are usually the best choice for outdoor use. Ottomans of different colors provide life to the garden, poolside or backyard, and they can match the beautiful colors of nature.

Outdoor Wicker Ottoman Idea

outdoor wicker ottoman idea

Floral Ottoman Designs

The floral design of an ottoman can be achieved through the upholstery used – like a floral fabric. There are also some classic ottomans with floral designs achieved through embroidery or bead work. A floral design is ideal for DIY ottoman.

Black and White Floral Ottoman

black and white floral ottoman

Vintage Ottomans

You can easily tell a vintage designed ottoman, it has legs. The legs are usually curved wood, similar to that of vintage armchairs (but shorter). Vintage ottomans can be square, round or rectangular, and they can be used as tables or storage options.

Vintage Round Ottoman Design

vintage round ottoman design

Corner Ottoman Designs

A corner ottoman is a mobile ottoman. It can be used as a table when needed and can be easily set aside in a corner if not in use. It is usually square or cube in design.

Corner Leather Ottoman Idea

corner leather ottoman idea

Photo by Ashley Largesse

Bathroom Ottomans

Having a bathroom ottoman allows for a more luxurious bathing experience. The common design for such piece of furniture is round with upholstered tufted top. Bathroom ottomans are either placed near the tubs or the vanities.

Traditional Bathroom Ottoman Design

traditional bathroom ottoman design

Kid’s Ottomans

Ottomans designed for kids are commonly functional as big building blocks, as well. They are usually sold in sets and can be puzzle-like. They are colorful and can sometimes come in designs popular for kids – like buses, trains, or cartoon characters.

Colorful Kid’s Ottoman Design

colorful kids ottoman design

Ottomans have always been a part of furniture set-ups in homes and even in offices. Ottomans are not just designed to be used in the living room – they are also used in bedrooms, bathrooms, patios and the outdoors. The best thing about ottomans is that they are designed for different applications or purposes, making them truly versatile.

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