Bench designs are comfortable settees that give you ample seating space. However, you can exchange the simple bench with a storage design. This way you are taking advantage of the space underneath in order to store various items in your house. They have a stylish deign that allows you to place them in your living room or the entranceway. In case you are already hooked then keep on reading for our storage bench designs collection. You may also see Entryway Bench Designs

Shoe Storage Bench Designs

Suitable for your hallway or your mudroom, a bench design will help you store your shoes with style. The bench designs can range in style while you can find them in open shelves or with cabinet doors for easy access.

White Shoe Storage Bench Design

white shoe storage bench design

DIY Storage Bench Designs

You can make your own storage bench with an old bookcase to use for storage adding padded seating top or plush throw pillows for comfort. The shelves will help you store various things giving you a well styled DIY project. You may also see Outdoor Bench Designs

Outdoor DIY Storage Bench

outdoor diy storage bench

Deck Storage Bench Designs

A great way to furnish your deck is the storage bench. This way you can always have a comfortable settee with removable cushions and pillows that you can store inside the benches the times when you don’t use the deck.

Wooden Deck Storage Bench

wooden deck stoarge bench

Entryway Storage Benches

Entryway benches can have any size. You can choose the right design based on the size of your space while you can also choose the way the storage is provided, with cabinets or open shelves or with a top door. You may also see Bedroom Bench Designs

Traditional Entryway Storage Bench

traditional entryway storage bench1

White Storage Benches

If you want to brighten up your space then you need to check out for white storage benches. Many benches offer a combination of drawers and shelves while others have cabinets to organize the things that you store in your bench.

White Bathroom Storage Bench

white bathroom storage bench

Photo by Twist Tours

Bedroom Storage Bench Ideas

Whether you set it at the foot of your bed or under a window the result will be exceptional. You have to choose a stylish piece that will add to the bedroom’s general style providing you with ample storage space. You may also see Rustic Bench Designs

Contemporary Bedroom Storage Bench

contemporary bedroom storage bench

Garage Storage Bench Ideas

If the storage bench is destined for your garage then you can consider for a larger piece. This way you will get more storage space for various tools and items while you can use the top as a working space.

Cool Garage Storage Bench Design

cool garage storage bench design

Wooden Storage Bench Designs

Most benches are made of wood. You can find many designs in various styles ranging from modern to traditional while you can choose a natural design in order to add a classic and warm bench in your space for style.

Small Wooden Storage Bench

small wooden storage bench

Bathroom Storage Bench Ideas

Bathroom storage benches will provide you space to place your towels and other necessities. You can choose an open shelf design that you can place baskets for easy storing. You can choose a padded top for extra comfort and warmth.

Bathroom Quartz Storage Bench

bathroom quartz storage bench

Corner Storage Benches

Even a corner bench will give you ample storage space in any room. From the kitchen to the living room you can choose an elegant design in a matching color combination or a statement piece to work as a focal point.

Laundry Room Corner Storage Bench

laundry room corner storage bench

Kitchen Storage Bench Designs

Instead of using chairs you can install a storage bench in your kitchen area for comfort and style. This way you can use the benches to create a pleasant and elegant breakfast nook to spend your mornings with your family.

Traditional Kitchen Storage Bench

traditional kitchen storage bench

Leather Storage Benches

You will see many leather benches used as coffee tables. Additionally, a leather bench can add warmth in a space as well as provide you with storage space. Choose the right design depending on your space’s style for extra personality.

Tufted Leather Storage Bench

tufted leather storage bench

Small Storage Benches

A small bench will give you a single settee and a great deal of style. They are made of various materials like wood, metal, and plastic giving you a multitude of options to choose for your space bringing something extra.

Small Entryway Storage Bench

small entryway storage bench

Upholstered Storage Benches

Upholstered benches offer a versatile use. You can place them on your bedroom or in your living room in order to bring a luxurious look. These upholstered benches offer storage space and are available in many colors to choose from.

Best Upholstered Storage Bench

best upholstered storage bench

Extra storage space is always needed in a house. With benches, you can get comfortable seating as well as stylish designs with storage solutions. In any case, we hope that our collection managed to help you providing you with useful tips and many creative ideas that will spark your inspiration.

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