Shelves offer a perfect solution for you regarding storage or if you want to give a perfect look to your decor. There is a great collection of DIY shelves from which you can choose from. These shelves are simple, classic and can add beauty to your bathroom.

Beautiful Decor DIY Shelves

beautiful decor diy shelves


Farmhouse-Style Kitchen DIY Shelves

farmhouse style kitchen diy shelves

Eclectic Closet DIY Shelves

eclectic closet diy shelves

You can go for the shelves that hang on the walls or those that sit on the floor to give you a perfect function. If you can try, make them on your own. Apart from being beautiful, these wooden shelves are functional as well. They are the most simple and elegant shelves currently and are classic for any decor.

Office Space with DIY Shelves

office space with diy shelves

Contemporary Kitchen with DIY Shelves

contemporary kitchen with diy shelves

M. Gerwing Architects

Classy Bar Wood DIY Shelves

reclaimed bar wood diy shelves

DIY shelves are beautiful and are really easy to create. You only need some pieces of wood and plywood. Try placing the plywood shelves on top of pine boards to create a floating look. Ensure that you find a stud when installing the boards at the base for extra security. You can keep your items on these boards with no worries of falling.

Elegant Living Room DIY Selves

elegant living room diy selves

Cute Small DIY Shelves

cute small diy shelves


Gold Wooden DIY Shelves

gold wooden diy shelves

Red DIY Kitchen Shelves

red diy kitchen shelves

Pretty Rustic Decor DIY Shelves

pretty rustic decor diy shelves


White Contemporary Kitchen With DIY Shelves

white contemporary kitchen with diy shelves

Stylish Modern Bar DIY Shelves

stylish modern bar diy shelves

Decorative DIY Shelves

decorative diy shelves

Home Decor DIY Shelves

home decor diy shelves


Beautiful Living Room DIY Shelves

beautiful living room diy shelves

Awesome DIY Shelves

awesome diy shelves

Amazing Kitchen DIY Shelves

amazing kitchen diy shelves

Elegant Kitchen DIY Shelves

elegant kitchen diy shelves

Modern Living Room DIY Shelves

modern living room diy shelves

Traditional Living Room DIY Shelves

traditional living room diy shelves

Small Rustic Wooden DIY Shelves

small rustic wooden diy shelves

Cool Home Decor DIY Shelves

cool home decor diy shelves

These bathroom shelves are small and the perfect decor for any bathroom. They can offer you with the perfect storage space. You can install them like floating bathroom shelves and reinforce them for extra strength. The best thing is that these DIY shelves take very few materials to build and are simple.

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