A medicine cabinet is usually a place above the sink area of your bathroom and holds hygiene products such as antiseptic, soap, tablets, ointments, syrups, antacids, painkillers and more. Properly equipped medicine cabinet ensures that any accident or need for first aid emergency health assistance can be immediately met. Consequently, a well-designed medicine cabinet will have different shelves for different types of supplies. Well, here are some ideas you may experiment with. You may also See Garage Cabinet Designs

Bathroom Medical Cabinets

The design of bathroom medicine cabinets should be such that they can be easily placed in the bathroom, doesn’t take up a lot of space and also offers extended functionalities.

bathroom medical cabinets

Hammer & Hand

Modern Medicine Cabinet Designs

Medical cabinets in modern furniture store support a variety of deployment. Some even have the shelves that can be integrated as a modular shelf into the bathroom wall, thus offering more space than just a box with partitions.

modern medicine cabinet designs


Recessed Medical Cabinets

Recessed medical cabinets are highly modular in functionality and are put into the wall. On the outside, it just looks like a special window but open it and you will have all the space for your supplies.

recessed medical cabinets

Western Custom Cabinetry

Vintage Medical Cabinet Ideas

When coming up with a vintage medical cabinet design, the idea is all about using materials and textures that have a vintage feel to it.

vintage medical cabinet ideas


DIY Medical Cabinet Ideas

A medical cabinet is after all, a box of supplies that needs to be kept in your bathroom. Designing something light and make sure that it doesn’t fall off.

diy medical cabinet ideas

Harry Braswell Inc.

Rustic Medical Cabinets

It’s all about the material and design you are trying to achieve. While the functionality remains the same, the idea is about integrating a cabinet that looks sturdy, strong and rustic.

rustic medical cabinets


Contemporary Medical Cabinet Ideas

Contemporary medical cabinets offer a seamless design that is in line with the other modular installations in your home. The wok is smooth and the focus in on the functionality of the furniture.

contemporary medical cabinet ideas

Robert Kaner Interior Design

Corner Medicine Cabinets

If you are trying to save space in your bathroom or don’t’ have enough area above the sink, a corner medicine cabinet would be a great idea. You may also See Laundry Room Cabinet Designs

corner medicine cabinets


Small Medicine Cabinet Design

Small medicine cabinets are perfect if your requirements are not too much and you are looking for supplies for just a couple of people. It is perfect to be incorporated into hotels and guest houses.

small medicine cabinet design

Christian Gladu Design

Wooden Medicine Cabinets

Wood is a great material for a medicine cabinet not just because it looks natural but also because it offers more insulation than plastic or fiber counterparts.

wooden medicine cabinets

Lauren Rubin Architecture

Decorative Medicine Cabinets

With decorative medicine cabinets, the highlight is on the design of the product. Here’s one example of what to look for with decorative cabinets.

decorative medicine cabinets

Corynne Pless

White Medicine Cabinets

White medicine cabinets are perfect for modern homes that follow a subtle and lighter themed décor. Just put a red cross on the white box and everyone knows its purpose!

white medicine cabinets

Alisberg Parker

Industrial Medical Cabinet Ideas

The first thing to take into account when look for designs for industrial medical cabinets is the sturdiness of the furniture. You should look for materials that are highly resistant to damage.

industrial medical cabinet ideas

Stedila Design

Mirrored Medicine Cabinets

Mirrored medicine cabinets served dual purpose – storing medicines and hygiene supplies and also acting as a mirror. It is thus more apt to be placed above the sink area!

mirrored medicine cabinets

Design Set Match

Oval Medicine Cabinet Designs

Oval shaped medicine cabinets offer an interesting visual and can also be used if you are looking for a decorative design. You can go for a variety of themes.

oval medicine cabinet designs


Square medicine cabinets look really cute but can be a shelved arrangement that can fit any corner of the household. The installation will depend on the type of décor you are arranging for. You may also See Corner Cabinet Designs

Bathroom cabinets for medicine/hygiene supplies are an important part of the décor and should be taken seriously. It’s a preparation for eventualities and should be got in specifications that suit your needs. The above are just some design for your own medicine cabinet. You can always look for better design ideas but make sure that you choose something that serves the purpose more.

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