Bathroom lighting is one of the most exciting and challenging task. A bathroom requires a proper balance of light for various tasks such as shaving, plucking eyebrows and makeup. With properly arranged lighting the bathroom can become very better functional and an attractive space to impress. There are many areas in the bathroom, which require different kinds of lighting.

The vanity lighting is very important. It is the place where there should be enough light and minimal glares. Vanity lighting is the trickiest area to fix the lights because the mirrors produce the natural reflection.

Bright Lighting Bathroom

bright lighting bathroom

Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

contemporaray bathroom lighting

Latest Bathroom Ceiling Lights

latest bathroom ceiling lights

Bathroom with Grey Wall Lighting

bathroom with grey wall lighting

Floral Bathroom Vanity Lights

floral bathroom vanity lights

Modern Vanity Bathroom Lighting

modern vanity bathroom lighting

Led Bathroom Lighting

led bathroom lighting

Modern Bathroom with Light Fixtures

modern bathroom with light fixtures

Contemporary Bathroom with Modern Lighting

contemporary bathroom with modern lighting

Traditional Bathroom with Chandelier Lighting

traditional bathroom with chandelier lighting

Specious Bathroom with Lighting

specious bathroom with lighting

Traditional Bathroom with Ceiling Lights

traditional bathroom with ceiling lights

Ultra Modern Lighting Designed Bathroom

altra modren lighting bathroom

Natural Lighting Bathroom Design

natural lighting bathroom design1

Pendant Lighting Bathroom

pendant lighting bathroom

Designed by:Lori Shaffer

Modernized Lamp Bathroom Design

modernized lamp bathroom design

Designed by : Logan's Hammer

Painting Bathroom with Vanity

painting bathroom with vanity

Stylish Lighting Bathroom Vanity

stylish lighting bathroom vanity

Contemporary Wall Lighting

contemporary wall lighting

Strip Lighting Bathroom Design

strip lighting bathroom design

Chris Snook Photography

The bathtub lighting should be very dull. It is a place where one seeks peace and comfort, so using warmer colored lighting is the best choice. It is totally opposite to the vanity lighting. The bathtub area does not require much lighting.

The shower lighting is very simple and it just requires lighting from the above. The ceiling lighting would be perfect for a shower. The important point to keep in mind while fixing the shower lighting is the light should be kept away from the wet area. And that is why the ceiling lighting is perfect for shower area.

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