A blue bathroom tile design looks cool, reflects the peaceful tranquility of water and is a natural fit in bathrooms. Blue is a cool, clear and refreshing color and when incorporated in the bathroom tiles, it makes for a vibrant theme! Here are a few breathtaking blue bathroom tile designs for you to consider while designing or renovating your bathroom.

Modern Blue Tiles Bathroom

modern blue tiles bathroom


This modern bathroom has very bright teal tile backsplash with a small window to allow in some natural light. It also features a luxurious glass enclosed shower and a large rectangle sink with a wooden vanity right below to store all the bathroom essentials.

Contemporary Bathroom with Light Blue Tiles

contemporary bathroom with light blue tiles


This elegant contemporary bathroom has very light blue colored tiles fitted in the walls, features a small LCD TV screen and a large wooden vanity with several drawers. It has dual sinks and faucets alongside a large mirror with lights in the corner. A huge chandelier is also hung on top of this bathroom.

Amazing Bathroom with Checkered Tiles

amazing bathroom with chequered tiles


This true blue aquatic bathroom has checkered tiles in blue, green and turquoise which give the space an aquarium like look. The floor and wall tiles mosaic in blue complement with each other very well. It features a rich wooden cabinet which is just beneath the two marble countertops and a small towel bar in the middle of the sinks along with two separate mirrors.

Stunning Blue Tiled Bathroom

stunning blue tiled bathroom


This bathroom features ocean blue wall tiles and mosaic tile flooring which create a very soothing ambiance. It has a huge countertop in white that sits atop a large closet, and features an oval shaped light fixture and a medium sized tub which also has an oval shape.

Patterned Tiles Design

patterned tiles design


The wall and floor tiles are in patterned blue and go really well with the white interiors of this bathroom. It features a dual towel bar that is fitted in the white wall right opposite to the large cabinet and two under mount sinks and a large window just above. This patterned blue bathroom calls for a very serene atmosphere and is very tranquil.

Unique Mosaic Tiles Master Bathroom Idea

mosaic tiles master bathroom idea


A very uniquely styled master bathroom, it has a custom glass shower and mosaic tile walls in cool blue, sage green and turquoise. It is designed so that the husband and wife can have their own space while bathing, and at the same time spice up their romance in the middle.

Light Blue Bathroom Wall Tiles

light blue bathroom wall tiles


This bathroom has light turquoise blue checkered tiles on all sides of walls of the space, is very colorful and spacious. It is ideally designed for kids who love to splash waters on the walls and has a swimming pool feel to it.

Awesome Blue Bathroom Design

modern blue bathroom design


This blue bathroom features big wall tiles with horizontal mosaic tiles complement the wall very well. The floating cabinet in white is very elegant and has a glossy finish to it. The lighting also goes very well with this awesome blue bathroom.

Traditional Bathroom With Blue Floral Tiles

traditional bathroom with blue floral tiles


This is a traditional bathroom with dark blue floral tiles, a high shower and a mirror with brown frame in it. It has a glass partition in the middle and is a mix of contemporary and traditional.

Kids Bathroom Tiles Design Idea

kids bathroom tiles design idea

Design By : Peter Pawlak

The dark blue mosaic tile wall and flooring are the same and goes well with the white cabinet and other décor of the bathroom such as the white curtains. It has small towel racks right in front of the sinks. It is a very cool and striking contemporary bathroom, perfect for kids.

Vintage Look Bathroom Tiles Idea

vintage look bathroom tiles idea

Chris Barrett Inc

Contemporary Bathroom with White Cabinets

contemporary bathroom with white cabinets

Photo by Gary Quigg

Small Bathroom with Glass Shower

small bathroom with glass shower


Blue and White Tiles Bathroom

blue and white tiles bathroom

Balfoort Architecture,

Awesome Mosaic Wall Tiles Bathroom

awesome mosaic wall tiles bathroom1


Simple Glass Tile Bathroom

simple glass tile bathroom

Kimberly Peck Architect

Retro Style Bathroom Interior

retro style bathroom interior

Photo by Drew Gray

Sophisticated Bathroom with Double Vanity

sophisticated bathroom with double vanity

Holtzman Home Improvement

Mid Century Bathroom Design Idea

mid century bathroom design idea

Cillesa Interior Design

Transitional Bathroom with Soaking Tub

transitional bathroom with soaking tub


Designed Tiles Bathroom Idea

designed tiles bathroom idea

TNT Simmonds Construction

Bathroom tile designs in blue are ideal for a bathroom as the color blue is cool, calm and playful at the same time. These tile designs can be incorporated in any bathroom to make it a more elegant space. Bright blue bathr

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