Zen bathroom themes are one of the trending interior décor ideas that have been doing the rounds lately. While designing a Zen bathroom, it is essential that you keep a design that oozes simplicity and is open to allow a nice flow. The following are some amazing bathroom ideas that will give your bathroom a true Zen feel and look.

Unique Zen Bathroom Design

unique zen bathroom design

Frahm Interiors

This uniquely designed Zen bathroom consists of beige colored flooring that goes very well with the wooden counter-top. For the shower, a different type of granite flooring is used alongside a glass door. A teak bench in the corner of the shower area for sitting is also a very comfortable option.

Awesome Bathroom with Wooden Bathtub

awesome bathroom with wooden bath tub


This elegant bathroom is adorned with all the wooden interiors including a beautiful wooden bathtub. The bathtub is a Japanese form of soaking tub which also looks like a highly comfortable one. The shower area has a matching teak wooden flooring and frosted glass door.

Gray Bathroom Design with Granite Roof

gray bathroom design with granite roof

SGH Design Inc

This complete gray bathroom with granite roof is a contemporary form of bathroom and exudes sophistication in every corner. This is a Zen inspired bathroom that consists of a stainless steel bathtub and the flooring is a shiny gray color which is a special Indonesian Java limestone.

Spacious Bathroom with Hardwood Floor

spacious bathroom with hardwood floors

Eldorado Stone

This super large and spacious bathroom featuring hardwood floor is a highly contemporary form of bathroom. The bath space has the rustic tile wall located by the large windows. The walls are engraved with rectangular shapes wherein candles are kept, and a huge recliner just next to the bathtub is placed.

Modern Bathroom Interior Idea

modern bathroom interior idea


This modern bathroom looks more like a spa, the space is full of wooden interiors ranging from the doors to the countertop, and the shower area has a glass door with wooden walls inside and beautiful beige tiles that complement the overall look of this modern bathroom.

Trendy Bathroom with Stone Wall

trendy bathroom with stone wall

Photo by Ken Hayden

This bathroom has charcoal gray stone walls with various pendants lights fixed in the ceiling, a very large open shower area that gives you a feel of showering outside. The cabinets, bath tub, the flooring and just about everything in this bathroom is elegant.

Luxurious Bathroom Design Idea

luxurious bathroom design idea

Photo by Martin King

This luxurious bathroom design is highly unconventional and designed with grace. A large rectangular ceiling light is fixed in the top that changes colors, a large bathtub in the center of the bathroom with pebbles right below the tub and a small LCD screen right in front of the tub to sit back and relax. The bamboo wood flooring is a plus and complements well with the bamboo walls.

Awesome Bathroom with Cherry Wood Vanity

awesome bathroom with cherry wood vanity

Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects

This awesome bathroom has a spa like feel and look and has a very large window and patio doors and a square shaped sink and a very classy contemporary faucet. The cherry wood vanity is a plus that enhances the look of this bathroom and is also great to store the bathroom essentials.

Black Walls Zen Bathroom Idea

black walls zen bathroom idea


The black stone walls in this Zen bathroom is a dynamic one with wooden ceiling, a medium sized tub and large glass pane windows to see the view outside and the bamboo wooden flooring. This black and white Zen inspired bathroom is a very elegantly designed one.

Lavish Bathroom with Glass Shower

lavish bathroom with glass shower

BiglarKinyan Design Planning Inc

This ultra-lux lavish bathroom gives the real definition of a truly lavish bathroom, it has a special glass door for steam shower with granite backsplash and a large tub just next to the glass door. The focus lights of the ceiling create a very soothing ambiance in this contemporary bathroom.

Simple Zen Bathroom Idea

simple zen bathroom idea


Creative Bathroom with Double Vanity

creative bathroom with double vanity

Danenberg Design

Contemporary Bathroom with Enclosed Bath Tub

contemporary bathroom with enclosed bath tub

Douglas Design Studio

Traditional Zen Bathroom Design

traditional zen bathroom design


Tropical Style Bathroom

tropical style bathroom

Willman Interiors

Awesome Bathroom with Mirror

awesome bathroom with mirror

DeForest Architects

Glass Vessel Vanity Design for Bathroom

glass vanity design for bathroom

Aria Design, Inc

Gray Wall Tile Bathroom

gray wall tile bathroom

BY DESIGN Builders

Elegant Bathroom with Brown Wood Cabinets

elegant bathroom with brown wood cabinets

Genesis Architecture

Lavish Zen Bathroom Idea

lavish zen bathroom idea


Asian Bathroom with Gray Patterned Wall

asian bathroom with gray patterned wall

Smith Brothers Construction

Today are a multiple options to choose from when it comes to designing a bathroom. From floor to ceiling and countertops to the cabinets, everything can be designed and chosen selectively as per your comfort and convenience, not sacrificing the looks of course. You could take inspiration from the above Zen bathroom designs for renovating or remodeling your bathroom.

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