Modern day bath tubs are extremely convenient and easy to use. Bathrooms are probably the most expensive parts of the house when it comes to renovation. So choosing the bath tub designs wisely is crucial. Luxury bath tubs have become common in lavish homes and they look every bit classy.

Beautiful Bathroom With A Bath Tub Design

beautiful bathroom with a bath tub design

Denali Construction Design

Inspiration For A Traditional Bathroom

inspiration for a traditional bathroom

Julie Williams Design

Awesome Round Bath Tub Design Idea

awesome round bath tub design idea

Contemporary Bathroom Design

The current trend in bath tubs is that the tubs are large and spacious. They are made out of matte finish walls, steel walls and so on. One of the main characteristics of modern bath tub is they are always kept to the minimal design. Minimal designs are common such as flat, slender edges along with smooth contours.

Modern Bathroom In St Louis With An Undermount Tub

modern bathroom in st louis with an undermount tub

Mosby Building Arts Design

Stylish Bath Tub Design

stylish bath pub design

Randall Mars Architects

Unique Bath Tub Design Idea

unique bath tub design

De Meza + Architecture Design

Modern bath tub designs are available in traditional as well as soaker versions. Drop-in kind-of designs are also preferred by many today. They come along with hypo therapy and steam bathing options. Modern bath tubs are made in materials like acrylic and the like.

Amazing Japanese Tub In New York

amazing japanese tub in london

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Farmhouse Inspired Bathroom

farmhouse inspired bathroom

Walls and Floors  Design

Transitional Bathroom Tub Design idea

transitional bathroom tub design idea

Cary Bernstein Architect Design

Large Contemporary Master Bathroom Tub

large contemporary master bathroom tub

J Design Group 

Luxurious Bath Tub Model

luxurious bath tub model

AT6 Architecture Design

Asian Bathroom Tub Design Looks Unique

asian bathroom tub design looks unique

Amelie de Gaulle Interiors Design

Simple Bath Tub Design

simple bath tub design

Hills & Grant Design

Bathroom In Austin With A Claw-Foot Tub

bathroom in austin with a claw foot tub

Contemporary Bathroom Design

Eclectic Bathroom With Drop-In Tub Design Idea

eclectic bathroom with drop in tub design idea

Tropical Bathroom With A Freestanding Tub Design

tropical bathroom with a freestanding tub

Saint Dizier Design

Mid-Sized Traditional Master Bathroom Tub

mid sized traditional master bathroom

Enviable Designs 

Mediterranean Bathroom In San Francisco

mediterranean bathroom in san francisco

Chr DAUER Architects Design

Elegant Bathroom Tub Design

elegant bathroom tub design

Expansive Transitional Master Bathroom

expansive transitional master bathroom

Alice Black Interiors Design

Contemporary Bathroom With A Freestanding Tub

contemporary bathroom with a freestanding tub

Hill Custom Homes Design

Modern tubs typically have the shape of the blocks that children play with. Shapes like cubes, rectangles, round styles etc are popular. Even triangle bath tubs fit in perfectly in cornered bathrooms. The faucets in modern day bath tubs have a number of designs ranging from black or bronze nickel faucet to floor and mount wall faucet.

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