Looking to integrate a masculine theme to your bathroom décor? Travertine is a popular choice for homemakers looking for a rustic theme. These tiles present a lot of opportunities for styling apart from installing several advantages, core to the tile material. While it certainly demands a little extra investment, travertine bathroom considerably enhances the experience and appeal of the space. Also, consider the value addition they do to the property! Here are some great examples of how people across the globe have used travertine to transform their bathroom décor.

Polished Travertine Backsplash

polished travertine backsplash1


Travertine, as already stated, is the ideal choice when you are looking to integrate a rustic appeal to your bathroom. Looks like rough rocks, these tiles come amazingly polished, thereby creating a unique place to have your shower in!

Travertine Bathroom Accessories

travertine bathroom accessories


Earthly colors have always been a recommended theme for bathroom designing. If you are choosing travertine over other alternatives, you also bring in the advantages of longevity, sturdiness, and enhanced polish. Lit warmly, they can create a perfect ambiance for your bathroom.

Grey Travertine Floor Tiles

grey travertine floor tiles1


IF you have been wondering, travertine doesn’t just give you the option of an earthy color scheme. Grey travertine too looks amazing when it comes to bathroom tiling. While they wouldn’t have been a recommended choice for a kitchen, they perfectly suit bathroom functionalities. You can also see Awesome Spa Bathroom Designs

Silver Travertine Bathtub

silver travertine tiles1


Silver travertine has found use as countertop materials in several kitchens and bathrooms across the globe. While silver adds to the glaze of the décor, the material itself is sturdy to withstand continuous moisture and abrasion.

White Travertine Stone

white travertine stone1


This example shows how white travertine can create a completely unique ambiance in your bathroom. We are not talking of pure white space, but rustic themed rooms with a hint of earth. Integrated into the fireplace, this travertine theme will certainly multiply the value of your property, apart from raising the charm of your home!

Tumbled Travertine Mosaic

tumbled travertine mosaic


One might confuse this design theme to be of a mica mosaic but people have been using travertine to achieve this spectacular look in their bathrooms. Suited ideally for your Jacuzzi space, the material will ensure that the construction is protected from the elements for more than a lifetime.

Tumbled Travertine Bathroom

tumbled travertine bathroom


This picture is a seriously charming bathroom space that anyone would love to integrate into his/her property. The rustic appeal of the material is further highlighted by the use of warm lighting. The use of wooden accessories also heightens the décor scheme to match an exquisite charm.

Travertine Wooden Tiles


travertine limestone tiles1


Travertine Limestone is an ideal flooring material that has found use in several high-end homes across the globe. The look it creates is impeccable and will be an advisable place to put your money in.

Travertine Shower Panels

travertine shower panels


Travertine is not just restricted to flooring or tiling material. As this example beautifully showcases, travertine can be integrated as your shower panels. While this would cost less than doing complete flooring out of travertine, it uniquely raises some eyebrows, in a good way!

Travertine Marble Countertops

travertine marble countertops1


Travertine is a very sturdy, weather resistant, and safe material. These properties have made it an ideal choice for countertops, be it in your kitchen or bathroom. Facilitating more than a lifetime of smooth use, travertine countertops will add to the value of your property while saving money in the longer run. Further, being resistant to scratches and dampness, your countertops will always look as good as new!

Undermount Sink With Darkwood Cabinets Bathroom

undermount sink with darkwood cabinets bathroom


Whitish Travertine Bathroom With Glass Shell

whitish travertine bathroom with glass shell


Travertine Classic Bathroom With Fan & Lamps

travertine classic bathroom with fan lamps


Luxurious Double Vanity Travertine Tiled Bathroom

luxurious double vanity travertine tiled bathroom


Travertine Bathroom With Floral & Chandelier Lights

travertine bathroom with floral chandelier lights


Vintage Kings Travertine Model

vintage kings travertine model


Tiny Rock Structured Travertine Bathroom

tiny rock structured travertine bathroom


Custom Cabinetry Bathroom With Dark Marble Travertine

custom cabinetry bathroom with dark marble travertine


Hung Print Tub Designed With Honed Marbles

hung print tub designed with honed marbles


Modern Classic Cabinet Travertine Design

modern classic cabinet travertine design


Elegant Look Of Modern Bathroom

elegant look of modern bathroom


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