There are infinite numbers of tile designs ranging in their colors, sizes and shapes. Be it wall tiles or floor tiles, you will find that a variety of designs are available that fit in every criterion. For every room of your house, you can choose tiles that match the design and décor of the house. Below is a list of several tile design ideas summed up as follows:

Bathroom Tile Designs

Tiles are the most used material in bathrooms and incorporating good tiles that match the décor of your house is important. Stylish bathroom tiles make a huge difference in the appearance of the bathroom. Also, make sure that the quality of tiles used in the bathroom is excellent as cheap quality ones can easily chip off.

Bathroom Floor Tiles Design

bathroom floor tiles design

Bathroom Wall Tiles Design

bathroom wall tiles design

Bathroom Ceramic Tiles Design

bathroom ceramic tiles design

Photo By: Beth Johnson

Shower Tile Designs

Installing tiles on the shower area will give your space a well-organized appearance. One common tile design is the mosaic tile idea which looks exceptionally good in the bathroom shower space. Tiles add definition and enhance the overall bathroom appeal of the house.

Shower Wall Tiles Design

shower wall tiles design

Walk in Shower Tiles Design

walk in shower tiles design

Shower Floor Tiles Design

shower floor tiles design

Floor Tile Designs

When it comes to flooring, tiles play a major role in transforming the space. Ceramic tile flooring in neutral hues can make your living space elegant and charming. Carpet tiles add a lot of design and detailing to space. Porcelain tiles look just like wood and are resistant to moisture. Tile flooring can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms etc.

Kitchen Floor Tiles Design

kitchen floor tiles design

Designed By: Arch Interiors

Decorative Floor Tiles Design

decorative floor tiles design

Garage Floor Tiles Design

garage floor tiles design

Ceramic Tile Designs

Ceramic tiles are to be ideally used for the bathroom and kitchen backsplash and they come in several colors and forms. Ceramic tile design can be used as a substitute for travertine which is luxurious and looks very classy. The colors and hues in ceramic tiles are usually sober and complement well.

Modern Ceramic Tiles Design

modern ceramic tiles design

Royal Ceramic Tiles Design

royal ceramic tiles design

Foyer Ceramic Tiles Design

foyer ceramic tiles design

Kitchen Tile Designs

For the kitchen, you can use a variety of tiles for the backsplash that come in nice accents making the space look functional and elegant. Backsplash tiles are used to protect the kitchen from spills and splatters, thus have to be durable and strong. Tiles of mosaic designs are a common choice to be used in the kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Tiles Design Idea

kitchen countertop tiles design idea

Photo By: Jackson Design and Remodeling

Small Kitchen Tiles Design

small kitchen tiles design

Kitchen Sink Tiles Design

kitchen sink tiles design

Mosaic Tile Designs

Mosaic tiles can be used in several places of your house, such as in the kitchen as a backsplash, and in the bathroom for the shower area. Nowadays, glass mosaic tiles have also been in the trend and are installed in bathrooms which add a creative element in the house.

Pool Mosaic Tiles Design

pool mosaic tiles design

Photo By: Adam Cohen

Mosaic Glass Tiles Design

mosaic glass tiles design

Bathroom Mosaic Tiles Design

bathroom mosaic tiles design

Photo By: 2id Interiors

Backsplash Tile Designs

For the backsplash, several types and designs of tiles are used in the kitchens and bathroom spaces. The Mosaic tile backsplash is one common, functional and beautiful design. Other design elements include glass tiles, ceramic tiles, vitrified and so on.

Subway Tiles Backsplash Design

subway tiles backsplash design

Kitchen Glass Tiles Backsplash Design

kitchen glass tiles backsplash design

Backsplash Ceramic Tiles Design

backsplash ceramic tiles design

Fireplace Tile Designs

Winters are almost incomplete without the presence of a fireplace and to beautify the space surrounding, we can make use of tiles. Fireplaces are usually adorned with natural stone like tiles which can range from rustic to metallic. You can play with various colors, textures and tile patterns for creating a unique look around the fireplace.

Corner Fireplace Tiles Design

corner fireplace tiles design

Fireplace Marble Tiles Design

fireplace marble tiles design

Slate Tile Fireplace Design

slate tile fireplace design

Photo By: Nar Fine Carpentry, Inc.

Wall Tile Designs

Wall tile designs can be of several types and incorporate one that suits your personal style, décor of the house and qualitative one is essential. Glossy wall tiles can make the space have a rich appeal. You can also experiment with patterned tiles in bold colors which can complement your bedroom space or maybe your kids’ room.

Kitchen Wall Tiles Design

kitchen wall tiles design

Ceramic Wall Tiles Design

ceramic wall tiles design

Photo By: Sean Poreda

Exterior Wall Tiles Design

exterior wall tiles design

Wood Tile Designs

Wooden flooring always brings traditional vibes in a living space. You can incorporate wood tiles in the house, in any room depending upon the styling of the house. If your décor is more on the contemporary side, you could opt for light wood tiles whereas dark wooden tiles can look great if your bedroom has matching wardrobes.

Wood Tile Flooring Design

wood tile flooring design

Faux Wood Tiles Design

faux wood tiles design

Wood Grain Tiles Design

wood grain tiles design

Porcelain Tile Designs

Porcelain tiles are a common choice when it comes to bathroom floors as they are wet and more prone to damage. Porcelain tile is durable, thick and more porous, thus they are ideal for bathrooms. There are several designs and patterns available in porcelain tile flooring which you can choose accordingly.

Decorative Porcelain Tiles Design

decorative porcelain tiles design

Porcelain Bathroom Tiles Design

porcelain bathroom tiles design

Porcelain Floor Tiles Design

porcelain floor tiles design

Glass Tile Designs

Glass tiles can create a visually appealing look in the space. These tiles are incorporated in bathrooms which also add a shinier and glossier effect to the spaces. There are several designs in glass tiles such as 3D prints, glass cube design, mosaic design, etc.

Mosaic Glass Tiles Design

mosaic glass tiles designs

Glass Tile Shower Design

glass tile shower design

Photo By: Encircle Design and Build

Glass Tile Backsplash Design

glass tile backsplash design

Photo By: Nancy Blandford

Entryway Tile Designs

Entryway tile designs have to be dynamic and vibrant as they are placed in the entrance of the house or commercial space. The patterns can range from geometric to floral and even pictorial. Based on the décor of the house along with the requirement, you can choose entryway tiles.

Small Entryway Tiles Design

small entryway tiles design

Ceramic Tiles Entryway Design

ceramic tiles entryway design

Entryway Floor Tiles Design

entryway floor tiles design

Black and White Tile Designs

Black and white is a classic tile design and is used in several parts of the house including bathrooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms. There is the checkered black and white tile pattern, then there are block tiles in black and white and then there is geometric shapes and patterns available.

Black and White Bathroom Floor Tiles Design

black and white bathroom floor tiles design

Black and White Backsplash Tiles Design

black and white backsplash tiles design

Black and White marble Tiles Design

black and white marble tiles design

Outdoor Tile Designs

When it comes to outdoor spaces, tiles used should be dense, porous and more durable as they are more vulnerable to getting damaged and are used more often. Designs for outdoor tiles include big bold patterns, vintage themes, broken mirror design, mosaic tile design and even wooden tiles can be used.

Decorative Outdoor Tiles Design

decorative outdoor tiles design

Outdoor Mosaic Tiles Design

outdoor mosaic tiles design

Outdoor Patio Tiles Design

outdoor patio tiles design

Photo by: Bruce Shippee

Travertine Tile Designs

Travertine is a luxurious tile design that is used in classy, lavish homes. They generally come in mild and earthy color hues such as beige, brownish and off white. Travertine can be used for floors in the bathroom as well as for the wall. Either way, it is a great choice and comes in several beautiful designs.

Travertine Wall Tiles Design

travertine wall tiles design

Travertine Tiles Fireplace Design

travertine tiles fireplace design

Photo By: Beckwith Interiors

Travertine Shower Tiles Design

travertine shower tiles design

3D Tile Designs

Three-dimensional tile designs are seen in many parts of the house including bedrooms and bathrooms and living spaces. High end and luxurious bathrooms are made by using 3D tiles and they are also used in spas, swimming pools inside houses etc.

3D Stone Tiles Design

3d stone tiles design

3D Wood Tiles Design

3d wood tiles design

Modern 3D Wall Tiles Design

modern 3d wall tiles design

Moroccan Tile Designs

When we talk about Moroccan designs, no doubt they are classy and functional. Moroccan tile designs are beautiful and functional and are like a breath of fresh air in the space. They come in various vibrant and bubbly colors and detailed designs.

Moroccan Glass Tiles Design

moroccan glass tiles design

Moroccan Cement Tiles Design

moroccan cement tiles design

Blue Moroccan Tiles Design

blue moroccan tiles design

Stone Tile Designs

Stone tiles are used for fireplaces, bedrooms, wall detailing etc. It gives a rustic charm and a vintage-ish look. Stone tile designs range from modern to contemporary and natural stone tiles are normally used in bathrooms, inside shower area etc. you can totally transform the look of your space with the use of stone tiles.

Natural Stone Tiles Design

natural stone tiles design

Stone Pool Tiles Design

stone pool tiles design

Fireplace Stone Tiles Design

fireplace stone tiles design

Geometric Tile Designs

Geometric tile pattern is a common one and adds to the functionality of the space. It makes the space look functional and organized. There are several colors and variations in the geometric tile design and should be used as per the requirement of the house.

Victorian Geometric Tiles Design

victorian geometric tiles design

Geometric Floor Tiles Design

geometric floor tiles design

Geometric Pattern Tiles Design

geometric pattern tiles design

Why are Tile Designs Important?

Tile designs play a major role in transforming the appearance of the space. Thus, it is wise to choose tile designs that match the interiors of your house. It can make your space from fab to drab! Depending upon the color, texture, size of the tiles you can design the rest of your house.

Tips for Selecting Designs

Go for ones that are durable and long-lasting Ensure that you match the décor of your house so that it complements the tiles Choose patterns that flatter the interiors of your house.

Kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles or even floor tiles, there are different types of materials used such as marble, ceramic, porcelain and glass tile. You can incorporate the right tiles in different spaces of your house based on the décor of a particular room.

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