Do you know the feeling after a spa session at a luxurious spa salon? Well you can have that in your home anytime you like to pamper yourself in the form of a steam shower. Steam showers bring cold water to a boil and then channel the steam through dispensers filing the shower cabin with moisture. If you are planning for a bathroom remodel we have ten magnificent steam shower design ideas to inspire you. You may also see Alcove Shower Designs

Steam Spa Shower Enclosure

steam spa shower enclosure

If you want a sleek design go for clear glass shower enclosure. Marble lined walls and a marble bench will give an extra dose of luxury to the setting. You can install a multiple head steam shower for ample steam in the cabin.

Hot Steam Shower Design

hot steam shower design

In this transitional bathroom you will find that the white and grey details in the wall tiles create an ambience of expensive spa experience. You can allow for a transom above the door for air flow while being in the cabin. You may also see Curbless Shower Designs

Steam Shower Tile Idea

steam shower tile ideas

Create a natural atmosphere using these stone tiles. The earthy tones of their color will provide a serene environment for your shower enclosure. You can follow the same color scheme for the rest of your bathroom with stone tilled flooring.

Custom Steam Shower Design

custom steam shower design

Install your steam shower cabin in your master bathroom. You can bring a fresh aspect in your bathroom by creating a diy steam room. You can install the steam mechanism and tile the walls with porcelain tiles. With a glass enclosure you can complete this luxurious project.

Sliding Steam Shower Door

sliding steam shower door

Design by Mosaic Interiors SF

Instead of choosing the traditional glass doors you can change it up with sliding ones. You can choose a solid colored or stained glass that will give you privacy and a tone of personalized luxury.

Frameless Steam Shower Idea

frameless steam shower idea

You can choose a large frameless shower enclosure for your home steam room. It will add an exquisite and stylish feature that will make you feel all pampered and fresh. You may also see Glass Shower Designs

Steam Shower Teak Floor

steam shower teak floor

Make a modest steam shower with tick flooring. The natural feeling of the wood will give you the sense of a sauna treatment, bringing a remarkable dose of luxury in your bathroom.

Shower Steam Room Design

shower steam room design

In this contemporary bathroom the teak bench is matching the floating cabinets creating a charming combination.

Sauna Steam Room Idea

sauna steam room idea

You can have your own sauna in your house. The natural and warm feeling of the wood will give extra stylish points for your steam room.

Corner Steam Shower Units

corner steam shower units

Design by : halsethvuorma

Even a small bathroom can have the luxury of a steam cabin. This will give an elegant mood to your bathroom.

Steam Shower Renovation Idea

steam shower renovation idea

Steam Shower Small Curbless Idea

steam shower small curbless idea

Amarant Design by : Design and Build Center

Simple Steam Shower Design

simple steam shower design

Design by : Colorful Concepts Interior Design

Traditional Steam Shower Idea

traditional steam shower idea

Trendy Wall Steam Shower Idea

trendy wall steam shower idea

Brandon Architects

White Bathtub Steam Shower Idea

white bathtub steam shower idea

Steam showers needs to be dry and clean to ensure their long lifetime. Make sure you clean any dirt or mold that might form in the cabin. You have to build a ventilation system that will help with a faster drying or you can have a transom build on the enclosure. You may also see Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Now you can have all the luxury of an expensive spa right at home. With natural materials and luxurious glass elements your steam shower will be scrumptious and unique. We hope these steam shower design ideas will help you decide which one is the best fit for your master bathroom.

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