Stool designs have been around since ancient times. Despite their lack of armrests and back they are great additions for interior as well as exterior design. The variety of materials can give excellent options into use instead of chairs. From kitchen stools to bar stools you can find amazing pieces to complete your space. Following this, we are showing you our own collection of stool designs to guide you through the various designs and uses. You may also see Outdoor Bar Stool Designs

Designer Bar Stools

A designer bar stool has a chic tone that can be combined with every style. Incorporating various materials like metal, wood and plastic, bar stools can be used for bars and countertops adding a stylish vibe. If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen then consider having bar stools. You may also see Bar Table Designs

Designer Home Bar Stools

designer home bar stools

Modern Stool Designs

Modern stools aim for a minimalist approach. They are suitable if you want to add seating places for your countertop while keeping a simple design with subtle elegance. Many designs have metal structure creating an industrial style. A great idea is the combination of metal with leather upholstery.

Contemporary Modern Stools Design

contemporary modern stools design

Corner Stool Designs

A corner stool design is useful for seating purposes as well as for providing you with a delicate table that will decorate an empty corner in your house. You can have a low stool to place in your bathroom and if the material is water resistant in your shower cabin. You may also see Furniture Designs

Corner Piston Stool Design

corner piston stool design

Design by Greifenstein Boyce Associates

Vanity Stool Designs

In case your bedroom is small then you should consider getting a vanity stool. The small structure saves you valuable moving space during the time that you don’t use it. In a variety of styles and designs with different materials and textures, to match your room’s general style.

Small Vanity Stool Design

small vanity stool design

Garden Stools

If you always have more people to seat than chairs then you can get garden stools. They are easy to store due to their small structure making your life easier while you aren’t entertaining. You will find them in various styles and designs to cover your needs. You may also see Chair Designs

Unique Garden Stool Design

unique garden stool design

Kitchen Stool Designs

With or without a back, kitchen stools add an interesting character to your space. Ideal for high and normal counters you can get kitchen stools in a multitude of styles that range from eccentric to traditional. Choose the right design according to the kitchen’s style with matching colors.

Kitchen Bar Stools Design

kitchen bar stools design

Shower Stools

Shower stools are stylish and practical. You can get a designer piece with interesting design that will give character to your bathroom and also a seat in case you want to spend a long time in your steam shower. Additionally you can use it to store bathroom necessities.

White Shower Stool Design

white shower stool design

Garage Stools

For a bachelor’s pad, the garage stool designs are perfect to complete the bar area. Garage stools have an industrial look that combines metal with leather creating a strong masculine style. These designs come in a variation of structures that come with a back and many times with wheels.

Swivel Garage Bar Stool

swivel garage bar stool

Tufted Stools

Tufted stools have rich textured upholstery that is suitable for elegant and vintage styled rooms. They have amazing colors and come in a combination of wood or metal with soft looking seats. Tufted stools are comfortable and can be used in any room inside and outside the house.

Velvet Tufted Stools Idea

velvet tufted stools idea

Farmhouse Stool Designs

When it comes to farmhouse style, wood will be always the number one choice. With a wide seat that can come with a back rest, the farmhouse stools are amazing in case you want to create a country style.

Farmhouse Kitchen Stools Design

farmhouse kitchen stools design

Foldable Stool Ideas

Furniture that folds is incredibly convenient when the space is small. For this reason you should take a look at the foldable stool designs. They are stylish and can be folded and stored away when you have no need for them.

Small Foldable Living Room Stools

small foldable living room stools

Design by jamesthomas Interiors

Office Stools

Having a comfortable stool in your office will help you work easier while avoiding body aches. Office stools take less space and having wheels they allow you free movement. Make sure the stool design offers an ergonomic approach for extra comfort.

Modern Home Office Stool Design

modern home office stool design

Rolling Stools

Rolling stools are easier to move around the room. You can find amazing designs with beautiful materials and color combinations to choose for your space. Suitable for every room you can use these stools for stylish and practical reasons.

Colorful Rolling Stools Design

colorful rolling stools design

Rustic Stool Designs

If you aim for a rustic style then you should check out stool designs with visible wood grains. There is a great variety in wood choices that you can choose from. Rustic stools have a raw look that makes them perfect for any room you might choose to place them.

Rustic Wooden Stools Idea

rustic wooden stools idea

Throughout history the stool designs were widely used for seating purposes instead of chairs. They were used in dining spaces as well as in farms to help farmers while milking cows. Nowadays, there is a great variety of different designs of stools that are used in many ways. For seating purposes they are used in bars providing seating at a tall counter, in kitchens and dining rooms for space saving solutions or for extra style.

You might think that a stool design is simple and won’t match the style you had in mind, however you can find amazing variations to help you find the right fit. Every space has a unique layout that can get enhanced with a stool, short or tall to add character.

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