It is a luxury to have spacious outdoors. Well-planned and designed outdoors can be the perfect venue to host family a get-together and small gathering with friends. Your bar becomes the center of attention for all such gatherings and comfortable bar stools can make them even more welcoming. There are various innovative bar stool designs to add a personalized touch to your outdoors. Here are some interesting bar stools to make your outdoor bars more interesting. You may also see Outdoor Designs

Outdoor Swivel Bar Stools

It can be a cushioned bar stool without backrest or metal swivel bar stool with a comfortable backrest, it adds a fun element to you outdoors. You can also consider acrylic swivel bar stools supported on sleek steel base to keep it light.

Cool Outdoor Swivel Bar Stool

cool outdoor swivel bar stool

Outdoor Wicker Bar Stools

Wicker is the best choice for outdoors. You can opt for a simple wicker stool without backrest to keep it light. To add color use wicker bar stool with colorful cushions. You can decide on the shade of wicker as per your design. You may also see Outdoor Bar Designs

Simple Outdoor Wicker Bar Stool

simple outdoor wicker bar stool

Outdoor Metal Bar Stools

If you want a metal bar stool for your outdoors you can opt for wrought iron stool with or without a cushion. To keep it light you can go for bar stools made of cast aluminum. Go retro with colorful metal barstools.

Silver Color Outdoor Metal Bar Stools

small outdoor metal bar stools

Modern Outdoor Bar Stools

A high bar stool made of steel looks sleek and plush for modern outdoors. A wicker barstool with a slight raised portion to support the back looks comfortable and plush at the same time. For more affordable options you can opt for innovation plastic and acrylic bar stool designs. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Designs

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Bar Stools

modern outdoor kitchen bar stools

Rustic Outdoor Bar Stools

Add a rustic look to your outdoor bar with basic high barstool made in metal with faint paint. High barstools made of a wooden log can add rustic look like nothing else. To keep it light you can opt for traditional wooden barstool with faint paint showing off the wood grains.

Rustic Metal Outdoor Bar Stools

rustic metal outdoor bar stools

DIY Outdoor Bar Stools

Get wooden planks and cut four equal pieces to make the legs of your barstool. Nail them together at the top with a horizontal framework to fix the seat. Fix leg rest at mid-length from the ground, and then fix a suitable seat on top. You can opt for a round seat or go for a simple square one. You may also see Outdoor Furniture Designs

DIY Wood and Metal Outdoor Bar Stools

diy wood and metal outdoor bar stools1

Outdoor Wood Bar Stools

Go modern with wooden barstool with clean cuts and smart looks for modern outdoors. A wooden barstool with faint paint gives a rustic look. To add luxuries to your outdoors opt for polished wooden bar stool with comfortable leather cushioning.

Traditional Outdoor Wood Bar Stools

traditional outdoor wood bar stools

Outdoor Kitchen Bar Stools

Experiment with new designs to give your outdoor kitchen a different look. Instead of traditional stools, opt for concrete barstools which are easy to maintain. You can also opt for wooden barstools with white painted legs and natural polished wooden seat.

Outdoor Wood Iron Kitchen Bar Stools

outdoor wood iron kitchen bar stools

Simple Outdoor Kitchen Bar Stools

simple outdoor kitchen bar stools

Outdoor Tall Bar Stools

Your outdoor tall barstools can be made of wicker. It can be with or without cushion but a comfortable leg rest is a must. Go for a comfortable polished wooden high stool to add class to outdoors. Add a hint of fun with swivel metal base high stool with leather cushions.

Outdoor Tall Bar Glass Stools

outdoor tall bar glass stools

Outdoor Patio Bar Stools

There is not much difference as far as outdoor and patio barstools are concerned. The choices almost remain the same though you can smartly select the designs to match your patio plan. It can be a wooden bar stool or it can also be the one made of concrete.

Blue and White Outdoor Patio Bar Stools

blue and white outdoor patio bar stools

Commercial Outdoor Bar Stools

When it comes to commercial set up the barstools used should be easy to maintain and durable. Acrylic swivel bar stool are available in different colors, affordable and light. Metal bar stools are another safer option for commercial setup with plenty of designs to choose from.

Best Commercial Outdoor Bar Stools

best commercial outdoor bar stools

Bar stools add a lot of style and personality to any space. There are endless options and innovative designs to make you opt for a barstool over simple chairs. A perfect tall barstool placed against your bar out outdoor breakfast nook makes it look more welcoming for friends and visitors.

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