Even an average backyard can turn into a culinary paradise with a kitchen design. Outdoor spaces allow you to experiment with different styles and materials, creating the most amazing kitchens. These designs will come in handy in case you want to organize a dinner party for your family and friends. For this post, we have scoured the web for designs and we have created a collection of outdoor kitchens to help you find the one. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Bar Designs

DIY Outdoor Kitchens

Any material can give you incredible DIY kitchens. You can build it with stone or brick or you can make it with wood to add a natural and warm tone in the design. All materials need to be weather resistant.

DIY Small Outdoor Kitchen

diy small outdoor kitchen

Design by SJ Renovations

DIY Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

diy outdoor bbq kitchen


Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

Storage space is a key feature for every kitchen. Choose an impressive cabinet design that will allow you to create a beautiful setting for your outdoor kitchen. The variety in materials will help you choose the best options for style.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage Cabinet

outdoor kitchen storage cabinet

Fredman Design Group

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet

modular outdoor kitchen cabinet


Outdoor Kitchen Islands

You can bring some character in your yard with a kitchen island. The designs available, come in many different designs, styles and materials to choose while their high quality will give you a lifelong use with impressive and stunning looks. You may also see Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs

Small Outdoor Kitchen Island

small outdoor kitchen island

Design by Napoleon Grills

Outdoor Kitchen Island with Seating

outdoor kitchen island with seating


Small Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A small outdoor kitchen can have ample style and storage. You can choose a traditional design made of stone or you can go for a modern approach with a cement kitchen that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Small Backyard Outdoor Kitchen

small backyard outdoor kitchen


Small L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

small l shaped outdoor kitchen


Rustic Outdoor Kitchens

For a rustic design, you can use a combination of reclaimed wood and stone. The result will give you a kitchen with subtle energy and rough features. You can style this kitchen with rustic dining sets and metal lighting fixtures.

Rustic Wood Outdoor Kitchen

rustic wood outdoor kitchen

Photo by Rachel Olsson

DIY Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Design

diy rustic outdoor kitchen design

Design by Wright Built

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Designs

A covered outdoor kitchen can be used at any time no matter what the weather conditions are. Also, this allows you to design the space in any style you like as well as to use materials that are usually sensitive.

Small Covered Outdoor Kitchen

small covered outdoor kitchen


Covered Porch Outdoor Kitchen

covered porch outdoor kitchen

Design by Conrado Home Builders

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting

The lighting is going to make your kitchen look complete while shedding light in a flattering way. Choose the appropriate designs based on the kitchen’s style in order to have an even and complete setting for a uniquely charming ambiance.

Outdoor Kitchen Pendant Lighting

outdoor kitchen pendant lighting

Design by Futral Construction

Outdoor Kitchen Led Lighting

outdoor kitchen led lighting


Modern Outdoor Kitchens

From stainless steel appliances to granite countertops, you have a great selection of materials and color combinations in order to create a modern kitchen in your backyard. A minimalist design will add a subtle elegance with stylish features. You may also see Modern Outdoor Kitchen Designs.

Modern Outdoor BBQ Kitchen

modern outdoor bbq kitchen


Small Modern Outdoor Kitchen

small modern outdoor kitchen

Design by Coyote Outdoor Living

L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchens

An L-shaped kitchen offers ample working and storage space. It can be placed on a corner of the backyard or on a spot of your choice for an interesting visual effect. The materials you can use are countless.

L-Shaped Covered Outdoor Kitchen

l shaped covered outdoor kitchen


Traditional L-Shaped Outdoor Kitchen

traditional l shaped outdoor kitchen

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Outdoor Patio Kitchens

You can install your kitchen in your patio with impressive results. You have the luxury to choose the design, while the style can follow the patio’s color scheme, whether it is covered or not. Choose designer appliances for extra style.

Covered Outdoor Patio Kitchen

covered outdoor patio kitchen


Simple Outdoor Patio Kitchen

simple outdoor patio kitchen


Luxury Outdoor Kitchens

From the flooring to the lighting fixtures and from the countertop’s finish to the appliances, every little detail can help you create a luxurious outdoor kitchen. Choose glamorous designs that will add personality making sure that their quality is high.

Large Luxury Outdoor Kitchen

large luxury outdoor kitchen


Luxury Covered Outdoor Kitchen

luxury covered outdoor kitchen


Wood Outdoor Kitchens

Wood can be used in all styles. From cottage to contemporary, you can have a unique design with warm features and interesting elements that will give you the most inviting outdoor kitchen. Combined with other materials can give extra style.

Small Wood Outdoor Kitchen

small wood outdoor kitchen

Terra Firma Design

Wood Deck Outdoor Kitchen

wood deck outdoor kitchen


Contemporary Outdoor Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens have an elegant design that features artistic elements. You can combine materials and designs in order to achieve a high-quality setting for your outdoor kitchen. Complete the look with matching lighting fixtures and dining sets for effect.

Contemporary Covered Outdoor Kitchen

contemporary covered outdoor kitchen


Contemporary Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets

contemporary outdoor kitchen cabinets

Design by Allied Kitchen and Bath

Outdoor Pool Kitchen Ideas

An outdoor kitchen installed right beside your pool will give an elegant as well as stylish space. You can choose any style that fits your needs while the coloring of the space should follow the pool’s deck for matching effect.

Contemporary Outdoor Pool Kitchen

contemporary outdoor pool kitchen


Simple Outdoor Pool Kitchen

simple outdoor pool kitchen


Outdoor Kitchen Fireplace Designs

You can install a fireplace in your outdoor kitchen in order to have it as a focal point. The warmth of the fireplace will help you create a charming space with inviting qualities that will make everyone admire it for its style.

Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

covered outdoor kitchen with fireplace


Small Outdoor Kitchen with Fireplace

small outdoor kitchen with fireplace


The space you need doesn’t have to be big. There are numerous small kitchen ideas that you can fully take advantage in order to synthesize a kitchen that everyone will envy you for. Add decorative features to bring character and choose a style that works for your space and tastes.

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