When remodeling kitchen space, adding an island will be the one thing that will make your space more enjoyable. They provide the same functions in both small and large kitchen designs, so it is all about knowing what will be mostly delegated to the island and then completing it with details that will complement your living pattern. Your kitchen island has to be in a size that fits your space and adapt to your needs.

Small Kitchen Island Designs

Small Kitchen Islands are perfect for people who are low on space or for those who don’t want to use a lot of space. Kitchen Island can act as a dining room where kids and guests eat or just keep you company when you cook; so add a counter extension to provide extra sitting arrangement.

Small White Kitchen Island

small white kitchen island

Photo by Leslie Goodwin

Small Portable Kitchen Island

small portable kitchen island

Aegis Interior Design

Diy Kitchen Island Designs

Diy kitchen islands add beauty and function to your space. You can opt for a small or large island depending on your kitchen space and needs. They are perfect for people who don’t want a custom made islands instead they prefer those made from recycled materials using creativity and imagination.

Diy Rustic Kitchen Island

diy rustic kitchen island


Diy Outdoor Kitchen Island

diy outdoor kitchen island


Rustic Kitchen Island Designs

Since the kitchen island is the main attraction for your kitchen, then it becomes logical to embrace its decorating function. If you are remodeling your kitchen to have rustic décor, then add a rustic kitchen island to complement the theme. Opt for materials such as crates, old doors, and rough stones.

Rustic Wood Kitchen Island

rustic wood kitchen island


Rustic Cabinet Kitchen Island

rustic cabinet kitchen island

Design by John Kraemer & Sons

Outdoor Kitchen Island Designs

Outdoor kitchen islands provide you with the space to cook meals as well as grilling options for those days when you want to show off your barbecue skills. These islands also work as an entertaining station and often include amenities such as a small refrigerator, sink, faucet, electric outlets, tile countertops and burner grills.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Island

small outdoor kitchen island

Sage Outdoor Designs

Outdoor Portable Kitchen Island

outdoor portable kitchen island

Fredman Design Group

Industrial Kitchen Island Designs

When it comes to choosing industrial kitchen islands you can go for simple designs which feature smooth countertops which are made of stone, wood, tiles or stainless steel. Or go for islands that have drawers for storing utensils and cooking tools. The extra surface will enable you to place hot foods to cool before serving.

Industrial Kitchen Island Cabinet Design

industrial kitchen island cabinet design


Industrial Loft Kitchen Island

industrial loft kitchen island

Muratore Construction + Design

Modern Kitchen Island Designs

Many cooks use modern kitchen islands as a place to provide easy access to large meals. These islands can contain refrigeration units for storing prepped ingredients, grill or electric burner and an exhaust fan to remove heat and smoke away from the kitchen area. Meals can be prepared quickly eliminating the need for a hot oven.

Modern Granite Kitchen Island

modern granite kitchen island

Duet Design Group

Ultra Modern Kitchen Island

ultra modern kitchen island


L Shaped Kitchen Island Designs

If your kitchen has a sharp corner that you just can’t wait to hide then how about considering L-shaped kitchen islands. With a little creativity, you can make this island the focal point of your kitchen and in the process hide its shortcomings. You can even turn your old cabinet into a beautiful island.

Traditional L Shaped Kitchen Island

traditional l shaped kitchen island


L Shaped Kitchen Island with Sink

l shaped kitchen island with sink


Round Kitchen Island Designs

Round kitchen islands make it easier for your family to socialize and when eating to reach as well as pass the food around easily. The circular shape provides the ideal sitting arrangement and works well in small kitchens while still offering a useable countertop working space.

Contemporary Round Kitchen Island

contemporary round kitchen island


Round Granite Kitchen Island

round granite kitchen island


Country Kitchen Island Designs

Remodel your kitchen into a country décor by including amenities with a country theme. You can opt for kitchen islands with a splash of color to contrast with white tiles countertops. Adding wooden chairs, stools or bench designs to your island will help bring out that country style.

French Country Kitchen Island

french country kitchen island


Country Cottage Kitchen Island

country cottage kitchen island


Farmhouse Kitchen Island Designs

Give your kitchen a farmhouse décor by opting for kitchen islands made specifically of wood with wooden countertops. You may even include designs which feature side cutting boards and recessed lights to provide the ideal light for you to work and for your kids to do their reading efficiently.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Island

rustic farmhouse kitchen island

Photo by Corey Kopishke

Farmhouse Kitchen Island with Sink

farmhouse kitchen island with sink

Photo by Greg Hadley

Floating Kitchen Island Designs

If you need to make more room on the kitchen floor, then consider getting a floating island. They provide adequate space beneath the cabinets and can increase resale value. With a countertop that extends beyond the base, you will definitely have more fun seating on high chairs.

Small Floating Kitchen Island

small floating kitchen island

Studio Durham Architects

Floating Floor Kitchen Island

floating floor kitchen island


Vintage Kitchen Island Designs

Vintage kitchen islands can make your kitchen a fun place to hang around in and still provide functionality. You can turn your old dressing table into an island to give your kitchen that vintage style. Wooden countertops matched with wooden stools will create that 1900s effect.

Vintage Wood Kitchen Island

vintage wood kitchen island

Photo by Gail Owens

Vintage Oak Kitchen Island

vintage oak kitchen island


Curved Kitchen Island Designs

Curved kitchen islands have a curved countertop that will provide ample space for you to cook your meals as well as act as a dining space. You can even add essential amenities such as microwave and kettle. With adequate space, you can add a few wood bar stools to create more seating space.

Modern Curved Kitchen Island

modern curved kitchen island

Design by Inspired Dwellings

Wood Curved Kitchen Island

wood curved kitchen island

Design by Woodstock Furniture

Contemporary Kitchen Island Designs

Contemporary kitchen islands feature neutral colors which can complement any kitchen décor. They work in either small or large space, and you can even add bold colored chairs to help make your island the focal point. Opt for islands in square, round or odd shapes to help create a contemporary décor.

Contemporary White Kitchen Island

contemporary white kitchen island

Photo by Darren Chung

Contemporary Portable Kitchen Island

contemporary portable kitchen island

Paula Ables Interiors

Corner Kitchen Island Designs

Add a visual anchor in your space by opting for corner kitchen islands. These islands are designed to be placed in a corner hence feature curved shape to fit the design of your kitchen. If your kitchen attracts a lot of traffic, then you can create more space to move around by choosing a corner kitchen island.

Small Corner Kitchen Island

small corner kitchen island

Design by Normandy Remodeling

Rounded Corner Kitchen Island

rounded corner kitchen island


Granite Kitchen Island Designs

Granite kitchen islands tend to feature countertops made of granite material. They will offer a contrasting effect when placed in a kitchen with wooden or tiled flooring. You can set your island to have a lower working area and a higher dining side to accommodate bar stools.

Black Granite Kitchen Island

black granite kitchen island

Design by Tara Bussema

Large Granite Kitchen Island

large granite kitchen island

ADesign by Gustavo Arredondo

Two Tier Kitchen Island Designs

Two tier kitchen island features abundant cabinetry which serves as storage space to ensure your kitchen is organized and free of clutter. With these islands, you don’t have to worry about space in your kitchen because they are multipurpose and multifunctional.

Modern Two Tier Kitchen Island

modern two tier kitchen island

Design by R.Z.Owens Constructions

Cool Two Tier Kitchen Island

cool two tier kitchen island

Design by Krieger Architects

Portable Kitchen Island Designs

Portable kitchen islands make it easier for you to move your cooking area from one part of the kitchen to another or even outdoor when you are entertaining friends. They are ideal when you need more floor space and when you need an extra counter for preparing large meals.

Portable Oak Kitchen Island

portable oak kitchen island

Design by Asher Architects

Portable Kitchen Island with Seating

portable kitchen island with seating

Photo by VJ Arizpe

Kitchen Island Cabinet Designs

The best thing about Kitchen islands cabinets is that they provide you with ample storage solutions especially in kitchens with no cabinetry. You can also go for islands with hooks or shelves to display your crockery. They will serve better in small apartments where the island will function as a workstation and storage area below deck.

Kitchen Island Storage Cabinet

kitchen island storage cabinet


Rolling Kitchen Island Cabinet

rolling kitchen island cabinet


Square Kitchen Island Designs

Square kitchen islands are popular because the shape provides the adequate workstation for cooking as well as for dining. This island makes it easier to place your chairs in such a way that people can socialize and the underneath space can act as a storage unit.

Square White Kitchen Island

square white kitchen island


Large Square Kitchen Island

large square kitchen island


Kitchen Island is Important and Decorating Tips

When choosing your ideal kitchen island, it is important that you first identify the function of your kitchen. Depending on whether you use it for cooking, entertaining, eating or sometimes doing homework, your island should solve your needs. The right island should accommodate all your useful amenities, provide more storage space and act as a comfy space to cook as well as for entertaining guests or other family members. Amenities should also be within reach of children.

A kitchen island will provide you with adequate work space for food preparation, a place for your kids to do homework as well as the informal dining table for eating. While there are many kitchen designs you can choose when remodeling your kitchen, the right kitchen island will provide you with a usable workspace.

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