Outdoor kitchens are now a part of several modern mansions. You may have a cottage, bungalow, garden house or a corporate office, outdoor kitchens have their own standards of elegance. An outdoor kitchen island is something you need to personalise according to your cherished tastes, and the kitchen countertops used in these islands are to be sceptically chosen. Here, you will come across ten elegantly designed outdoor kitchen island ideas that you will find classy.

Outdoor Kitchen Grill Island Design

outdoor kitchen grill island design


If you are passionate about housing, you may opt for a rustic stone finish outdoor kitchen with barn-style doors. The island has built-in barbeque grills and the countertop rests on a stone supporting wall. Patio floor with screened porch ceiling are ideal for this setting. Concrete blocks are designed to resemble stones in this kitchen.

Portable Outdoor Kitchen Island

portable outdoor kitchen island


Compatibility with the outdoor kitchen island is something you would admire. This is a portable kitchen island with a white finish. It goes well with outdoor kitchens with cream coloured square floor tiles. The steel accessories in the island look classy.

Stone Outdoor Kitchen Island

stone outdoor kitchen island


If you have a sophisticated taste for housing, you may go for this stone-themed outdoor kitchen island design. The stone walls look elegant and there is an inbuilt grill in the island. Steel accessories look great in this kitchen and the irregular stone floor looks splendid in the kitchen. You can also see Outdoor Kitchen Countertop Designs

Modular Outdoor Kitchen Island

modular outdoor kitchen island


When you crave for a Rustic Kitchen Island, you can go for a modular kitchen design. Here, you will come across dark wooden beams supporting the roof, and the perfect combination of wooden and concrete elements in the interior will provide you with the perfect ambience. This setting is ideal for a country cottage. You can also see Rectangular Kitchen Designs

Wooden Outdoor Kitchen Island

wooden outdoor kitchen island


If you long for a contemporary kitchen ding space in the outdoor area, this is the ideal setting for you. The cherry colored planks are ideal for the kitchen, and stained square floor tiles are ideal for the room. A dark stone countertop is ideal for the outdoor kitchen island here.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Island Design

rustic outdoor kitchen island design


You can use stained bricks to create the tight ambience for a Rustic Kitchen Island. There are wooden beams supporting the roof. The room flanked by tall glass windows with white wooden frames on one side. The Curved Kitchen Island with steel accessories goes well with the octagonal ceiling in the room.

Brick Outdoor Kitchen Island

brick outdoor kitchen island


A brick-stone combination looks classy for an outdoor kitchen. When you have a kitchen patio, you can go for the ‘U’-shaped kitchen island theme. It is ideal for cottages with outdoor bars. You can use square pavers on the floor in order to achieve a compatible look.

L Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Island

l shaped outdoor kitchen island


When you have an ‘L’ shaped kitchen, you will be compatible with black stone countertops. A grey flooring is ideal for the outdoor kitchen and you can complement the kitchen island with a dining table with a similar stone countertop.

Small Outdoor Kitchen Island

small outdoor kitchen island


If you have limited space for your outdoor kitchen you can incorporate lattice décor in the kitchen. The outdoor grill goes well with glass topped table. Install some Bohemian furniture in the outdoor kitchen to complement the island. Get matching tiles for the floor to enhance the look of the kitchen.

Stainless Steel Outdoor Kitchen Island

stainless steel outdoor kitchen island


Stainless steel inherits the metallic lustre, and when you incorporate this theme into your outdoor kitchen island design, you will definitely get a refined look in the kitchen. The steel grills look compatible with this setting and you will enjoy the fitting lighting and wooden floor in the kitchen.

Classic Outdoor Kitchen Island

classic outdoor kitchen island


U Shaped Outdoor Kitchen Island

u shapedoutdoor kitchen island


Outdoor Stone Kitchen Island with Fireplace

stone outdoor kitchen island with fireplace


Luxury Outdoor Kitchen Island

luxury outdoor kitchen island


Lakeside Outdoor Kitchen Island

lakeside outdoor kitchen island

Design by Napoleon Grills

Small Modern Outdoor Kitchen Island

traditional outdoor kitchen island


Traditional Outdoor Kitchen Island


When you are passionate about outdoor kitchen island designs, you need to choose right kitchen countertops to enhance the looks of the kitchen. Thus, you will get a matching look, maintain a great compatibility with the walls, backsplash and floors. You can innovate other ideas apart from these, and when you do so, feel free to let us know about them.

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