In case you have a kitchen island or a kitchen bar, using the right lighting will help you make your space beautiful and stylish. With kitchen lighting designs you will be able to achieve setting a certain type of mood while at the same time adding to the kitchen’s style. Pendant designs have the ability to help you with that. Following you will find a collection of kitchen pendant lighting that we found.

Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Pendants come in various designs, shapes and forms adding extra minimalistic charm. You can create a stunning look for your kitchen with modern designs made of metal or glass brings you a stylish addition that will brighten up your kitchen.

White Modern Kitchen Pendant Lighting

white modern kithen pendant lighting

Modern Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

modern kitchen island pendant lighting

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

Depending on the size of your kitchen island, you can choose the right number of pendants. You can go for two or three pieces spaced out equally in order to add style. You can also choose creative materials for effect. You may also see Kitchen Lighting Designs

Traditional Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

traditional kitchen island pendant lighting

Classic Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

classic kitchen island pendant lighting

Rustic Kitchen Pendant Lighting

In a rustic style, the lantern design as well as the design that feature Mason jar design offer a stunning addition of any kitchen. Wood, iron, bronze and glass can give you stylish pendant designs that will help with a rustic touch.

Rustic Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

rustic kitchen island pendant lighting

Rustic Kitchen Hanging Pendant Lighting

rustic kitchen hanging pendant lighting

Kitchen Crystal Pendant Lighting

Crystals are pieces that can add style creating a luxurious design for your kitchen. You can find many designs featuring various shapes in drums, square and spherical pendants that will bring you elegance and an extra character to complete the kitchen.

Modern Kitchen Crystal Pendant Lighting

modern kitchen crystal pendant lighting

Kitchen Glass Pendant Lighting

If you like the transparency of the crystal but you need an affordable option then you can go for glass pendant designs. You can find them in various designs with minimalistic layouts that will work perfectly in every modern kitchen. You may also see Dining Room Lighting Designs

Kitchen Round Glass Pendant Lighting

kitchen round glass pendant lighting

Transitional Kitchen Glass Pendant Lighting

trasitional kitchen glass pendant lighting

Hanging Kitchen Pendant Lighting

With a hanging design, you can determine the height you are going to position the pendants in your space. They will add a great style to your space enhancing its character. Hanging pendants come in various sizes and designs to choose from.

Hanging Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

hanging kitchen island pendant lighting

Simple Hanging Kitchen Pendant Lighting

simple hanging kitchen pendant lighting

Industrial Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Magnetize the attention with startling industrial pendant designs. They are available in beautiful designs made of metal like stainless steel, tin bronze and others while featuring glass or crystals in some pendants. You can choose the color based on the space. You may also see Bathroom Pendant Lighting Designs

Industrial Loft Kitchen Pendant Lighting

industrial loft kitchen pendant lighting

Industrial Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

industrial kitchen island pendant lighting

Outdoor Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Choose the right pendant lighting fixtures based on the style of the space. You can go for a colorful choice in order to create a modern design with an interesting pattern. Make sure that the designs are weather resistant for lifelong use.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Pendant Lighting

rustic outdoor kitchen pendant lighting

Kitchen Lantern Pendant Lighting

Lantern designs come in many designs, shapes and sizes. You can choose a set of pendants to hang over your kitchen counter or the kitchen island or you can choose a single design in a trapezoidal style for classic style.

Vintage Kitchen Lantern Pendant Lighting

vintage kitchen latern pendant lighting

Contemporary Kitchen Lantern Pendant Lighting

contemporary kitchen lantern pendant lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen Pendant Lighting

Farmhouse designs have an intricate style that will surely make a statement in your space. You can go for a design that has a frosted glass body and metallic décor that add a classic touch and stunning dose of farmhouse elegance.

Farmhouse Kitchen Table Pendant Lighting

farmhouse kitchen table pendant lighting

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting

farmhouse kitchen island pendant lighting

Place your pendants in sets of two or three depending on the size of your kitchen designs. Space them out in a gratifying distance from each other and watch your kitchen transform into a bright spot with stylish pendants that add character to your designs. Check them out and enjoy!

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