LED pendant lights are slowly becoming a favorite for many homeowners owing particularly to their aesthetics and energy efficiency. Besides this though, they also offer design versatility providing a host of options when it comes to both interior and exterior décor, whereby they can be used in literally very space within a home. Pendant lights can be used for general lighting, task lighting as well as area lighting whereby just a single spot or area is the point of focus.

Linear Pendant Lighting Idea

linear pendant lighting idea


These linear chandeliers add to the sophistication of the kitchen and offer a great lighting idea for this kitchen island with a Calacatta Gold marble countertop. It shows how choice of lighting could instantly add sparkle to a space.

Drum Pendant Lighting Design

drum pendant lighting design


To maintain balance, it would be wise to ensure that the light shades used are proportional to the size of the room as a whole. In this kitchen, the large drum pendants are a perfect match for the large kitchen. They blend in just right with the cabinetry and dual-tone color scheme of the space. You can also see Bathroom Pendant Lighting Designs

Led Hanging Light Idea

led hanging light idea


Another option would be having numerous small pendant lights as opposed to installing just one big light. The former not only adds visual interest but also brilliantly lights every inch of the bedroom, resulting in soft lighting.

Long Pendant Light Design

long pendant light design


Many people would have opted for chandeliers to light the above space but as an alternative, why not have numerous individual pendant lights hanging from the ceiling and dropping down to different heights? Besides, you could have each bulb emitting a different light color creating a fairytale-like elegant yet playful lighting effect.

Commercial Pendant Lighting Decor

commercial pendant lighting decor


The white kitchen pendants above this kitchen island complement the two-toned décor of the room blending in flawlessly with the semi-flush mounted lights. The cabinetry is well done with beautiful latch and pulls details and the chairs top off the elegant look of the kitchen.

Led Pendant Lamp Idea

led pendant lamp idea


The idea of placing low-hanging pendant lights above the nightstands not only frames the bed but also comes in handy when you need to provide bedside lighting in the absence of table lamps.

Led Hanging Ceiling Lights

led hanging ceiling lights


The recessed lighting and the ceiling rope lighting both complement the pendant lighting setting the ideal mood for this study. The design and bronze finish of the pendant adds glamor to this space giving it a homely yet elegant feel.

Modern Pendant Lighting Decor

modern pendant lighting decor


When lighting with pendants always attempt to match the style of the pendants to the style of the room. In the above kitchen, the modern glass pendants are a great choice for this tastefully furnished modern space.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting Idea

kitchen pendant lighting idea


Many people tend to shy away from the shiny nature of metals but as this kitchen proves, stainless steel light shades might be just what your space needs. Black pendant light shades would have worked just as well.

Outdoor Pendant Lighting Design

outdoor pendant lighting design


Another decorative tip would be having pendant light shades which create a pattern on the ceiling once the lights have been turned on. Of course, this works best on a plain ceiling as an already-patterned ceiling would look too busy to the eye and cause visual discomfort.

Hanging Pendant Light Idea

hanging pendant light idea


Contemporary Kitchen Pendent Light

contemporary kitchen pendent light

Design by : MB Jessee

Dining Room Pendant Light Idea

dining room pendant light idea


Black Pendant Light Design

black pendant light design


Traditional Dining Room Pendant Light

traditional dining room pendant light


Modern Pendant Light Design

modern pendant light design


Small Led Pendant Light

small led pendant light

Designed By : Kayron Brewer

Outdoor Pendant Light Design

outdoor pendant light design


Handmade Pendant Light

handmade pendant light


Glass Pendant Light Idea

glass pendant light idea


Led lights come in many different forms and sizes and as such, they offer immense design versatility and flexibility. You can easily play around with them to create the ideal décor in terms of the light shades used or the LED lights themselves in terms of bulb design and color of light emitted.

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