Having a walk-in closet means having a well-organized storage space for your clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. Your walk-in closet should not just be well-organized, it should also be well-lighted. This means it is important to consider the most efficient closet lighting system for your space. You can go for simple led pendant lights or you can have lights installed or fixed in the ceiling. Shelf lighting is another important consideration.

Led Closet Lighting Idea

led closet lighting idea


A good lighting system in a closet makes everything clearly visible and easily accessible. This walk-in closet used LED lighting installed/fitted in the ceiling and installed in the shelves. The result is a well-lighted storage space that showcases every item in clear light. This lighting option is also ideal for bedroom lighting system.

Walk In Closet Lighting

walk in closet lighting


This walk-in closet is one elegantly lighted storage space. The shelves have light up rods with energy efficient watt lamp. To provide general lighting for the room, square ceiling lights are also installed.

Closet Track Lighting

closet track lighting


This dressing room has plenty of open shelves that provides a nice boutique. The result is a closet that displays clothing and accessories within eyesight. The lighting that goes around the closet allows the space to be well-lit, and these are called track head lightings.

Bedroom Closet Lighting

bedroom closet lighting


This bedroom is designed with a walk-in closet with two points of entry. The idea for a shared bedroom closet is perfect for sisters sharing one bedroom. The simple ceiling fitted lighting used for the bedroom is the same system used for the closet.

Small Closet Lighting Idea

small closet lighting idea


This small spaced man’s closet has a pendant light as the main ceiling lighting system. The shoe shelves have recessed lighting for a sense of elegance and opulence, and LED closet rod is used for the clothes.

Wireless Closet Lighting

wireless closet lighting

Design by Harrison Design

The elegance of this big spaced walk-in closet is enhanced by the chandelier that provides the main lighting and adds class to the design. To keep the space well-lighted, ceiling lights are also installed and the shelves are also lighted.

Master Closet Lighting

master closet lighting

Design by Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

This master closet for the man and woman of the house is designed with a nice and unique combination of minimalistic and elegant styles. Each shelf is backlighted and the result is a pyramid shaped light shining against the edge. For the clothes, LED lighting rods are used.

Black and White Closet Lighting

black and white closet lighting


The perfect combination of black and white makes this wardrobe look simple and classy. The lighting system used is track lighting, with the track lights going around the ceiling.

Closet Fluorescent Lighting

closet fluorescent lighting


Fluorescent lighting is used for this closet. To add more light, hanging rods are also installed with lights, allowing for a well-lighted wardrobe.

Modern Closet Lighting

modern closet lighting


The modern design of this walk in closet requires modern lighting system. The ceiling is fitted with simple lights while the shelves for the shoes and bags are lighted up with lighting rods. Space is also painted in white and the result is a nice, well-lighted and modern walk-in closet.

Eclectic Closet Lighting Idea

eclectic closet lighting idea


Mini Closet Lighting Idea

mini closet lighting idea


Closet Lighting Design

closet lighting design


Contemporary Closet Lighting Design

contemporary closet lighting design


Trendy Closet Lighting Idea

trendy closet lighting idea


Rustic Closet Lighting Idea

rustic closet lighting idea


Master Suite Closet Lighting Idea

master suite closet lighting idea


It is important to keep each room in your home well-lighted. This is also very much applicable to storage spaces, more especially for walk-in closets. You would not want to try to find your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories in the dark, right? In designing a walk in closet, one of your main concerns should be the lighting fixture. You can choose the main lighting system (chandelier, ceiling or pendant lights) and individual shelving lighting. The best options include track lights and back lights.

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