If you always dreamed of having your own walk in closet but never knew how to go about it then this post is written just for you. Closet design is a very important part of a house’s layout. From storing your personal items to keeping your space organized and neat, a closet can help you in many ways. Keep on reading for our collection of walk in closet designs that we prepared for your pleasure. You may also see Best Walk In Closets

Small Walk-In Closet Idea

Even in a small space, a well-designed layout will give you optimum use of every square inch. You can find incredible shelves and cabinets to use for your closet while smart storage is the key to a successful closet. You may also see Small Walk In Closet Designs

Simple Small Walk-In Closet


Small Corner Walk-In Closet


Walk-In Bedroom Closet Design

A walk-in closet can be placed in your bedroom while acting as an extension of it. You can choose to separate the two spaces with closet doors or with fashionable curtains while you can live it in open layout. You may also see Closet Storage Designs

Contemporary Walk-in Bedroom Closet


Modern Walk-In Bedroom Closet


DIY Walk-In Closet

For a walk in closet, you need a set of cabinets, racks, and shelves that will allow you to organize your space. You can choose any material like wood or metal in order to create the desired style for it.

Best DIY Walk-In Closet


Small DIY Walk-In Closet


Modern Walk-In Closet

Modern designs have a minimalistic style that is shown through the elegant shelves and cabinets. Sleek surfaces offer a stunning design that makes the space look sophisticated while you can complete it with a luxurious rug or a modern pendant. You may also see Laundry Closet Ideas

Modern SmallWalk-In Closet


Modern Walk-In Closet Cabinets Idea


Luxury Walk-In Closet Design

If you want a luxurious look for your walk in closet then you should opt for furnishings made of glass or for mirrored surfaces. This will make your space feel elegant and polished while a glamorous chandelier will complete the look.

Modern Luxury Walk-In Closet


Luxury Walk-In Closet Lighting


Bathroom Walk-In Closet Idea

You can always connect your bathroom to the closet with one space leading to the next. This will allow you to get dressed easier. However you need to install a good ventilating system in order to avoid humidity in the closet.

Tiny Bathroom Walk-In Closet


Corner Bathroom Walk-In Closet


Kid’s Walk-In Closet

Kids have lots of clothes and that makes a walk in closet a heaven of organization. You can easily divide the space for every kid in case they share a room while you can use vibrant colors to style it.

Kid’s Bedroom Walk-In Closet


Antique White Walk-In Closet for Kid’s


Contemporary Walk-In Closet

For a contemporary closet design, you should go for a simple layout. Arrange you cabinets and shelves in a stylish order that will allow you to maintain the space neat while adding a chandelier with crystals will add vivacious character.

Contemporary White Walk-In Closet


Modern Contemporary Walk-In Closet


Corner Walk-In Closet Design

In a corner walk in closet you have to be wise on the way you will arrange the shelving. Try to visualize the result and how it will tend to your needs while looking stylish and then go for the optimum solution.

Rustic Corner Walk-In Closet

Photo by Jon Eady

Corner Walk-In Closet Cabinets


Walk-In Closet Lighting

You can go for many different lighting designs depending on the look you want. You can install recessed lighting behind the shelves and racks to bring out a mystique design or you can choose stylish pendant chandeliers to upgrade the style. You may also see Closet Lighting Designs

Walk-In Closet Ceiling Light


A walk-in closet will give you a space that is solely meant for storage. You can use it for clothes, shoes, accessories and other personal items as well as for your bed linens in case you have extra space left. These spaces are equipped with shelves, cabinets and drawers to help you organize your things in order to maintain a clutter free space in your bedroom. The layout can vary to suit your needs.

From the shelves to the closet doors, every little detail will count to the overall look of your space. You can go for an extravagant design with a luxurious chandelier and sleek surfaces or you can go for a minimalistic design that will look stylish while maintaining its functional role.

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