A laundry room can save your house from a lot of mess and clutter but that often ends up being the most overworked and low maintenance room. Well, there are several ways you can make your laundry room more functional and beautiful. Below we will elaborate on several types of laundry rooms and how you can design it. Well, obviously laundry is not our favorite task to do but having a beautiful space to work does make things easier.

Small Laundry Room Design

A small laundry room can be smart and functional provided you design it the right way. Hide that big bulky laundry machine behind a curtain for a more neat and organized look. Also, it adds a bit of color and texture into the otherwise neglected room.

Small Pantry Laundry Room Design

small pantry laundry room design


Functional Small Laundry Room

functional small laundry room


Small Grey Laundry Room

small grey laundry room2


Office Laundry Room Design

A laundry room in an office has to be organized with a strictly minimalistic design. It can be transitional with several other rooms such as the kitchen. Consider adding a sliding door to the room will do the task of hiding the machinery as well as provide some definition to the room.

White Transitional Laundry Room Design

white transitional laundry room design


Transitional Laundry Room With Cabinets

transitional laundry room with cabinets


Outdoor Laundry Room Design

An outdoor laundry room can be fun as the monotonous task of doing the laundry can definitely get a bit sporty! The best part about the outdoor laundry rooms is that it prevents the dirt and mess from entering the inside of the house.

Beach Cottage Laundry Room Design

beach cottage laundry room design


Small Cottage Laundry Room Idea

small cottage laundry room idea


Cottage Chic Laundry Room Design

cottage chic laundry room design


Commercial Laundry Room Design

Commercial laundry rooms have to be functional, efficient and well organized. Loads and loads of clothes are to be washed every day and hence the machines are large and heavy duty. Commercial laundry rooms are designed in a traditional manner.

Commercial Laundry Room Furniture Design

commercial laundry room furniture design


Contemporary Commercial Laundry Room Design

contemporary commercial laundry room design


Midcentury Commercial Laundry Room Design

midcentury commercial laundry room design

photos by Kyle Chesser

Laundry Room Interior Design

The interiors of a laundry room can be kept simple with just clean ceilings and maybe fixed lighting which will add the much-needed light inside. Pendant lights are also a good idea if there is a high enough ceiling wall.

Modern Laundry Room Interior Design

modern laundry room interior design


Small Laundry Room Interior Design

small laundry room interior design


Traditional Laundry Room Design

traditional laundry room design


L-Shaped Laundry Room Design

Designing your laundry with an L-shape is definitely a great idea if you have limited space. An L-shape design can serve as a highly functional one wherein you can install wardrobes or closets to store the laundry.

Small L-Shaped Laundry Room Design

small l shaped laundry room design


Craftsman L-Shaped Laundry Room Design

craftsman l shaped laundry room design


Modern L-shaped Laundry Room design

modern l shaped laundry room design


Upstairs Laundry Room Design

A laundry can connect from any part of the house, be it the kitchen, bathroom or dining space. It can be connected with staircase and your laundry can have better lighting and counter space, unlike in the traditional basement laundries. Heavy duty machinery has to be handled with care while shifting it to the upstairs laundry.

DIY Upstairs Laundry Room Design

diy upstairs laundry room design


Traditional Upstairs Laundry Room Design

traditional upstairs laundry room design


Transitional Upstairs Laundry Room

transitional upstairs laundry room


Closet Laundry Room Design

Laundry in a closet! How cool does that sound? You can set up your laundry inside built closets with flat panel cabinets. It is also super sleek, modern and fully functional inside the hidden doors which means no fuss, literally!

Walk in Closet Laundry Room Design

walk in closet laundry room design


Small Closet Laundry Room Design

small closet laundry room design


Master Closet Laundry Room Combo Design

master closet laundry room combo design


Garage Laundry Room Design

A laundry room is often set up in the basements of the house and in the modern days, it can be found either on the stairs or near to rooms. A garage laundry room is at an elevated space of your house. It is actually a convenient space for laundry and avoids the hassle of climbing up and down the stairs.

Enclosed Garage Laundry Room Design

enclosed garage laundry room design

MainStreet Design Build

Garage Entry Laundry Room Design

garage entry laundry room design

Atmosphere Interior Design

Narrow Laundry Room Design

A narrow laundry room doesn’t have to be plain and boring. It can be designed with the best of décor, and to keep it functional at the same time. A narrow laundry room is often robbed off a lot of space but with the right placement of things, it can get better

Basement Narrow Laundry Room

basement narrow laundry room


Long Narrow Laundry Room Design

long narrow laundry room design


Small Narrow Laundry Room Design

small narrow laundry room design


Modern Laundry Room Design

A modern laundry room is located in the upstairs or even beside a room. It could also be transitional and can be beautifully designed with wardrobes, curtains, lighting and so on. A modern laundry room also features new accessories that make the washing and cleaning task easier.

Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room Design

modern farmhouse laundry room design


Modern Rustic Laundry Room Design

modern rustic laundry room design

McCloskey Builders

Modern Country Laundry Room Design

modern country laundry room design


Basement Laundry Room Design

A basement laundry room design should contain one important element and that is proper lighting. Lighting is necessary as basements can be tad dark and wary of good light. They can be kept functional with right placement of closets and washing machine

Small Basement Laundry Room Design

small basement laundry room design


Basement Laundry Room Flooring Design

basement laundry room flooring design


Modern Basement Laundry Room Design

modern basement laundry room design


Apartment Laundry Room Design

Laundry rooms in an apartment have to be compact and cozy. They can be kept next to the bathrooms with minimalist design. The machines and closets have to be kept in order for a well-organized laundry room. Inside apartments the laundry space can be small and confined, arranging things in the right manner is crucial.

Small Apartment Laundry Room Design

small apartment laundry room design

designer Art Ugol

Traditional Apartment Laundry Room Design

traditional apartment laundry room design


Rustic Apartment Laundry Room

rustic apartment laundry room


White Laundry Room Design Idea

An all white laundry room design can be beautiful and to make it functional, there are several ideas one of them is there can be closet laundry so that the mess is hidden and there is a clean white laundry space. A beautiful white laundry room should have sleek, flat panel white cabinets, with white washing machines, mats, floor and even wall paint.

Home Office Laundry Room Design

home office laundry room design


Multi Purpose Office Laundry Room

multi purpose office laundry room


Transitional Office Laundry Room

transitional office laundry room


Traditional laundry Room Design

A traditional laundry room design can have wooden cabinets with hardwood flooring and machine arranged properly next to the cabinets. The cabinets should have traditional style panels which are the main feature of traditional style laundry rooms

Craftsman Vintage Laundry Room

craftsman vintage laundry room


Traditional Vintage Laundry Room Idea

traditional vintage laundry room idea


Country Laundry Room Design

A country laundry room design has to be sober and subtle having a color scheme of blue, green or white. It can be located outdoors where you can straight away put in all the wet clothes straight from the beach without further allowing dirt inside your house.

Black and White Laundry Room Design

black and white laundry room design


Blue and White Laundry Room Design

blue and white laundry room design


Red and White Laundry Room Design

red and white laundry room design


Laundry Room Floor Designs

The flooring in laundry rooms ranges from hardwood to medium tone and even light wood. It can also be plain cement flooring without much adornment. Some choose to put granite or marble stone for a better appeal.

Urban Traditional Laundry Room

urban traditional laundry room


Traditional U Shaped Laundry Room Design

traditional u shaped laundry room design


Traditional Laundry Room With High Ceiling

traditional laundry room with high ceiling


Transitional Laundry Room Design

In a transitional laundry room, the design element can be interesting. It usually has an open concept laundry with the presence of good lights, chandeliers, ceiling definition and so on.

French Country Laundry Room Design

french country laundry room design

Photo by Emerald Coast Real Estate

Country Cottage Laundry Room Design

country cottage laundry room design


Cottage Laundry Room Design

A cottage laundry room design generally has wooden floors as cottages are perfect with wood. It can consist of wooden wardrobes and functional design elements to keep the cottage laundry convenient and cozy.

Small Laundry Room Floor Design

small laundry room floor design


Laundry Room Concrete Floor Design

laundry room concrete floor design


Laundry Room Checkered Floor Design

laundry room checkered floor design


Why is a Laundry Room Important?

A pile of clothes that are unwashed are a nightmare for many and having an outlet or in clear words a utility space to store them is very important. It saves your house from an unwanted mess and you can neatly organize all of your clothes in the laundry room and directly wash them off!

Decorating Tips

Some tips for decoration include keeping good lights, keeping it airy which will make the room look more spacious, having good ceiling design, wardrobes that suit the décor of your laundry can go a long way in making your room look pretty.

Keep your laundry space well organized so that the cleaning and washing clothes process becomes fuss-free for you. You can draw inspiration from the above laundry room designs for different types of houses and incorporate one that matches your requirement.

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