Your laundry room need not be dull and boring. There are a number of design ideas that can make your laundry room look practical and attractive. How many times were you left envying huge laundry rooms with beautiful machines and enough space for both washing and folding? It is all possible in limited space as well. Your laundry rooms are the most efficient rooms that have been witness to your hard work and these design ideas will leave you speechless.

Modern Small Laundry Room

modern small laundry room

For maximum utilization of space in your laundry room make cabinets to fit your washing machine and mount it with a multipurpose counter top. The space above can be used for storage cabinets. You will have a neat, compact but stylish washing area.

Rustic Small Laundry Room

rustic small laundry room

Design by Big Panda Design

To give rustic look to your small laundry room use stoned or brick walls as backdrop. Use open wooden overhead cabinets to store fresh, folded laundry and cabinet below to store washables. This will give you an old world rustic look you desire.

Small Laundry Room Cabinet

small laundry room cabinets

If you have very limited space to design your laundry room use small laundry cabinets for storage and shelves. You can elaborate the hanging area as it accommodates more clothes as compared to shelves.

Small Gray Laundry Room

small grey laundry room

Lighter shades bring freshness in your laundry room. Apart from white lighter hues of gray are a perfect fit for a laundry room. Combine this with dull green tiles in the backdrop to break the monotony. You will be surprised with the look of your laundry room.

Traditional Small Laundry Room

traditional small laundry room

Traditional laundry rooms are restricted to a small corner attached to your kitchen, mostly in apartments. But that does not mean they cannot be stylish. Make a shelf above washing machine which can be used to keep stuff like towels. Make overhead cabinets for storage. The entire set up is compact yet interesting.

Small Basement Laundry Room

small basement laundry room

A well-lit laundry room always looks cleaner. If you have set up your laundry room in the basement make sure that it is well illuminated. Use light colours for walls and complimenting lighter hues for cabinets. You can use colourful rugs to break the monotony.

Small Apartment Laundry Room Idea

small apartment laundry room idea

Have a small apartment and love to keep everything concealed? Make concealing cabinets to keep everything from your washing machine, cleaning agents and hanging area. Once you are done, just keep everything inside and close the doors, your entire utility room will be hidden behind a beautiful wall of clean doors.

Small Kitchen Laundry Room

small kitchen laundry room

If your laundry room is a small utility area attached to your kitchen, support it with a full-size closet to manage your laundry requirements. You can use this closet to keep your washed laundry, hanging clothes and store washing agents as well.

Midcentury Small Laundry Room Design

midcentury small laundry room design

An all white midcentury small laundry room design is nothing less than an eye catcher. A simple marble counter top can be used to keep washing articles whereas cabinets above can be used as storage space. A complete white setup gives a neat and classy look though other lighter shades can also be used.

Small Cottage Laundry Room

small cottage laundry room

To make a small cottage style laundry room interesting, entire setup of a washing machine and storage shelves can be accommodated in a single closet. You can use one side of the closet to fix the machines whereas the other half can be utilized to make shelves for storage. Can you imagine your entire utility room set up in one single closet?

Small White Laundry Room Design

small white laundry room design

Design by Benita Larsson

Small Red Laundry Room Design

small red laundry room design

Design by : Jill Wolff

Small Laundry Room Design

small laundry room designs

Tiny Laundry Room Design

tiny laundry room design

Design by Karr Bick Kitchen & Bath

Small Laundry Room Wall Decor

small laundry room wall decor

Design by Kimberly Gavin

Small Rustic Laundry Room Idea

small rustic laundry room idea

Laundry Room Bathroom Combination Idea

laundry room bathroom combination idea

Design by Stephani Buchman

Transitional Laundry Closet Design

transitional laundry closet design

Design by Debbie Talianko

These trendy designs will make you rethink about your laundry room and force you to remodel it. Small space or big, modern or traditional these designs are sure to inspire you. So stay inspired and change your laundry space into a stylish part of your home that you would love to flaunt. You might also see game room designs.

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