Cabinets are an integral part of decorating a room. They help a workspace to be practical, comfortable and convenient. With cabinets in a room, you can reduce clutter which makes it easier to move around the free space. When choosing a cabinet design, you will want to turn your space beautiful as well as ensure it is functional. Be it for your bedroom, library, dining room or kitchen, the right cabinet design will make the room stand out.

Kitchen Cabinet Designs

Every woman wants to have a kitchen of her dream, and with the right cabinets, you can turn your space into a place where you love spending most of your time. While wood is a popular material in kitchen cabinet designs, you can opt for alternatives such as stainless steel and laminate.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design

modern kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen Wooden Cabinet Design

kitchen wooden cabinet design

Photo by Alise O'Brien

Green Kitchen Cabinet Design

green kitchen cabinet design

Lowes Cabinet Designs

Whether from wood or metal, Lowes cabinet designs are durable and attractive. They feature cabinets with different finishes such as Thermo foil, wood, stained and glazed. You will also get pantry, wall and base cabinets. Whether rustic, modern or contemporary the right Lowe cabinet will make your room practical.

Lowes Kitchen Cabinet Design

lowes kitchen cabinet design

Marcus & Willers Architects

Lowes Storage Cabinet Design

lowes storage cabinet design

Living Room Cabinet Designs

A living room is the one place where you entertain guest hence the cabinets have to complement the style of furniture. You can opt for colored cabinets to emphasize the joyful mood of this room or go for those in white color which will complement your sofas and displayed accessories.

White Living Room Cabinet Design

white living room cabinet design

Woodchuck's Fine Furniture and Decor

Living Room Wall Cabinet Design

living room wall cabinet design

Bathroom Cabinet Designs

The bathroom has to be free from clutter to make it easier to move from one end to another. The cabinets have to be durable, water resistant and have ample space to hold toiletries. The bathroom cabinets can be placed above or below the sink as well as besides the mirror.

Small Bathroom Cabinet Design

small bathroom cabinet design

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinet Design

mirrored bathroom cabinet design

Julie Williams Design

Garage Cabinet Designs

If your garage space is large, you can remodel the space by adding cabinets to store some of your extra things! With the right garage cabinet designs, you can give this space a personal touch. Why not store your tools, clothes you don’t wear, and even toys in your custom made garage cabinets.

Wooden Garage Cabinet Design

wooden garage cabinet design

Design by A Closet Case

White Garage Cabinet Design

white garage cabinet design

Design by The Garage Guy

Corner Cabinet Designs

If your room has a very sharp corner, then you can camouflage the flaw by adding a cabinet. You can go for an open cabinet design to make it easier to showcase your favorite items such as books. Open corner cabinets will display unique collectibles in a beautiful way.

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Design

bathroom corner cabinet design

Corner Home Bar Cabinet Design

corner home bar cabinet design

Design by Cornerstone Construction Services

Built In Cabinet Designs

Built in cabinets will enhance the look of any room. These cabinets don’t necessarily have to be from floor to ceiling. Instead, opt for a size that will easily display your favorite collections. White wash built in cabinets will depict a vintage look and complement all your fun decorations.

Built-In Home Office Cabinet Design

built in study cabinet design

Design by Linda Burkhardt

Built In Living Room Cabinet Design

built in living room cabinet design

Bedroom Cabinet Designs

The best way to organize your bedroom is to add cabinets. Whether it is a small or large bedroom, you can choose a size that will fit your space and a color that creates the illusion of space. Under storage cabinets are ideal for bedrooms with small space.

Modern Bedroom Cabinet Design

modern bedroom cabinet design

Kid’s Bedroom Cabinet Design

kids bedroom cabinet design

Office Cabinet Designs

An office is the one place where you need to store all the important documents safely and easily reach them when needed. Cabinets ensure your desk is free from clutter enabling you to work comfortably. Whether vertical or lateral, office cabinet designs should complement your office décor and portray professionalism.

Home Office Cabinet Design

home office cabinet design

Modern Office Cabinet Design

modern office cabinet design

Laundry Room Cabinet Designs

Laundry cabinet designs should provide long-term storage space as well as maximize the countertop space for everyday work tasks. Add tall linen cabinets to store brooms, mops and brushes. Overhead wall cabinets can be customized to fit the décor of the bathroom as well as store cleaning detergents and prevent your kids from touching them.

Small Laundry Room Cabinet Design

small laundry room cabinet design

Design by Pro-Stone Kitchen & Bath

Laundry Room Storage Cabinet

laundry room storage cabinet

College City Design Build

Modern Cabinet Designs

If you want to remodel your rooms with a contemporary theme, then modern cabinet designs will help you achieve your dreams. Modern cabinets which feature flat shiny flat tops and those which mix materials can easily transform your space. Make use of cabinets with bold angles, geometric forms and doors with frosted glass.

Modern TV Cabinet Design

modern tv cabinet design

Modern Closet Cabinet Design

modern closet cabinet design

Marcye Philbrook Design Studio

Wall Cabinet Designs

Wall cabinet designs will provide you with ample storage space while still enhancing the look of your room. They feature different sizes from 150mm up to 800mm and in vibrant, white or gray colors. Wall cabinets that are in the bedroom can leave space on top to create storage space for traveling bags.

Modern Wall Cabinet Design

modern wall cabinet design

Wall Unit Cabinet Design

wall unit cabinet design

Fireplace Cabinet Designs

If your fireplace looks boring, then add cabinets beside or on top to make it look attractive. You can even create a symmetrical layout by maximizing the cabinet heights and balancing with artwork above the fireplace. You can also add open cabinets beside the fire to display family photos or books.

Fireplace Built In Cabinet Design

fireplace built in cabinet design

Corner Fireplace Cabinet Design

corner fireplace cabinet design

Design by Farinelli Construction

Small Cabinet Designs

Small cabinet designs are useful for rooms with small space. They can either include drawers for storing small pieces of clothing or a simple rod for hanging shirts and suits. Depending on the color of your floor opts for a cabinet material that matches or complements the floor texture.

Small Bedroom Cabinet Design

small bedroom cabinet design

Photo by Jacob Snavely

Small Closet Cabinet Design

small closet cabinet design

Hall Cabinet Designs

Hall cabinet designs are ideal for storing clocks and shoes. With additional space above you can place a basket and store items you don’t frequently use. These cabinets are usually located in the halls of a house and tend to complement the décor and lighting of the rooms.

Hall TV Cabinet Design

hall tv cabinet design

Dining Hall Cabinet Design

dining hall cabinet design

Dining Room Cabinet Designs

The dining room whether big or small provides the space to enjoy our meals and cabinets can keep all the sharp utensils out of children’s reach. A bench storage with drawers is the ideal child-friendly cabinet and will keep the room neat. The key is to go for cabinet designs that provide storage without occupying too much space.

Dining Room Wooden Cabinet Design

dining room wooden cabinet design

drozda+others architects

Dining Room Storage Cabinet Design

dining room storage cabinet design

Dining Room Built In Cabinet Design

dining room built in cabinet design

Photo by Dan Cutrona

TV Cabinet Designs

TV cabinet designs are the ideal storage devices for hiding wires or cables. These cabinets can have ample space to act as a TV stand and still provide room for storing the DVD player. If you have limiting space, then make use of vertical TV cabinets or corner designs.

TV Wall Cabinet Design

tv wall cabinet design

Living Room TV Cabinet Design

living room tv cabinet design

Storage Cabinet Designs

While storing your essentials can be tricky especially when you have limited space, by adding storage cabinets you can maximize the available room. Make use of cabinets that are stacked on top of each other or those creatively mounted on the walls. Cabinets with removable drawers will provide efficient storage.

Kitchen Storage Cabinet Design

kitchen storage cabinet design

Garage Storage Cabinet Design

garage storage cabinet design

Under Stair Cabinet Designs

The space under the stairs which is often overlooked can act as an ideal space for storing extra stuff. By positioning the cabinets towards the wall or perpendicularly you will maximize the space under the stairs. Cabinets that stand on the floor and those in vertical or L shape designs are ideal for this type of space.

Under Stair TV Cabinet

under stair tv cabinet

Photo by Rikki Snyder

Under Stair Storage Cabinet Design

under stair storage cabinet design

Cabinet’s Importance and Decorating Tips

Cabinets provide varied storage for your essential necessities. When placed in the bathroom they help store toiletries while in the dining room, cabinets function to keep objects away from the reach of children. In an office, they store documents appropriately ensuring that they are safe and in an organized manner. Cabinets come in different sizes and can be placed in various areas of a room including on walls. A mix of open and closed cabinet forms a style that is both modern as well as traditional. Add a flower vase, your photographs on frames or collectibles to decorate cabinets.

The right cabinet will make your space look elegant and classy. Cabinets help keep stuff in an organized manner, and can easily fit in any room. They are perfect for storing items and will complement the theme of the house decor. So, be inspired and get your space one of these awesome cabinet designs.

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