Bathrooms can be designed in a number of ways. What is interesting is that you could utilize every inch of the space to create a new design which is more functional and efficient. One such design is the bathroom corner cabinet design. A great way to make use of the space in the corners is by building a corner cabinet in the bathroom.

White Bathroom Corner Cabinet

white bathroom corner cabinet

This white bathroom is exclusive featuring a corner cabinet design. It is a farmhouse inspired bathroom with walls and floors made of glossy tile finishing. The cabinet is located at the corner most part of the bathroom with a plush mirror bordered in silver.

Wooden Bathroom Corner Cabinet

wooden bathroom corner cabinet

This is a wooden cabinetry bathroom all fixed in the corners of the bathroom space. It features several type of lights including ceiling lights, lamp like lights, pendant lights etc. The bathroom features light beige flooring that matches well with the dark brown wooden cabinets

Vintage Bathroom Corner Cabinet

vintage bathroom corner cabinet

This is a luxurious vintage built bathroom featuring corner cabinetry. The cabinet features mirrored cabinet doors. It also has marble flooring in a luxurious design along with marble countertops above the vanity. It features antique style lights including pendant lights.

Small Bathroom Corner Low Cabinet

small bathroom corner cabinet

This is a small bathroom inside a master suite that features a corner cabinet. It is a corner double vanity featuring modern towel rings, a large mirror with white borders, wall frames, mood lighting fixed in the ceiling. The walls of this bathroom are painted in a pastel teal green color

Bathroom Mirrored Corner Cabinet

bathroom mirrored corner cabinet

This is a traditional bathroom having a mirrored corner cabinet which is also pretty small. It is an all white bathroom space with black tile flooring, a mini sink and wooden countertop. It also features a small bench with wooden top used for seating or placing of things

Bathroom Countertop Corner Cabinet

bathroom floor corner cabinet

This is a bathroom featuring corner cabinet with the shiny brown granite polished countertop and has a mini square shaped sink. The flooring is of hardwood in light beige shade with white interiors including the bathtub. It is a large and traditional style bathroom

Bathroom Corner Storage Cabinet

bathroom corner storage cabinet

This is a beautiful functional vanity located in the corner and has ample space for storage. This is a contemporary style bathroom with wooden cabinets and glossy deco countertops in white. It features ceiling lights in yellow hue along with vertical lights attached in the mirrors for a better effect. You can also see Attic Bathroom Design

Tall Bathroom Corner Cabinet

tall bathroom corner cabinet

This is a tall bathroom with corner cabinets in a dull white shade. It features white cabinets with brown countertops and recessed lighting. It has a lovely flower arrangement with minimalist design consisting of one vase with beautiful yellow flowers in it. It has a very luxurious bathroom space design.

Black & White Bathroom Corner Cabinet

white bathroom corner cabinet

This is a gorgeous black and white theme bathroom space featuring a corner cabinet. It is a traditional bathroom designed in a Parisian style as per the homeowner’s desire. It features a checkerboard floor which is classic and has black walls with silver mirror frames in it.

Villa Corner Bathroom Cabinet

villa corner bathroom cabinet

This corner bathroom cabinet is inside a Spanish villa and has the highly functional and luxurious Mediterranean design. It contains traditional vanities with granite countertops and black antique décor including the mirror, faucets etc.

White Bathroom Corner Cabinet

renovation of bathroom corner cabinet designs

Traditional Bathroom Corner Cabinet

traditional bathroom corner cabinet

Design by Shelley Morris Interiors

Bathroom Vanity Low Corner Cabinet

amazing bathroom corner cabinet

Bathroom Floating Corner Cabinet

bathroom corner cabinet light idea

Bathroom Corner Cabinet Design

bathroom corner cabinet design

Corner Bathroom Vanity Cabinet Design

corner bathroom vanity cabinet design

Hardwood Bathroom Corner Cabinet

rustic bathroom corner cabine

Bathroom Coutertop Low Corner Cabinet

white wall tile bathroom corner cabinet

When limited space is there in bathrooms, the best way to set up the vanity and cabinets is by opting for a corner bathroom cabinet design. The empty corner space in the bathrooms can be utilized in no better way than by fixing of cabinets. In fact it has gained popularity and has become a common design in most contemporary homes.

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