We find commercial bathrooms in different settings including malls, learning institutions, hospitals, etc. These bathrooms are meant to serve a large number of people in a given instance. This calls for due consideration of the kind of bathroom design and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated by such a facility.

Commercial Masculine Bathroom Design

commercial masculine bathroom design


Commercial Bathroom With Double Vanity

commercial bathroom with double vanity


Grey Wall and Floor Tiles Bathroom Idea

grey wall and floor tiles bathroom idea


Besides functionality and user convenience, a commercial bathroom design needs to be embellished to be as charming as possible. The lighting system is very important to any given bathroom design. Commercial bathrooms are no exception. Therefore, elegant, well lit bathroom designs are quite common in the commercial realm.

Simple Industrial Bathroom Design

simple industrial bathroom design


Colorful Contemporary Bathroom Design Idea

colorful contemporary bathroom design idea


Modern Art Studio Bathroom Ideas

modern art studio bathroom ideas


Vintage Commercial Bathroom

vintage commercial bathroom


Commercial Bathroom Decorating Ideas

commercial bathroom decorating ideas

Photo By : Alexander Kamachkin

Elegant Bathroom Design For Industries

elegant bathroom design for industries


Contemporary Bathroom In Large Space

contemporary bathroom in large space


Tiled-floors styles are quite common with commercial facilities. These floors come in a whole range of styles to suit your need. With a careful selection of the tiles for flooring, you will be able to come up with a unique, gorgeous commercial bathroom style.

Classy Brown Color Bathroom

classy brown color bathroom


Commercial Bathroom With Marble Tiles

commercial bathroom with marble tiles


Black and White Commercial Bathroom

black and white commercial bathroom


Traditional Bathroom Design Picture

traditional bathroom design picture1


Commercial Bathroom Cabinets

commercial bathroom cabinets


Beautiful Commercial Bathroom Decor Idea

beautiful commercial bathroom decor idea


The impact that bathroom accessories and fixtures have on the overall appeal of a commercial bathroom can’t be underrated. To make the facility more appealing and fashionable, designs with intricate flushing systems which come with touch pads are really great. Designs with state-of-the-art faucets, hand driers, etc enhances both functionality and aesthetic appeal of the commercial bathroom.

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