Commercial interior design is all about planning, creating and overseeing a commercial space’s construction or renovation process. The main idea for this kind of design is to ensure functionality in every aspect and feature. The atmosphere needs to be engaging and motivating to promote camaraderie among the workmates, bosses and visitors. There are several options for designing a commercial space; some create a homey atmosphere by using residential furnishings, while others stick to the professional look. You may also See Commercial Kitchen Designs

Office Interior Design

office interior design1

This open office interior allows for the employees to work collaboratively. The space for individual work is effectively separated from the lounging area where employees can relax or share ideas. The homey appeal of this office gives everyone the chance to feel comfortable while busy working.

Commercial Office Design

commercial office design

The open space design of this conference area has a unique combination of modern and industrial designs. The ceiling features are exposed making the space looks rustic, while the furnishings are totally contemporary and comfortable.

Creative Interior Design

creative interior design1

This office has a colorful and daring ceiling design in exposed ductwork concept. Aside from being functional, these ceiling features also provide the room with a unique decorative setup that matches the open spaced working area.

Wooden Interior Wall Decor

wooden interior wall decor

Design by Kevin Wu, Moooten Studio

The use of wooden tables gives this open spaced lounging or meeting space a minimalistic appeal. This is an ideal dining space for a modern office interior. You may also See Commercial Bathroom Designs

Modern Interior Design

modern interior design1

Design by Kevin Wu, Moooten Studio

Open office space is becoming quite trendy, and this modern office is a good example – with easy access to the workstations and the lounging area. Work collaboration is surely easier with this elegant interior design.

Commercial Interior Decor

commercial interior decor1

The exposed duct design used for this office space provides a nice contrast to the modern glass and metal wall. The huge pendant lights add good lighting to the natural light flow coming through the glass wall.

Art Deco Interior Design

art deco interior design

This conference room is designed with a unique combination of functionality (conference table and chairs), homey (classic antique upholstered chair) and modern art deco (city skyline mural) styles.

Commercial Space Design

commercial space design

This reception area is truly modern in concept and design. The design of the reception desk indicates what the company has to offer, which is a great idea even if the name is already well-known. The recessed lighting feature gives the room a beautiful and regular flow of relaxing light. You may also See Corporate Interior Designs

Unique Office Interior Design

unique office interior design

The wall graphic used for the wide column in the middle of the wide room gives this space a unique point of interest amidst the simple and functional conference room setup.

Commercial Office Wall Mural

commercial office wall mural

The mural on this reception area gives the room a welcoming look. The outdoor scene breaks the monotony of the professional feel. Comfortable upholstered chairs give the visitors some time to relax before an appointment.

Small Commercial Office Design

small commercial office design

Commercial Office Interior Design

commercial office interior design

Commercial Glass Wall Interior Design

commercial glass wall interior design

In creating a commercial interior design, the main objective should be to build spaces the are engaging and motivating to give the employees some energy and inspiration to stay productive. By using different themes, the office becomes a diverse space where people can share ideas and work harmoniously among themselves. There are several features that require focus in commercial interior designing, these include; lighting, furnishing, and decorative accents.

Commercial Meeting Room Design

commercial meeting room design

Commercial Room Color Wall Decor

commercial room color wall decor

Commercial Small Open Space Design

commercial small open space design

Design by : iDA Workplace+Strategy

Modern Commercial Interior Design

modern commercial interior design

The different commercial interior design ideas featured here are just a few great examples. If you want something different, you can get tips and ideas from two or more designs. You can also use one design and incorporated your own ideas to give your office interior a nice personal touch. Do not be afraid to experiment, the main point should be creating a space where the employees are continuously engaged, motivated and productive. You may also See Office Renovation Designs

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