Creativity unleashed! Running offices in London, Hong Kong, Bangkok and China of M & J Group of Companies, Yu Jordy Fu as the Creative Director, has successfully created a niche for self in the world of Architecture, Interiors, Fashion, Product Designing and Art. Her passion is simply indomitable!

Lilanz Creative Center

lilanz creative center

The introduction does not stop there. Jordy, as she is fondly known, also happens to be the Creative Director of FashionTV, which is the biggest fashion media company in the world. A trained creative professional, she juggles various fields with great aplomb and ease. Yu Jordy is truly gifted with multiple talents. An artist, an architect, a fashion designer, furniture designer… well! The list is truly remarkable!

Aerial View of Lilanz

aerial view of lilanz

Jordy’s first ever solo art exhibition at the Beijing Capital Museum was at the tender age of just SIX! At 21, her design works were showcased at the Venice Architecture Biennial. She was selected as one of the ‘65 Outstanding Chinese Role Models’ in 2014. French luxury brand Hermes has appointed Yu Jordy Fu as their Commission Artist. In London Design Museum, Hamburg Art Week, Arts Centre Seoul, Hong Kong Arts Centre and London Fashion Week, Jordy’s art pieces were exhibited with much success and appreciation.

Master Plan

master plan

Yu Jordy Fu talks to Johnny D in the exclusive interview about one of their latest projects LILANZ CREATIVE CENTER in great detail.

Design Concept – I

design concept1

Johnny D: Please tell our esteemed readers about Marques & Jordy.

Yu Jordy Fu: M&J is an international creative practice, which works crossing boundaries between art, architecture, interior design and fashion. We create LOVE through design!

An Aerial View

an aerial view

JD: What are the projects you are currently busy with, in various countries?

YJF: Right now, we are doing a huge master plan project in Dubai, which is a new Fashion City and a master plan for a university in Fujian, China. We have a few big mixed-use projects in construction and some high-end interior design projects in residential, retail and commercial sector. I am also working on the new 2017 A/W fashion collection.

The Main View

the main view

JD: What was the brief for Lilanz Creative Center Project?

YJF: The client wants to create state-of-art fashion and retail experiences, a landmark in the city, a mixed-use development including fashion showrooms, exhibition center, art galleries, residential, fashion stores, F&B , offices, designer studios etc.

Design Concept – II

design concept – ii

The brief was to creative something breathtakingly creative and out-of-the-box, yet have some local traditional architecture influences. They wanted the Lilanz Creative Center to tell a story about fashion and the history of Jinjiang, which is the starting point of the Sea Silk Road.

The Silk Concept

the silk concept

JD: How does the design creation process materialize in an architect’s mind?

YJF: We started by imagining the whole site as a moving fabric, gently curved, connected by the public boulevard, each building was inspired by Lilanz fashion and the traditional Quanzhou architecture. The façade is influenced by the design of sailing boats. Contemporary interpretations lend the multi-function hall an impactful presence that at once surprises and delights! The low-rise offers retail space, whilst the high-rise comprises of offices, serviced apartments and residential areas. From conception to completion, movement was the key. The building’s structure echoes that of a flowing piece of silk, a nod to the location’s starting point of the Sea Silk Road.

The Silk Route Concept

the silk route concept

JD: What do you demand or expect from the team members during the master planning stage as the Creative Director?

YJF: I expect nothing but excellence and perfection!

The Sea Route Concept

the sea route concept

JD: What are the major challenges you foresee during the planning stage to execute the project on the real grounds?

YJF: The local government was very supportive throughout the whole development of this project. We did not find it challenging, but supportive. Our work got much better by incorporating comments from the local planners, historical experts and cultural consultants.

The Sail Concept

the sail concept

JD: Do you agree that Construction Engineers are breaking frontiers to give shape to Architects’ designs’ vision? However, not much credit is attributed to their conscientious efforts? As an architect, please throw some light in this aspect.

YJF: We work very closely with our engineers on this project. The Chinese are actually very advanced, in terms of structural creativity. I believe creativity in all the areas. The more creative you are, the better one can give to the world. It is also about the balance between all design team members with the client. If we have the same vision, then we can expect great work! For project like this, size cannot succeed with just one person or one team. It needs a lot of people’s input from all the respective areas.

Concept Flow

concept flow

JD: How would you describe the ‘elegance of design’ of Lilanz Project?

YJF: The elegance of this project lays within the fact that is it a contemporary development. However, at the same time we used local historical elements in a creative way. It is a mix between the past and the future.

Construction in Progress

construction in progress

JD: What is the total area of the project?

YJF: 213,290 Sq m.

Multi-function Entrance Landscape

multi function entrance landscape

JD: What is the estimated cost of the project?

YJF: 140 Million USD.

Magnificent Multi-functional

magnificent multi functional

JD: From the first client-architect’s meeting to handing over the project, how much time it took for Marques & Jordy?

YJF: The architectural construction is due to finish at the beginning of 2017. It took four years, since we first started the master plan. During the master plan stage, the scheme was changed 13 times until we reached a point, where in, both the client and the local government were happy.

A Street View

a street view

JD: Each creation of yours is magnificent and glorious! How do you come up with such spectacular ideas?

YJF: It just comes naturally (smiles). Creativity for me is like the flow of water. It is non-stop and a never-ending process. It is a natural state of being. It is effortless and joyful! I do not think that’s something special. Most people would say that it is very hard for them to come up with a creative idea. That is not true at all. I think all people are creative. We have not been taught correctly and most people believe great ideas are limited. However, I do not think so, since my childhood.

Aerial View of Retail Area

aerial view of retail area

Idea is never a problem. In fact, I believe that a lot of designers have great ideas very often. The challenging part is to get the ideas to become a reality. It depends on a lot of factors – from self-confidence, patience, timing, to visionary clients, etc and also, of course money!



JD: Please mention 5 major ‘Sustainability’ features you have incorporated in the Lilanz Project.

YJF: Use of Local Materials: The retail buildings had local bricks and tiles, some of them were recycled from the demolished old buildings in Jinjiang. All grey water was reused in this project;

Aerial View of Lilanz Creative Center

aerial view of lilanz creative center

Aerial View of Retail


Lilanz Reception Lounge

lilanz reception lounge

Intelligent glazing system is used on the high-rise office buildings and the multi-function hall;

Waiting Lounge

waiting lounge

All retail buildings are naturally ventilated and use high efficiency lighting systems;

Another View of Waiting Lounge

another view of waiting lounge

The Fashion Concept


Creative Interiors of an Office


Maximum areas of green roofs and landscaping and Use of rainwater utilization system throughout the whole development area are the various features, we have designed in this project.

Elegance Par Excellence

elegance par excellence

JD: Describe the feeling when your project wins an award.

YJF: We were all very honored and excited after we were awarded this project. The client has many architecture companies doing master plans before, but they were never satisfied. When we presented our design concept, they chose us. I am always passionate in fashion! It was our great pleasure that we were working with one of the greatest Chinese fashion brands.

Meeting Room

meeting room

Conference Room

conference room

 JD: How would you describe Yu Jordy Fu as a professional and a person?

YJF: I am a Dreamer, Creator, Entrepreneur and a Cat Lover!

Yu Jordy Fu – The Fashion Designer

yu jordy fu – the fashion designer

JD: Please mention 5 recent awards won by the firm.

YJF: They are:

  • Fashion Award by Arab Fashion Council , Dubai 2016
  • Overseas Chinese Role Model of 2015, China
  • Top 100 Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur, China 2015
  • Outstanding Individuals in Architecture and Design, Hong Kong 2014
  • Best Lighting Design, Homedeco China 2014

the gifted designer

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