Since first impressions last, it is always a good idea to make sure that your home exterior is something that can impress people at first sight. Wouldn’t you like getting compliments from family and friends every time they pay a visit? Praises like: “Your home really looks great even from afar” or “You exterior stands out from your neighbors” are definitely like music to the ears, right?

So, create an exterior that will bring your home to the attention of everyone passing by. How do you achieve such feat? Fit your home exterior design with the surrounding, make sure it blends well with the neighborhood while being unique at the same time.

Modern Exterior Design At Bay Street

modern exterior design

Modern Hill Exterior Design

modern hill exterior design

Unbelievable Modern Exterior Design

unbelievables modern exterior design

A nice exterior is one that pleases the eyes. Do not use dark colors for your home facade; lighter shades give welcoming impression. Painting the front porch in fresh white will draw the eyes of the lookers to your cozy entrance.

Modern Exterior Design With Wood

modern exterior design with wood

Modern Residence Exterior Design

modern residence exterior design

Modern View Exterior Design

modern view exterior design

Modern LakeView Exterior Design

modern lakeview exterior design

Isle of Skye Modern Exterior Design

isle of skye modern exterior design

Carlo Modern Exterior Design

carlo modern exterior design

Modern Home Exterior Design

modern home exterior design

Russet Modern Exterior Design

russet modern exterior design

Big Modern Exterior Design

big modern exterior design

Bradley Modern Exterior Design

bradley modern exterior design

To be on the safer side, choosing two shades or tints from one color strip is a good idea. You can use the darker or the lighter shade for the body of the house and the opposite for the trimming. Choosing a contrasting accent shade for the door is another great design option.

Creative Modern Exterior Design

creative modern exterior design

bichobello designs

Wonderful Modern Exterior Design

wonderful modern exterior design

Modern Wanka Exterior Design

modern wanka exterior design

Space and lots of space. This will give your home exterior a truly great appeal. Nothing makes a home better looking than an spacious exterior that invites light, air and visitors. Other factors to consider in creating an inviting exterior include; roofing, garage door style, materials and texture, front yard design, and the placements of the windows.

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