Do you own a villa or plan to build yourself one? A villa is supposed to be the ultimate form of luxury living. Today, one can get quite envious of a villa owner as these properties are largely limited to luxury resorts and sleepover destinations. Well, here are some villas that stand apart from the rest when it comes to décor, living standard and functionality. Regardless of what panoramic view your villa provides, you can take up these ideas and transform your existing property into a plush space.

Spanish Villa Interior Decor

spanish villa interior decor


The Spanish have always considered décor as one of the crucial elements of living. In this case, the villa living room gets an extensive arrangement with modern fireplace, plush sofas and exclusive seating. Everything in the room follows a uniform theme in color and style. Wooden ply for flooring, carpentry in the seating place and big windows are something to die for. Overall, this is a room that every homemaker would die for!

Tuscan Villa Interior Design

tuscan villa interior design

Tuscany is all about the sun, nature and outdoor charm. If you are privileged enough to have a villa in the mountainous location, make it extravagant! In this case, the villa looks nothing less than a palace. Well maintained outdoor landscaping goes perfectly with the old world charm of the villa. Interior lighting too makes a prominent part of this picture.

Italian Villa Style Interior Design

italian villa style interior design

This example from Italy shows how modern a villa setting can be. With minimalistic décor and an expansive layout, this living room has everything that one would want from the space. Unique lighting and table décor adds to make the setting unique.

Luxury Villa Interior Design

luxury villa interior design


This is undoubtedly a royal setting. Big walls and expansive ceiling makes a gorgeous space. Wood and stone comes together to create a rugged but charming setting. Adding modern utilities like a wall mounted television and electric fireplace beefs up the space.

French Country Villa Interior Design

french country villa interior design

Well, you don’t always need an expansive and extravagant setting to make your villa living room look unique. Here, the homeowner has amazingly integrated bright textiles and a lot of color to the living space. The minimalistic wall décor goes exceptionally with the bright décor scheme below.You can also see Kids’ Room Modern Interior Designs

Villa Living Room Interior Design

villa living room interior design1

Designed By : Marc-Michaels Interiors

This is an example of a very futuristic living space. While the homeowner has the advantage of a sea facing room, the interior décor is ideally set with unique ceiling lighting, big wall paintings, marble walls, and a highly polished floor. All the conversation is centered to the middle of the room while there is plenty of space all around. You can also see Work Space Interior Designs

Villa Interior Wall Design

villa interior wall design

In this example, the homeowner has established a unique space with the use of rich textiles and an expansive layout. The overall appeal of the room looks highly cozy and comfortable.

Villa Classic Interior Design

villa classic interior design

This is the perfect example of a classy bedroom design. The big glass windows lead to a plush bedroom space. All textiles, ranging from the curtains to the pillow covers bring in an essence of ingenuity in taste.

Villa Entrance Interior Design

villa entrance interior design

If it has to be a villa, this is the décor that should be established! This is certainly a royal setting but will also match a modern taste of living. With chandeliers and other unique lighting, the space is well defined.

Villa Beach View Living Room

villa beach view living room

Villa Interior Bathroom Idea

villa interior bathroom idea


Villa Interior Concrete Flooring Idea

villa interior concrate flooring idea

Villa interior Chandelier Idea

villa interior chandelier idea

Interior Dining Room of Villa

interior dining room of villa

Villa Interior Kitchen Design

villa interior kitchen design

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