There are celebrities we admire for their work and then, there are celebrities we admire for their way of life. On screen, they carry a larger than life aura and most of them also get to experience the epic voyage in real life too. We take inspiration from them when it comes to fashion and style. This time, we decided to take a peek inside the mansions of our favorite celebs from the entertainment industry. These beautiful extravagant houses will surely titillate decorating inspiration inside you.

1. Rihanna’s Aspen Mansion


Photo By: Joshua & Co

Rihanna is all about making grand and edgy statements, not just in fashion but also in interiors. Her entrance features a 30-feet high waterfall. Designed in contemporary fashion, her house is a well-balanced mix of pastels and bright hues.

2. Beyonce Knowles’ Vacation Home

beyonce knowles

Photo By: Hilton & Hyland

Singer, actress Beyonce owns a vacation rental home in Kailua, Hawaii, which looks absolutely breathtaking. In fact, there are many celebrities who have paid a visit and stayed here. The same home was also the venue for Eddie Vedder’s wedding. Beyonce and Jay-Z are one of the highly paid couples of Hollywood and they clearly like to splurge and make a good use of their revenues.

3. Jodie Foster’s Spanish Villa

jodie foster

Photo By: Hilton & Hyland

The Silence of the Lambs star owns this beautiful house. The house has an enchanting outdoor and clearly give us some backyard decoration goals. The Academy Award-winning actress owned this house in 1997.

4. Oprah Winfrey’s Wine Mine

oprah winfrey

This is how one stores their wine in style and luxury. Oprah Winfrey’s home includes a wine storage area called the ‘wine mine’. If you are planning to redo your house, you know how to get started with your own wine mine.

5. Mark Wahlberg’s Lake-style Pool

mark wahlberg

Photo By: Hilton & Hyland

Looks like an exotic resort, right? Well, this lavish property is owned by Mark Wahlberg and apparently it is here that he prepared himself for the role of The Fighter. The property is located in Beverly Hills and has a beautiful lake-style pool.

6. Bruce Willis’ Spanish House

bruce willis

Photo By: Hilton & Hyland

Another celebrity-owned grand property in Beverly Hills! This time, it is a classic Spanish house that exuberates an old world charm. The living room here looks absolutely enticing especially because of the wooden frames and tiles.

7. Jennifer Aniston’s Los Angeles Home

jennifer aniston

Actress Jennifer Aniston along with her husband Justin Theroux lives in this luxurious pad, in Los Angeles, which was originally designed in 1962. The picture here features an outside area with a lagoon pool. The house also has an outside kitchen. This is how one enjoys the Californian Summer.

8. Celine Dion’s Bahman-style Home

celine dion

Photo By: Joseph Montanaro

If you are looking for fire pit designs then here is a fire pit that you must see. The Grammy award winner owns a Bahman style, a resort-like property that has 3 swimming pools, a water park and a lazy river. Celine Dion certainly has some aquatic inclinations as far as we can guess.

Clearly, celebrities live a lifestyle that can sometimes be beyond our imagination. But with some creativity and design instinct we can take inspiration from these houses and inculcate few elements from them into our space. We hope you enjoyed the peeping session with us.

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