Side swept hairstyles have become a part of the trend for quite a long time now. Apart from short hairstyles, women love to opt for side-swept variations. If you have the right colour and texture in your hair, you can go for this hairstyle. However, hairstyle is one of the most tailored aspects when it comes to looks. The overall facial beauty is determined by the hairstyle, so make sure that the side swept hairstyle you opt for goes well with your physique. Here are ten classy side swept hairstyles to pick from.

Taylor Swift Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

This is a classy side swept hairstyle that goes well with women with fair complexion and skinny body. In this style, a pleat of hair projects over the forehead, covering a major part of the right side of the same. It nearly touches the brow, while the other side is neat and this adds to the style.

taylor swift side swept bangs hairstyle

Jennifer Lawerence Side Swept Wedding Hairstyle

Women with a lot of loose and thin hair in the frontal area of the head can opt for this hairstyle. You may also colour your hair when you side-sweep the hair. The left side of the forehead is covered with the loose hair, while the other side is neatly combed.

jennifer lawerence side swept wedding hairstyle

Rita Ora Side Swept Hairstyle For Prom

If you are planning to wear a prom dress, this hairstyle will complement your attire. Women with thick, long hair with large curls can opt for this hairstyle. The hair on one side of the head is placed behind the neck, while on the other side, it rolls down up to the chest.

rita ora side swept hairstyle for prom

Emma Willis Short Side Swept Hairstyle

Short hair can also be side-swept to yield a classy look. In this style, the hair is neatly combed to the right side of the head. The frontal area of the right side of the forehead looks beautiful. Women with short hair can try out this hairstyle.

emma willis short side swept hairstyle

Nina Dobrev Layered Side Swept Bangs Hairstyle

In this hairstyle, the long, black and shiny hair is swept to the left side of the head. The style is ideal for women with fair or slightly brown complexion. The hair rolls down the shoulder and this is an elegant style to present the hair. You may also See Side Bangs Hairstyle

nina dobrev layered side swept bangs hairstyle

Cara Delevingne Wavy Side Swept Hairstyle

People with wavy hairstyle can add a bit of variation to the side swept hairstyle. The speciality of this hairstyle is that one side of it looks neat and well-combed, while the other side is long, curly and wavy.

cara delevingne wavy side swept hairstyle

Kristen Stewart Side Swept Braid Hairstyle

This is one of the innovative braid hairstyles, blended with side swept styles. The hair on one side is side swept and clipped near the ear, and thin braids are incorporated into it. On the other side, the hair is allowed to drop to the shoulder.

kristen stewart side swept braid hairstyle

Camila Alves Side Swept Updo Hairstyle

Women with ordinary black hair and fair complexion can opt for this hairstyle. The back side of the head has fluffy hair, while the frontal part has a side swept style. The loose hair in the front is modified into a neat pleat and positioned over the right side of the forehead.

camila alves side swept updo hairstyle

Amanda Seyfried Long Side Swept Hairstyle

If you have long hair, and want to experiment with it, you can try out the side-swept hairstyle. The hair on the right is long and forms a wavy pattern as it drops down the shoulder up to the chest. On the other side, the hair is neatly combed to the side.

amanda seyfried long side swept hairstyle

Emma Stone Side Swept Hairstyle For Round Face

In case you have a round face, you can opt for this particular category of hairstyle. It looks pretty and elegant. Even if you do not have black hair, this style goes well with all women with roundish face. You may also See Prom Hairstyle

emma stone side swept hairstyle for round face

If you are experimental with your looks, you may opt for different types of side swept hairstyles. You may also look out for innovative prom hairstyles that go well with your looks. A perfectly designed hairstyle makes the inherent feminine beauty more pronounced. So, make sure that the hairstyle you opt for complements your complexion, physique and looks.

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