Faded haircut has now become one of the most admired and appreciated hairstyles for men in this era. This hairstyle looks very cool and well turned-out on mostly every man. This is the kind of hairstyle that has both of its sides faded and there is a good amount of hair in the middle as a highlight.

Guys with this hairstyle become the favorites of many girl. Girls go insane behind this hairstyle. This hairstyle was first introduced by the Black men but these days this can be seen all across the globe.

Daniel Radcliff Fade Haircut

daniel radcliff fade haircut design

Side face haircut as the name suggests focuses on fading the side hair so that the face is seen clearly. This haircut is usually preferred by the army men and athletes.

Low Fade Spike Haircut

low fade spike haircut


High Fade Haircut

side high fade haircut


Arrow Side Faded Haircut

arrow side faded haircut


Side Taper Fade Hairstyle

side taper fade hairstyle


Skin Fade Haircut for Men

skin fade haircut for men


American Side Crew Hairstyle

american crew hairstyle


Men Fade Haircut with Beard

men fade haircut with beard


Short Side Swept Faded Hairstyle

short side swept faded hairstyle


Messy Faded Hairstyle

messy faded haircut


High Fade Pompadour Hairstyle

high fade pampdourcut


This is also one of the most preferred kind of faded haircut that is religiously followed in today’s generation. The sides are sharply faded and the side face is clearly visible. The amount of hair in the middle is trimmed totally according to the choice of the person who wants this style on his head. In fact sometimes even the amount of side hair to be trimmed shall be according to the choice of the person who pays to get the haircut.

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