Hot and happening, the fade haircuts has become very popular this year with men, especially black men. Sporting various types, the fad has not only caught up with youngsters but also men of all ages. Men are really enjoying this cool clean look coiffure. Even celebrities and world class athletes are sporting this style. Hollywood star Will Smith has always loved this clean look hairstyle. The fastest man on the earth Usain Bolt sport fade haircut.

Celebrities Fade Haircut Designs

Jaden Smith

jaden smith high top fade

David Beckham

david beckham fade haristyle


iman shumpert

Iman Shumpert

joe camporeale fade hair cut

Justin Bieber

justin bieber baby hairstyle

Norris Cole

norris cole hair style

Cristiano Ronaldo

ronaldo fade hair comb over

Usain Bolts

usain bolt hair style

Black Men

usher mohawk fade hair cut

Will Smith

will smith with fade hair cut designs

Zayn Malik

zayn malik

High Top Fade Haircut Design

Medium High Top Fade

medium high top fade


High Top Fade with Braid

high top fade with braid


High Top Fade Twist

high top fade twist


Comb Over Fade Haircut Design

The comb over is one of those ageless haircuts that will never go out of trend. Initially started off as the old men’s attempt to hide their swiftly approaching baldness by combing the long strands of hair over the bald patch, coined the name Comb Over. But today, just like everything else, men have adapted this much needed hairdo, into a more stylish and cool hairstyle. Pairing the comb over with a hard side part makes for an attractive pampadour. This improvised comb over makes the hair look more voluminous. The thing about this classy haircut is that it looks incredibly amazing when tuned in with formals and stylishly cool when adorned with casuals. So, either way Comb Over is a win-win.

Comb Over Fade with Beard

comb over fade with beard


Tapered Comb Over Fade

tapered comb over fade


Pompadour Comb Over Fade

pompadour comb over fade


Comb Over Fade with Line

tapered comb over fade


Edgy Comb Over Fade

edgy comb over fade


High Comb Over Fade

high comb over fade


Classic Comb Over Fade

classic comb over fade


Blonde Comb Over Fade

blonde comb over fade


Comb Over Side Fade

comb over side fade


Curly Comb Over Fade

curly comb over fade


Caesar Fade Haircut Design

Wavy Caesar Fade

wavy caesar fade



Princeton Fade Haircut Design

Short Princeton Fade Hair

short princeton fade hair


Princeton Pompadour Hair

princeton pompadour hair


Razor High and Tight Fade Haircut Design

Pompadour High and Tight Razor Fade

pompadour high and tight razor fade


Razor Side Fade

razor side fade


Short and buzzed around the neck with substantial growth towards the top, fade haircuts are styled in various design types. Some of the prominent and popular ones are high top fade, temple fade, comb over fade, Caeser fade, Princeton, high and tight, and fauxhawk.

Various types have designs to reflect and suit an individual’s personality. Hair stylists have creatively created various design patterns to distinguish various type of fades. Some of them have long hairs on the top and some in just one side, depending on the choice of an individual.

High Temple Fade

Taper Temple Fade

taper temple fade


Temple Faded Faux Hawk Hairstyle

faded faux hawk hairstyle


Low Temple Fade Hair

low temple fade hair


Temple Fade with Beard

temple fade with beard


Extreme Fauxhawk Fade Haircut Design

High Fauxhawk Skin Fade Haircut

high fauxhawk skin fade haircut


Pompadour Fauxhawk Fade Haircut



Taper Fade Haircut Design

Taper Fade Undercut

taper fade undercut1


Side Part Taper Fade

side part taper fade


Pompadour Taper Fade

pompadour taper fade


Wave Taper Fade Hair

wave taper fade hair


Curly Taper Fade Hair

curly taper fade hair


Twisted Taper Fade

twisted taper fade


Taper Fade with Beard

taper fade with beard


Classic Fade Haircut Design

Classic Comb Over Fade

classic comb over fade


Low Fade Haircut Design

Undercut Low Fade

undercut low fade


Blonde Low Fade Hair

blonde low fade hair


Low Fade with Beard

low fade with beard


Mid Fade Haircut Design

Mid Fade with Beard

mid fade with beard


Scissor Fade Haircut Design

Undercut Scissor Fade

undercut scissor fade


Side Fade Haircut Design

Side Fade with Part

side fade with part


Skin Side Fade Hair

skin side fade hair


Long Fade Haircut Design

Pompadour Side Fade Hair

pompadour side fade hair


Afro Fade Haircut Design

Afro Side Fade

afro side fade


Black men prefer and look good in fade haircuts because of their natural textured growth of hair. Fade haircuts are the best bet for them because it is low maintenance. Unlike women, men always prefer a hairstyle that needs less care.

The famous army cut, popularly known as the crew cut is a type of fade haircut. With just an inch long of hair at the top, hair on the side of the neck and back are tapered to the bare minimum. Soldiers love this maintenance free hairstyle.

Afro-American men have since ages mostly prefered fade haircut and hair stylists have kept abreast with the fashion trends on runway to create design that attracts attention.

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