Military haircut looks stylish on men, irrespective of their age, and this perhaps explains their widespread popularity among all generations. Military haircuts are sported by youth as well as the aged. These haircuts were confined only till the military troops. But nowadays all these war-themed hairstyles are making a big time fashion statement, ultimately making men look cute and dapper.

David Beckham Military Hairstyle

david beckham military hairstyle

Celebrities are always the best guide for us when it comes to knowing what’s trending in haircuts. If you love David Beckham’s style, and you are bold enough to experiment with your hair, then this hairstyle is sure for you.

Zayn Malik Military Hairstyle

zayn malik military hairstyle

They are short, simple and clean. Zayn flaunts this haircut with poise. His charming personality is enough to make this look a hot fashion fad. This look is very easy to maintain as well, all you need is a quality hair product and you are ready to rock the world.

John Cena Military Haircut

john cena military haircut

Confused about choosing your next hairstyle? Well then, take a cue from this wrestling heartthrob. John Cena, an ex militant by profession chooses to retain his old hairstyle. This hairstyle is almost shaved at the sides while the top area of the head is finely trimmed to few millimeters.

Top Fade Military Hairstyle

top fade military hairstyle


The top fade haircut is one of the most iconic styles for men, offering a masculine, yet clean look that’s perfect for casual or formal events. Apart from the popular low and high top fade haircuts, there are a variety of fades, such as the bald fade, temp, mid, skin etc.

Modern Military Haircut

modern military haircut


Military cuts are mostly short, both because they are easy to maintain and hygienic. Modern version of this hairdo has a large number of modifications such as burr cut, brush cut with fade etc. There is a whole range in this modern package where you can choose your very own style from a wide range.

Comb Over Military Haircut Design

comb over military haircut design


The comb over is a timeless classic hairstyle has been trending for decades and men have worn it effortlessly. To achieve the modern comb over look, which is subtle and sexy all you will need is the comb and your hairstyling equipment. And you are all set.
Military Fade hairstyles has been gaining popularity among men ever since it started doing the rounds among celeb figures. The fade haircut is one that is usually combined with haircuts that are relatively shorter in length. Now that’s how you style your mane to look blazing hot!

Military Buzz Haircut

military buzz haircut


The word ‘buzz cut’ is normally used to describe the different styles in which the length of the hair is kept to short and crisp. Types of buzz cut include crew cut, burr cut, butch cut, flat top, brush cut and so on.

Faded Military Style Haircut

faded military style haircut1


This hairstyle speaks aloud about discipline. Normally in the military, the higher the rank, the longer you’re allowed to wear your hair. A formal military haircut goes extremely well with formal attire.

Flat Top Haircut Idea

flat top haircut idea


Simple Military Haircut For Men

simple military haircut for men1


Cool Military Haircut Idea

cool military haircut idea1


Brad Pitt Military Haircut

brad pitt military haircut1

Ryon Goslings Army Hairstyle

ryon goslings army hairstyle1

Short Side Faded Hairstyle For Men

short side faded hairstyle for men


Retro Style Haircut

retro style haircut1


Adam Levine Short Hairstyle

adam levine short hairstyle1

Kendji Girac Stylish Hairstyle

kendji girac stylish hairstyle1

All military haircuts range from near shaved to short, giving you the crisp and cool style you need. For areas where a little bit of hair is left, hair pomade and a fine comb is all you need.

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