The trend of shaved sides hairstyles for men dates back to the 80s as a perfect hairdo for the summer. It is also known as the buzz or military style haircut as it is the trademark hairstyle among the army personnel. If you want a trendy look with minimal effort in styling, the shaved sides hairstyle will be your first choice. A number Hollywood and sport stars viz. David Beckham, Brad Pitt have flaunted this conventional hairdo and stormed the international fashion arena. You may also see Fade Haircut Designs for Men

Brad Pitt Side Shaved Comb Over Haircut

brad pitt side shaved comb over haircut

Channing Tatum Side Shaved Hairstyle Design

channing tatum side shaved hairstyle design

Cristiano Ronaldo Side Shaved Hairstyle for Men

cristiano ronaldo side shaved hairstyle for men

If you are looking for a contemporary look, you can grow your hair longer along the crown in a patch and let the sides taper down merging with your neck. You can also go extreme on your style and flirt with your hairdo by trying various experiments with the shaved sides hairstyle. From a super edgy to a perfect office executive style, a lot of versatility is awaiting you to flatter them no matter what kind of a facial profile you have. You may also see Mohawk Hairstyles for Men

Will Smith Side Shaved Hair Design for Black Men

will smith side shaved hair design for black men

David Beckham Side Shaved Mohawk Hairstyle

david beckham side shaved mohawk hairstyle

Justin Bieber Side Shaved Spiky Hairstyle

justin bieber side shaved spiky hairstyle

Side Shaved Hairstyle with Beard

side shaved hairstyle with beard


Side Shaved Bun Hairstyle

side shaved bun hairstyle


Simple Side Shaved Hairstyle

simple side shaved hairstyle


If your hairline is receding try this hairstyle, as David Beckham or Jude Law both of who have tried to pull, their undercuts strikingly. Another way to make yourself stand out of the crowd is to go for the ultra-short buzz haircut. One of the trendiest hairstyles for men is the tousled pompadour while the hair all around will be skin shaved. If your hair is long in the middle you can use various styling products for your desired look. For further information browse through various web pages that gives you illustrations for doing your hair in various trendy styles. You may also see Quiff Hairstyle Designs

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