Buzz cuts are typically for men who love to sport short hairstyles, in order to save themselves from the prickly heat, yet, stay in trend. Well, buzz cuts always have been the go-to style, no matter what other hairstyles are trending! Buzz hairstyles are great during summers to look stylish, cool and offbeat.

Let’s have a look at some of the popular buzz cuts sported by celebrities!

Brad Pitt Buzz Hair Cut

brad pitt buzz hair cut

This buzz hairstyle sported by Brad Pitt is probably the minimal effort cut, which is sure to look classy and dapper on any man. The best thing about this hairstyle is that, it can pull of a casual as well as a formal look with ease. Also, save you from paying a visit to the barber for quite some time.

David Beckham Buzz Hair Cut

david beckham buzz hair cut

David Beckham has rocked every trending hairstyle over the years. And when it comes to the buzz cut, it totally worked in his favor as his head shape pulls off a buzz cut extremely well. After Beckham decided to shave his head off, the buzz cut became a highly popular contemporary and masculine hairstyle.

Shahid Kapoor Buzz Hairstyle

shahid kapoor buzz hairstyle

Shahid Kapoor sported the buzz hairstyle in his recent flick “Haider” which also gained a lot of popularity among his fans. He pulled off the buzz cut with a medium sized beard which complemented the look very well.

Robert Pattinson Buzz Hairstyle

robert pattinson buzz hairstyle

Another popular heartthrob to sport the buzz cut is none other than Robert Pattinson. Rob chopped off his long hair in 2014 and surprised his fans. To flatter his face with the buzz cut, he added a bit of scruff on his face.

Channing Tatum Buzz Hairstyle

channing tatum buzz hairstyle

Probably the newest member to enter the buzz club, Channing Tatum’s buzz haircut has been ranked amongst the hottest haircuts of men. If you have a well defined face cut like Tatum’s, you should certainly opt for this one.

Stylish Buzz Hairstyle

stylish buzz hairstyle


A buzz hairstyle doesn’t necessarily need to be plain and boring! Well, you can give your buzz an edgy look by asking your stylist to carve designs in your head. This can instantly garner a lot of attention to your head and certainly look stylish.

Cool Buzz Haircut

cool buzz haircut


A cool buzz hairstyle is also a classic men’s hairstyle with generally short hair, a buzz cut is named so as the top of your hair are used to “buzz” up to one length. The idea of a buzz cut is to just keep short and fuss free hair! Also a buzz cut can be extended to the sides or combined with a high or low fade.

Blond Buzz Hairstyle

blond buzz hairstyle


Men with blonde hair can sport a variety of hairstyles, but when it comes to the buzz cut, it looks neat and tidy on men with the shiny blond hair. One great example of blond buzz can be associated with celebs like David Beckham, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Scott Speedman etc.

Modern Buzz Haircut

modern buzz haircut


The modern buzz hairstyle is the ideal haircut for men who are looking for a low maintenance hairdo that is casual and cool. Moreover this super short modern buzz hairstyle can really accentuate a man’s facial features and look stylish!

Buzz Haircut Idea for Women

buzz haircut idea for women


Buzz Hairstyle for Young Women

buzz hairstyle for young women


Buzz Haircut for Old Men

buzz haircut for old men


Buzz Side Designed Haircut

buzz side designed haircut


Trendy Buzz Haircut for Men

trendy buzz haircut for men


Simple Buzz Haircut Idea

simple buzz haircut idea1


The crew cut is one timeless hairstyle to be sported for men of all ages and this involves shearing of hair that is close to the scalp. Crew cuts are done by using electric clippers nowadays. They have short sides and very small length top hair. One amazing thing about this haircut is that it is low maintenance and can be carried off with ease.

Side Shaved Buzz Hairstyle

side shaved buzz hairstyle


Buzz Haircut Idea for Kids

buzz haircut idea for kids


Unique Buzz Haircut for Men

unique buzz haircut for men


Buzz cuts are the short hairstyles that are apt for men who love no-fuss, clean and tidy look! They are also great for men who are suffering from thinning of hair, this is the ultimate hairstyle that lets them embrace the thinning hair rather than hiding it.

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