One of the most popular hairstyle for men in their 20’s and 30’s, hipster haircut is certainly the best attention seeker. Now, if you keep yourself uptodate with the latest hair trends, then talking about the cut with you is probably a repition. But for others, hipster haircut is an undercut on the side and back with full hair on top. The cut is best complimented with beard.

Take a look at some of the trending hipster cut for men of every generation.

Chris Hemsworth Hipster Haircut

chris hemsworth hipster haircut

Chris Hemsworth’s hipster hairstyle is a hugely popular one. Well, who said long hair is just for women? Men like Chris Hemsworth are here to prove you wrong! Voted as the sexiest man alive, Hemsworth has captured our hearts with his enigmatic style. His clean shaven look with long hair pulled back give us an ideal hipster image.

Ruby Rose with Hipster Hairstyle

ruby rose with hipster hairstyle

Ruby rose made headlines when she decided to chop off her long tresses into a pixie haircut. Her hipster inspired hairstyle is a unisex one, which means both guys and girls can pull this off. To achieve this look, one needs to cut the sides of the hair short and create an angle where one side of hair is longer than the other.

David Beckham Hipster Hairstyle

david beckham hipster hairstyle

Beckham’s hipster look with short sides and medium length on the top has been making waves ever since he sported it in 2015. This hairstyle allows you to have ample of volume, you can keep it either messy or slick depending on the occasion.

Justin Timberlake Hipster Haircut

justin timberlake hipster haircut

Justin Timberlake is one dude who sure knows how to keep up with the latest trends. His currently trending hipster haircut has 2-3 inches of hair on top with a side parting and a textured finish. It is a simple yet stylish haircut, can be achieved easily.

Justin Bieber Hipster Hairstyle

justin bieber hipster hairstyle

Short on the sides, longer in the front.. Justin’s new hairstyle has inspired millions of young boys across the world. You can achieve this look by gelling up your top hair which should be considerably long and going for an almost undercut in the sides.

Trendy Hipster Haircut

trendy hipster haircut


This trendy hipster haircut is ideally a classic undercut in the sides and long at the top. You can style this haircut in a number of ways. More importantly, sporting a beard alongside this haircut gives you the true blue hipster look!

Quiff Hipster Hairstyle

quiff hipster hairstyle


This is a casual and free hipster style which has a hi-cut that represents a fun, carefree and casual hipster attitude. An undercut is done on the sides but not heavily, it is trimmed lightly. The sides are short and the top is slightly brushed up which ultimately gives the perfectly messy look.

Clean Combed Hipster Hairstyle

clean combed hipster hairstyle


A clean combed hipster hairstyle is inspired from the vintage style. It looks very neat, subtle and presentable. This one’s highly recommended for guys with a square face cut. Short sides with 1.5 inches of hair on top would be ideal.

Stylish Hipster Quiff Haircut

stylish hipster quiff haircut


Quiff hairstyles are trending today, but they come in a large number of forms. A quiff or grass head looks dapper and can be achieved by shaving the sides and flaunting a thick quiff on top!

Zachary Quinto Hipster Haircut

zachary quinto hipster haircut

Hipster Hairstyle With Long Beard

hipster hairstyle with long beard


Side Shaved Hairstyle Design

side shaved hairstyle design


Cool Hipster Haircut

cool hipster haircut


Short Haircut For Male

short haircut for male


Tom Fletcher Hipster Haircut

tom fletcher hipster haircut

Zac Efron Latest Hairstyle

zac efron latest hairstyle

Hipster hairstyles are the hottest trend of the season! Also, arguably one of the most popularly sported hairstyles by celebrities. A hipster haircut coupled with vintage glasses and a beard completes the look of a modern day hippie, of course with an old school touch! So get set to flaunt one of these hipster hairstyles and ask your stylist for the most suave makeover.

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